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Control Source Issue?

P: 13
I have updated a linked table in the backend to allow me to enter data into a new field (then updated the link in the front end just to be safe). I then went into the front end and updated the query that relates to it (adding the field to the query). Now I am trying to create a checkbox in the subform I am working in in the front end and having no luck. If I enter the data via the query it shows up - both on the subform and in the table, so it's seeing the data. But when I try and create a bound checkbox (yes the name of the fiield is in the little drop down list) it doesn't do anything but check them in everyone's record (in the checkbox) but not in the query or datasheet (as in it is not registering the information). Ideas?
I'm working in Access 03 and don't know too much technical terminology.
Aug 26 '08 #1
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ticking the checkbox while you are in a record results in every record in the form being checked but the records in the table are not being affected suggests to me that the checkbox control is still "unbound".

Please show us the property names and their values of the proerties you have set to bind the control to the query.

Some table/query/field names might also proove helpful.
Also the contents of the "Recordsource" property of the subform.
Aug 26 '08 #2

P: 13
okay, I hope this is what you are looking for.

The qry it relates to is called qryList_ReadingCoachPlacements
The field name in the table (called tblReadingCoachPlacements) is blnMentor

The qry involves two tables: tblRadingCoachPlacements and tblElementarySites

The subform I am attempting to put this into is set to look up qryList_ReadingCoachPlacements - and does indeed see all the other data in the tables and query. Just not the blnMentor one.

I clicked on the toolbox, then clicked the field list (blnMentor) and drag/dropped into the subform (according to the access help this creates a bound control) the field list says it is looking at tblReadingCoachPlacements. So maybe I need to actually bind it to the query instead? I'm outta my league here - how would I bind it to something not in the drop down list...expression builder? Help on how to do that would be appreciated if that is what is needed.

The properties show it as:
Name blnMentor
Control Source blnMentor
Enabled Yes
Locked No
Triple State No

The rest is mostly empty.

I know that when I lock it and then open the subform I can't do anything, even though the VBA says to enable controls (so it apparently isn't seeing it as bound).

Aug 26 '08 #3

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Yes, you need to bind the checkbox to the field in the query the subform is bound to, not the underlying table. Delete the current checkbox and exit the form. Now independently open the form that the subform is based on, and from its field list (from the query this form is based on) drag the new field to the form.

Go back and open the main form and your checkbox on the subform should now function properly.

Linq ;0)>
Aug 26 '08 #4

Expert Mod 2.5K+
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Hi Sonew. I hope you are learning more this time than it would appear you did the last (in your previous thread on the same topic, linked here).

You will see that, although answered by different experts, the advice in this thread is identical to that of the last.

It would help us to help you if you did not double-post your questions - if you need to follow up make another post in the original thread!

Thank you

Aug 27 '08 #5

P: 13
sorry for double posting - I figured that since I was taking a different route in trying to figure out how to do it I shouldn't tack on to my last posting. I will do differently in the future.

Thanks for your help on this. It worked well to bind to the query. However while it doesn't now stay checked for all the different records, it does for all the records of that one person. That is to say that if they have more than one placement it shows them as a mentor at each placement (oddly not on the presentation of the subform on the main form, but in the dataentry subform itself - if I remove the check for Mentor in a placement where they are not a mentor then it removes it for all the placements...bad.) but if you switch to a different student they aren't showing as a mentor (unless I"ve marked them as such - so that's good).

Aug 27 '08 #6

P: 13
And the place on the displayed subform where it shows up is on the most recent entry, not necessarily the entry that the check box should be linked to. If I checked the box on the 2006 entry, it shows up as 2008 on the displayed subform (not as 2006) - but when opening the dataentry subform it shows on 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Aug 28 '08 #7

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