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Task reminder not working via Citrix

P: 19

I have a application which creates a task in outlook on the click of a button.

I have made set reminder true.
It works fine when it tried on the desktop.

But wne tried the same application via citrix,
The task gets created but the reminder option is not getting checked (on the task screen) due to which the reminder does not popup.

This happens even after set reminder is true.

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  1. Public Sub AddOutLookTask()
  3. Dim appOutLook As Outlook.Application
  4. Dim taskOutLook As Outlook.TaskItem
  5. Set appOutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
  6. Set taskOutLook = appOutLook.CreateItem(olTaskItem)
  7. With taskOutLook
  8. .Subject = "Due Date for Service Request ID: " & Form_testing.txtSERV_REQ_I & " is: " & Form_testing.dtDD
  9. .Body = "Due Date for Service Request ID: " & Form_testing.txtSERV_REQ_I & " is: " & Form_testing.dtDD
  10. .ReminderSet = True
  11. ' minutes from now.
  12. .ReminderTime = DateAdd("h", 10, Form_testing.dtDD)
  14. .DueDate = DateAdd("h", 20, Form_testing.dtDD) ' Set the due date to
  16. ' 5 minutes from now.
  18. .ReminderPlaySound = True
  19. 'add the path to a .wav file on your computer.
  20. .ReminderSoundFile = "C:\Win95\media\ding.wav"
  21. .Save
  22. End With
  23. End Sub
Thanks in advance.
May 26 '08 #1
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3 Replies

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 2,545
Hi. I have very limited experience with Citrix, but I think I can see what might be wrong. At line 20 there is a specific-path reference to a sound file on drive C. When you access remote facilities via Citrix your local C drive is mapped to an aliased drive which is not C (at home I think my C drive is mapped by Citrix to H$ or somesuch - my normal 'home' drive on my work network is H). Absolute path references to drive C are bound to fail when remapped to other values by Citrix.

Why would this prevent your reminder from being ticked? Since the path reference will fail the Save will not be run, hence the reminder failure.

You could remove the absolute reference to the sound file (it is not good practice to include such references in any event), or put a save before the sound file reference as well.

You also need to consider explicit error trapping so that the code does not just throw an application-specific error if something goes wrong (as I think it will be doing at present).

May 26 '08 #2

P: 19

Thanks for the reply.
I did remove the below code.

.ReminderPlaySound = True
'add the path to a .wav file on your computer.
.ReminderSoundFile = "C:\Win95\media\ding.wav"

but if U check the complete code,
there is a line : .ReminderSet = True

Inspite of this line of code, the reminder on the task is not checked.

But the desktop copy does thsi fine.

May 26 '08 #3

Expert Mod 2.5K+
P: 2,545
Hi Shaq. Having removed the sound-related lines I suggest you set a breakpoint at the start of the Sub step through each line one by one. As the task is being set, but not the reminder, it suggests that you are accessing Outlook OK as an automation server. You need to make sure that the .Save step for the reminder is occurring correctly, as if the reminder is not being saved setting .ReminderSet true will have no effect.

Other than that I cannot think of any further suggestions to offer at present until you go through the debug/code step-through sequence.

My strong feeling is that you still need some form of error handling in your code, even if it is truly rudimentary (such as On Error Resume Next), to guarantee code execution. I wonder, for example, why the C: file assignment did not trigger an error? Anyway, step through the code and see that the .Save is being triggered. You will have access to the local variable window when you do this, and can check the values of variables set or accessed by your code.

May 26 '08 #4

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