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How to delete tables using vba from within the access 2007 database?

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I am importing a lot of data from spreadsheets and 'import error' tables are being created. I need to be able to delete these tables using vba code in the database. Also, each of the tables are named differently so I would need to do a mask for the deletion. I have import error tables named:

I would probably need to use a mask to look for "*ImportErrors*".

I have never delete tables in the database using vba, just deleted data in the tables.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!
Nov 18 '10 #1
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You can use the TableDefs collection from a database (EG. CurrentDb).

Loop through checking for whatever identifies the tables you want removed then call :
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  1. Call CurrentDb.TableDefs.Delete(TableName)
Nov 18 '10 #2
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Something like this. I did not test it though...
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  1. Public Function fncDocumentTables() As String
  2.     Dim tbl As DAO.TableDef
  4.     For Each tbl In CurrentDb.TableDefs
  5.          If InStr(tbl.Name, "ImportErrors") Then
  6.             CurrentDb.TableDefs.Delete (tbl.Name)
  7.         End If
  8.     Next tbl
  9. End Function
Nov 18 '10 #3
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Line #6 won't compile Mario.

Parentheses are only used when the procedure is used to return a value, or if the value is dropped explicitly by using Call. Otherwise it thinks it's dealing with an array reference.
Nov 18 '10 #4
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Yes sometime I tend to forget about parentheses rules. Interestingly enough, it compiled. So I just tried it with and without parentheses and dropped two tables... I am glad it was a dummy db.
But yes normally I don't use parentheses if I don't assign the return value to a variable.
Nov 18 '10 #5
32,534 Expert Mod 16PB
Shock! Horror! Don't tell me you don't have mandatory variable declaration in your projects? That code wouldn't compile in my setup (It gives Compile Error - Expected: =).

See Require Variable Declaration.
Nov 18 '10 #6
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Shame on me (more or less), I always added the Option Explicit manually. I did not know about the ability to have this set on by default. LOL. It is going to save me some typing.
I don't want to hijack the thread, but whether or not I use Option Explicit, with or with out parentheses at line 6, it compiles.
Nov 18 '10 #7
32,534 Expert Mod 16PB
Well, we're discussing code suggested as a solution so I'm happy we're on topic.

I have no idea what is different then between my setup and yours that it treats that differently. Never mind.

PS I'm glad the link helped.
Nov 18 '10 #8

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