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Open Dialog filter problem?

My database code works on my server and one laptop, but does not function correctly on two other laptops, all four systems run Vista Business and MSaccess 2007. The code is set up to display the file path in the open dialog file name box, that way the user clicks a button on a form, the open dialog box pops up, and the user just hits enter to open the file (the only reason the dialog box pops up is if the user wants to open a different file) since the file path is already selected. This works on 2 different computers, a server and a stand alone. My problem is that on two other stand alone computers, only the folder path is opened, and the user has to search through many files manually. I am assuming it is some type of a filter setting somewhere...but what would cause this? Even on the two computers that do not work, the filename path is correct, it isn't making it to the file name box in the open dialog screen.

May 1 '09 #1
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Just for a start, what is the code you're using?
May 1 '09 #2

Here is a sample of what I'm using...pretty much if there is a file associated with the record, open that file path...it works great on 2 of my computers but the other 2, only the folder path is opened...and I have to search manually through a lot of files...

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  1. If checklist_file > "" Then
  2.         openfilepath = openfilepath & checklist_file
  3.     Else
  4.         If asTemplate = True Then
  5.             openfilepath = openfilepath & DLookup("cfgValue", "_config", "cfgname='mastertemplate'")
  6.         Else
  7.             openfilepath = openfilepath & "*.xml"
  8.         End If
  9.     End If
  10.     Set fd = Application.FileDialog(1)
  11.     fd.initialfilename = openfilepath
  12.     fd.allowmultiselect = False
  13.     fd.show
  14.     If fd.selecteditems.Count <> 1 Then
  15.         checklist_file = ""
  16.     Else
  17.         checklist_file = fd.selecteditems(1)
  18.     End If
May 1 '09 #3
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I'm not sure what version of Access you're using, but the 2003 reference says that msoFileDialogOpen is not supported. Maybe try:
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  1. Set fd = Application.FileDialog(3) 'msoFileDialogFilePicker.
May 1 '09 #4
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On Vista if you install your front-end db into "Program Files" you may be having problems with Data Redirection sending you to an old version of the Database.

If that's the case, this link should be able to offer you some insights.
May 1 '09 #5

I tried your suggestion with negative the same results on my laptop. I also tried the database on another computer with 2003 and the original code worked there as well.


I do have the database and all associated files under the user documents folder. I will look into permissions to see if that may have anything to do with it but I can write new data to the tables...All of my config paths load correctly, it is strange that just this dialog box doesn't want to play nice. I was wondering if the newer laptops might have a different dll library or something that isn't executing the code as it should...
May 1 '09 #6
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Can we assume that all the systems are accessing the same recordset, then opening to the same directory on a server? Have you double checked the contents of openfilepath just before trying to show the dialog on the machines where it isn't working correctly?
May 1 '09 #7
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You might want to check it could possibly be the wild card character especially since you are using 2007 it could be an ANSI standard issue.


openfilepath = openfilepath & "*.xml"
May 1 '09 #8

I have used the watchlist to see that the entire file path was loaded into openfilepath...then when I step to open the dialog box, all I get is the folder path...I even checked a few lines of code later and still have the correct file path in openfilepath...it's almost like it is being filtered to the folder level...


Do you still think that it would be that line of code since I have the file name in the checklist_file variable and it skips those few lines under the else statement...

openfilepath = "C:\Users\Certifications\Documents\Certifications\ checklist\1319_Inmarsat Mini-M.xml"

which is the correct path...the dialog box is just cutting off the file name at the end...
May 1 '09 #9
1,287 Expert 1GB
I'm stumped. In my test, even a file that didn't actually exist would still automatically be put into the File Name box of the open dialog.
May 1 '09 #10
I know...I'm there too...especially since I know that the code works...I'm thinking that it is something about the laptops...filter or setting or library that isn't liking the msofiledialogfolderpicker...if I put a 2 instead of a 1 or 3, it tries to save the file and puts the right file name under the file name edit control...which is what I want but in reverse, I want it to do that and open a file...but neither 1 or 3 seem to do anything...

I'm looking into the msofiledialogfolderpicker right now...where does it get its parameters from...is this a library?
May 1 '09 #11
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Well I am going to agree that it must be a version of a dll or something in the way of corruption however if it doesn't seem to be a wild card issue and it is happening on a defined path then you may consider several things. The file you are using "C:\Users\Certifications\Documents\Certificati ons\ checklist\1319_Inmarsat Mini-M.xml" Has a space an underscore and dash, perhaps if you remove those then test it. I know it shouldn't be an issue but you just may be surprised... I have had tables with two underscores in the name that would do the strangest things, again it shouldn't have been an issue but it was, I had to completely restructure a whole DB one time.
May 1 '09 #12
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As a final check, can you trace through the code on two separate PCs (one which does, and one which doesn't work) and post :
  1. The line of code.
  2. The value of each variable referenced in the line of code.
Please ensure everything possible is done to make both versions are as similar as possible.

PS. In case you need assistance with tracing see Debugging in VBA.
May 2 '09 #13
I'm out of the office for the next two weeks, I'll try running the script and compare between a good cpu and one it doesn't run on when I get back in...
May 3 '09 #14
32,349 Expert Mod 16PB
That's fine.

We'll catch up when you get back :)
May 5 '09 #15

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