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Problem with Cascading Combo/List Boxes

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Good Morning:

I have a form where I am trying to create cascading combo boxes. I have done this before but I am getting the following error that is throwing me off:

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  1.   Procedure declaration does not match description of event or procedure having the same name. 
Basically have three tables:

One for the Division location:

DivisionID = Autonumber
DivisionName = Text

One for the Segment:

SegmentID = Autonumber
SegmentName = Text

One for the Unique Locations (Many to Many Relationship Tbl):

JtnLocationsID = Autonumber
DivisionIDFK = Number (Foreign Key)
SegmentIDFK = Number (Foreign Key)
WrkRegIDFK = Number (Foreign Key)
CreditRegIDFK= Number (Foreign Key)
BrokerTypeIDFK= Number (Foreign Key)

I followed the cascading script method posted on this website and created a form, put 3 combo boxes on it:

cboDivision (bound on column 1, row source tblDivision, column count set to 2, Column Widths set @ 0";1")
cboSegment (bound on column 1, row source blank, column count set to 2, Column Widths set @ 0";1")
cboWrkReg (bound on column 1, row source blank, column count set to 2, Column Widths set @ 0";1")

In the after update event of my cboDivision I placed the following code:

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  1. Private Sub CboDivision_AfterUpdate()
  3. 'When the Division is selected, the appropriate Segment list will
  4. 'display in the drop down list of CboSegment
  6.    With Me![cboSegment]
  7.      If IsNull(Me!cboDivision) Then
  8.         .RowSource = ""
  9.       Else
  10.         .RowSource = "SELECT DISTINCT tblSegment.SegmentID, " & _
  11.          "tblSegment.SegmentName " & _
  12.          "FROM TblLocationsMM INNER JOIN tblSegment " & _
  13.         "ON TblLocationsMM.SegmentIDFK = tblSegment.SegmentID " & _
  14.          "WHERE [DivisionIDFK]=" & Me!cboDivision
  15.       End If
  16.      Call .Requery
  17. End With
  19. End Sub
Any ideas why I am getting an error? Any ideas would be helpful.


Jun 16 '08 #1
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230 100+
I solved this one, no need to reply.....

I had another cascading code where the definition event procedure was the issue:

Private Sub cboSegment_AfterUpdate(Cancel As Integer)

Changed to:

Private Sub cboSegment_AfterUpdate()

That is what happens when you copy your old code to something new.......


Jun 16 '08 #2

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