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Whats the bar at the bottom of the screen called?

I only ask because I want to turn it off for certain users (so they can't turn off Filtering). It would seem I could do this using

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  1. DoCmd.Showtoolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo
Except replacing Ribbon with whatever the other bar is called.

Anyone know?
Nov 11 '10 #1
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6,050 Expert 4TB
What bar? at the bottom of what screen? You'll have to give us a little context here. Typically a bar at the bottom of a window is the 'status' bar.
Nov 11 '10 #2
this bar

With the Arrow buttons, filter buttons, etc.
Nov 11 '10 #3
904 Expert 512MB
I believe you are showing us the "Navigation Buttons". Just turn it off in the properties of the form or by vba code.

Nov 11 '10 #4
Unfortunately, when run in access, turning it off had no effect, and when run in runtime, caused it to crash.

Any idea what elese it might be called?
Nov 15 '10 #5
32,185 Expert Mod 16PB
I don't use Access 2007 (It's always a good idea to furnish us with such information by the way), but in my experience this is relative to a form, rather than the application or even the OS. To control whether or not that shows up for any particular form, look to the form property called Navigation Buttons. If that's not working for you then either this is one of those areas where 2007 differs markedly from earlier versions (perfectly possible), or maybe you need to scan the 2007 Help on that property for more info on how to use it in that version.
Nov 15 '10 #6
As usual Mr NeoPa, you seem to be correct! Any idea of the VBA code to turn them off? I tried
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  1. DoCmd.Showtoolbar "Navigation Buttons", acToolbarNo 
and it didn't work.
Nov 15 '10 #7
On second thoughts, don't worry. I have turned it off using the properties, and simply added next/previous buttons for admin users.
Nov 15 '10 #8
32,185 Expert Mod 16PB
To be fair I think Mshmyob (post #4) beat me to it on this one James, but if you want programmatic access to it then it's via the form :
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  1. Me.NavigationButtons = True / False
Nov 15 '10 #9
Ah, different code to how I tried it! Oh well, did it a different way now anyway! Is there a shortcut key for disabling form filtering (such as Ctrl+F, although obviously not that), and if there is, how do I disable that too?
Nov 15 '10 #10
32,185 Expert Mod 16PB
The property you're looking for (of the form again) is Allow Filters. In code it can be referenced as :
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  1. Me.AllowFilters = True / False
There is no default setting I know for such a shortcut key, but keys can be configured in Access anyway, so you can grow your own if that's what you want.
Nov 15 '10 #11
I think I might have been slightly unclear about what I wanted here, The form is opened filtered, and I want it to remain as such, without anyone being able to turn filtering off. Would that still achieve this?
Nov 15 '10 #12
32,185 Expert Mod 16PB
Actually, I just checked and I can't find how you would configure shortcut settings, so either I'm remembering another application or it's not too easy to find in Access. Sorry.
Nov 15 '10 #13
32,185 Expert Mod 16PB
Yes it would still allow that. Check out the Help for this property. You will see in the notes part that it doesn't affect the Filter or FilterOn properties. What it should say is that it affects only the interface for the operator.
Nov 15 '10 #14

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