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Subform Visible

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Good Morning

I was hoping someone could possible assist

First I hope this makes sense

I have 3 Tables

TblEmployee (Employee ID and all extra details)
TblInductionlist (Which lists all the items to be inducted on With IndId)
TblInduction (Where EmpID and IndID gets Accosiated with some extra fields for additional info.

My Main From wich is based on TblEmployee has a subform on it for Induction details

The Idea

If the user views the induction form they will see all the items in the tblinductionlist, and just tick next to the relevant one and put in the date next to it,

so all the ones that are not not completed would not have a tick next to it.

So i based my sub form on a query,

TblInduction And TblInductionlist

Linked the two INDID's (left empid there) and on the join properties set (2nd Option)
Show all records from TblInductionList, and just the records from TblInduction

Add my form to my main EmployeeInfo Form

Linked the ID Master field and ID Child Field

Now if i do that, it does not show any records from my form.. IF i do remove Master it will, but if i update any records on the form,No ID Gets associated.

Is is possible to view all the records in my subform from my Induction List and just update the relevant info (via my Yes/No and Date and Comments)but all will still stay visible.
Aug 12 '08 #1
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Hi Natural,

It looks you have not joined the tables in relationships window.

I created a database based on your description and it works great.

Also I don't know how are you entering IndID in the Induction table.
I have done this using subform based on the query you described.
In that subform I changed the field named IndID (from tblInduction) to combo box control.
This combo box has row source property set to tblInductionList.

Now you can open the list from the combobox and choose single item from InductionList table.
Suggestion: You can base this combo box on a query that shows only unfinished items.
Aug 12 '08 #2

P: 21

Thank you very much for the reponse, and help

I did use the combo function earlier, but will then only be presented with the current records that has been been updated and then addiding as needed.

I would like to make it as easy for the user, and therefor would like to list all the records currently in the TblInductionList

The user will then tick Yes this is done and the date.
She will then have the form infront of her and all the ones that are ticket and not ticked will be visible on the same form.

I will attached a small copy of what i have,

I do not know if this might be possible. Because i would like to link the empID with the EmpId on my mainform. But also would like it to list all the others items that should still be completed.

Unless i create Two seperate forms and

One Section on what has been completed
And another on what has not been completed.

However if i decide to make use of the section options, how would i associate what has not been completed..

MMM my apologies, but i am struggeling to see if i am doing this correctly.

Thank you very much for any assistance.

Oops can an item be attached ?
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Aug 12 '08 #3

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Natural, thank you for the attachment. This problem is much clearer now.
As you can see in a db attached I made some changes in order to get the result.
I also made some design changes, and much more which is hard to keep track of.
I redefined the link between your tables and made PK in table Induction.
Table Induction - Primary key (first delete duplicate values in fields ID and INDID)

New subform is there: Subform sfFinalInd - In the before update event put code that vould write employee ID and Induction ID in to the Induction table.

Table EmpInfo - this table should be splitted into few other tables. There is no need that all these information are stored in a single table.
You can learn more if you read about Entities and Atributes.

e.g. Bank name, address and other info related to banks should go into table called Banks (this way you enter bank info only once and it's the same for all employees that have their account in that bank)
This goes for Contract details, Offers, Interviews etc. - all this should be kept in a separate table!!!

Sorry, but if I were you I would redesign the database before it became too complicated to make changes later.

Regards, H.
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Aug 12 '08 #4

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wow Thank you very much

You have you have been extremely helpfull.

And thank you for the changes and advise.

I will definetly be looking at making some more changes

I really do appreciate it.

Once again Thank you

Kindest Regards
Aug 12 '08 #5

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Welcome to bytes Natural :-)
Aug 12 '08 #6

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