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ImageList & Treevie

I am using a Treeview type menu sustem and need to load various icons

I have a form called Icons with a MSComctlLib.ImageListCtrl.2 control on it
called ImList

The IconTable holds IconNo and IconName

I use the following code OnOpen of the form which is supposed to load images
stored in a folder which is defined by CoIconPath

Function ImageList_Fill(ByVal ImageList As Object, ByVal IconTableName As
String) As Boolean

On Error GoTo ImageList_Fill_Error

Dim img As ListImage
Dim MyDb As Database
Dim IconTable As Recordset

ImageList_Fill = False

ImList.Object.ImageWidth = 16
ImList.Object.ImageHeight = 16

Set MyDb = CurrentDb()
Set IconTable = MyDb.OpenRecordset(IconTableName, dbOpenDynaset)
With IconTable

' If no icons specified - exit
If .RecordCount = 0 Then GoTo ImageList_Fill_Exit

While Not .EOF
' Add Image
Set img = ImageList.ListImages.Add(!IconNo + 1, !IconName, _
LoadPicture(CoIconPath & "\" & !IconName & ".ico"))
'StoredIcon.Picture = img.Picture
MsgBox "Image" & img.Index, vbOKOnly

' Success
ImageList_Fill = True

Set IconTable = Nothing
End With


Set MyDb = Nothing

DoCmd.Save , Me.Name
Exit Function

MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, "No." & Err.Number
Resume ImageList_Fill_Exit

End Function

The message box comes up 11 times, so I guess that the images are loaded. If
I go back to the form in design view, the InList control shows no images.
How do I display what is held in this control.
If I uncomment out the line StoredIcon.Picture = img.Picture, I get an error
message "Microsoft Access can't open the file '55033946'. This file number
appears different every time

Any help please


Oct 9 '08 #1
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