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Error 438 when setting up the treeview control

Hello all,

I have a user getting an error 438, object doesn't support this prop. or
method, when I run code to setup the treeview control. I'm using the
MSCOMCTRL.OCX, file version: 6.01.9545. In my installer, I'm setting it to
always overwrite, btw. Here's my code, maybe I'm doing something that is not
compatible with a new version of MSCOMCTRL?

If I test with the user's db, all is well on my machine.



Public Function SetupTreeView(SetupType As String)
On Error GoTo ErrRtn
' Add Node objects.
Dim f As Form, firstnode As String, nodX As Node, NodX2 As Node, NodX3 As
Node, NodX4 As Node, db As Database, rs As Recordset, rs2 As Recordset,
criteria As String, rs3 As Recordset, rs4 As Recordset, criteria2 As String,
criteria3 As String
' Declare Node variable.
' First node with 'Root' as text.
If SetupType = "Update" Then
Set f = Forms!fUpdateParts.Form
ElseIf SetupType = "AddWizOnly" Then
Set f = Forms!AddaPartWizard.Form
ElseIf WizIsOpen("fSelectParts") = -1 Then
Set f = Forms!fSelectParts.Form
ElseIf WizIsOpen("fParts") = True Then
Set f = Forms!fParts.Form
End If
GoSub SetupTree
'MsgBox "Finished setting up treeviews"
Exit Function
Set db = CurrentDb()
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("qrycboFilter", DB_OPEN_SNAPSHOT)
Set rs2 = db.OpenRecordset("qrycboFilterSub", DB_OPEN_SNAPSHOT)
Set rs3 = db.OpenRecordset("qrycboFilterSub", DB_OPEN_SNAPSHOT)
Set rs4 = db.OpenRecordset("qrycboFilterSub", DB_OPEN_SNAPSHOT)
If Not rs.BOF Then
firstnode = rs!CatDescription
Do Until rs.EOF
'Tree Level 1, Root
Set nodX = f!PartCatsTreeView.Nodes.Add(, , Chr(34) &
rs!PartCategoryID & Chr(34), rs!CatDescription)
' This next node is a child of Node 1 ("Root").
criteria = "CategoryOfID = " & rs!PartCategoryID
rs2.FindFirst criteria
Do Until rs2.NoMatch
'Tree Level 2
Set NodX2 = f!PartCatsTreeView.Nodes.Add(nodX, tvwChild, Chr(34)
& rs2!PartCategoryID & Chr(34), rs2!CatDescription)
criteria2 = "CategoryOfID = " & rs2!PartCategoryID
rs3.FindFirst criteria2
Do Until rs3.NoMatch
'Tree Level 3
Set NodX3 = f!PartCatsTreeView.Nodes.Add(NodX2, tvwChild,
Chr(34) & rs3!PartCategoryID & Chr(34), rs3!CatDescription)
criteria3 = "CategoryOfID = " & rs3!PartCategoryID
rs4.FindFirst criteria3
Do Until rs4.NoMatch
'Tree Level 4
Set NodX4 = f!PartCatsTreeView.Nodes.Add(NodX3,
tvwChild, Chr(34) & rs4!PartCategoryID & Chr(34), rs4!CatDescription)
rs4.FindNext criteria3
rs3.FindNext criteria2
rs2.FindNext criteria
End If
Set db = Nothing
'cboFilter_NodeClick (Me!cboFilter.Nodes(firstnode))
'Set Me!cboFilter.SelectedItem = Me!cboFilter.ListItems(1)
If Err = 94 Or Err = 13 Then
MsgBox "SetupTreeView: You are missing the part type descriptions for
one or more part types. Click on the Setup button, then Part Categories tab
and fill in any missing part type descriptions.", vbCritical, "Missing Part
Category Descriptions"
Exit Function
MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description & ", Function:
SetupTreeView", vbCritical
End If
Exit Function
End Function

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