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Access to SQL Server Express with web/sharepoint interface

Okay this is a general question.

I have an Access 2007 databse and am wanting to push it to sql server 2008 with either a web interface or sharepoint interface.

How would I go about doing this.

I have Acess 2007, Visual Studio Pro 2008, Sql Server 2008 and Microsoft Expression, and Sharepoint.

I do not know alot about thses apps except Access 2007, so I know there will be alot of learning for me, but was wondering if anyone had done this, and how to start?
Apr 30 '09 #1
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I'm not sure many of the members here (Access forum specifically) will know much about the non-Access areas either Vanlanjl.

You're welcome to leave it here in case, but I can move it to the HTML/CSS forum instead if you prefer.

Alternatively, post a thread in there which has a link to this one, but ask that any answers are posted in just this thread. If you choose to do that, then you can let me know about it and I will lock it for you, to keep any and all responses tidily in the one place.

Good luck anyway.
Apr 30 '09 #2
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As a matter of curiosity, have you stopped using your other account now (It's not a serious problem but we don't encourage members to use more than one account)?
May 1 '09 #3
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I use SQLServer 2000 (progressing towards 2008) as well as DB2 as data backends for webpage frontends.

If you don't know much about visual studio then you could be a long time learning to use it before you can even begin to start writing database apps.

Where to start depends on what you know?

1) You can pull tables and their data from access into SQL server in "SQL server enterprise manager". Look in the help files for "Importing data". Its not hard once you have done it a couple of times

2) If you already know HTML and either jScript or vbScript (other scripting languages also) then you might get results faster using something simpler than visual studio, like notepad++ (or even notepad) to write html web pages that connect to SQL server, retrieve and display data, insert records, update records, delete records etc. ASP is a more secure way of accessing databases than ordinary HTML

While doing that you could get yourself familiar enough with visual studio to begin taking over the development of your web front ends from notepad++. What you learn using notepad should help you when learning to do it with visual studio

I hope that is in line with your question and it helps.
If you have any specific questions then we are here to help.
What you want to do spans several topics so think about your question and ask it in the forum that covers that topic.
May 1 '09 #4
Yea, I wasn't sure which topic to ask it in. I am most fammilar with Access and with this Access forum, and its users. I have little knowledge in Visual studio, but have Visula Studio 2008 and enjoy the tutorials in it very much. I also have a little sql experiance. I have succesfully installed SQL Server 2008, and have succesfully migrated the Access tables into SQL. Form that point I am not sure what to do.

If you feel my post is in the wrong area, I understand and woulod not be at all offended if it was moved to one that you (NeoPa), as a admin, is feel more appropiate.

Thanks for all your help
May 4 '09 #5
1,134 Expert 1GB
Youre welcome.
Something I didn't mention and should have!
If you dont have much experience with HTML and scripts then you might as well jump straight into visual studio. Especially since you enjoyed its tutorials.

Are there any database tutorials amongst them?
If not microsoft have many video tutorials for developing with
the express edition of visual studio. There are database tutorials there.
Google "Visual studio express" and you should find them
May 4 '09 #6
32,162 Expert Mod 16PB
Not really. My only reservation is how much expert help you'll get here.

Any time you want it moved, or even another posted in a different forum, just let me know and I'll either A) move it or B) lock it so the answers do not get split up (depending on which option you've chosen to use).
May 5 '09 #7
What i have done so far is:
I have imported my Access tables and queries to SQL Server Express
I have connected my Sql Server Express Database to Visual Studio Pro 2008
I have created a aspx page conected my tblContacts to it and createda basicsearch parameter.

What I would like to do is re-create my Access Forms and Reports in Visual Studio for web access.
May 5 '09 #8

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