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Refreshing table links in split database.

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Working in Access 2003, Windows XP Pro - (client not faithful to updates:(.

I have succeeded in splitting a database. (I am actually
working on a "test run copy" to insure that I am safe. My back-end contains
my tables and my front-end forms etc have "linked" icons preceding them.

Regarding the relinking code:

1. In my Access 2003 Inside-Out book it gives Startup Code to Verify and
Correct Linked Table Connections (on p. 1206). (I am assuming I can copy/paste this.) Then it says: “The code begins
by attempting to open the lined ztblVersionTable." I have looked in the
back-end and Front-end and find no table with that name.
a. Does that mean I do not use that code or that that table is hidden?
b. If I should use the code (presuming that the table is hidden), it tells
me to open the modStartup Module. where and how do I find the modStartup
Module. (I am assuming it is in the front end.)

My guess is that I would write an AutoExec macro to open the Switchboard form and either
- have the next step in the macro to be RunModule and have it run the ModStartup Module. I do not understand the term Procedure Name or whether if I named the module I could ignore the Procedure Name. I am not knowledgeable about VBA.
- Or, there is the following code in the OnOpen Event of the Switchboard form:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
  2. ' Minimize the database window and initialize the form.
  4. On Error GoTo Form_Open_Err
  6.     ' Minimize the database window.
  7.     DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, "Switchboard", True
  8.     DoCmd.Minimize
  10.     ' Move to the switchboard page that is marked as the default.
  11.     Me.Filter = "[ItemNumber] = 0 AND [Argument] = 'Default' "
  12.     Me.FilterOn = True
  14. Form_Open_Exit:
  15.     Exit Sub
  17. Form_Open_Err:
  18.     MsgBox Err.Description
  19.     Resume Form_Open_Exit
  21. End Sub
Could I paste the code from the Inside-Out Book into the above prior to the End Sub?

These probably sound like crazy questions, but they are mine.

Very grateful for any insight you can give.

I was hoping to see a checkbox for "Notify me of replies", but maybe it is done automatically...?

Hope to hear from someone. If any of the above is not clear, just ask me and I will try to clarify.

Sep 25 '08 #1
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Expert 2.5K+
P: 3,072
Yes, ztblVersionTable should be available in the front end (linked) and back end.
To check or it's hidden you can use the Tools/Options popup window and set the property to show hidden objects.

When really missing you could create a "dummy" table with that name in the backend and use the linked table manager to add it to the front end.

Sep 27 '08 #2

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