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Subform Control


I have a main form. I want forms to open in a subform control box.
What is the code for the option group to open the subforms in the
control box.

I didn't create subforms, I created regular forms, but will create
subforms if that is needed for this to work.

My main goal is when a user clicks on a menu item and comes to a main
form, they can click on different buttons to open the needed form
without me having to create the same main form over and over again to
make it look good.

Below is what I was provided but I'm getting an error saying the
subform doesn't exist or is closed.

Create an option group with the number of options the same as the
number of
subforms. Here's the code for three subforms, you can expand it to
what ever
you need:
Me!MyTabCtl.Value = Me!MyOptionGroup - 1
Select Case Me!MyOptionGroup
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3
End Select

Put your menu on the left and add a subform control on the right. Use
menu to set the recordsource of the subform control
(Me!nameOfSubformControl.Form.Recordsource = "SFrmMySubformName1").
You can
tinker with the properties of the subform control so that the subform
control is transparent and all you see is the current subform.

Put your menu on the left and add a subform control on the right. Use
menu to set the recordsource of the subform control
(Me!nameOfSubformControl.Form.Recordsource = "SFrmMySubformName1").
You can
tinker with the properties of the subform control so that the subform
control is transparent and all you see is the current subform.
Let's say you need three different subforms. Create each subform and
On the right side of your main form, add a subform control (from the
toolbox) and name it MySubformControl. At this point, do not enter a
object for the subform control. For your menu you could use an option
with three options. Name the option group MyOptionGroup. Put the
code in the Afterupdate event of the option group:
Select Case Me!MyOptionGroup
Case 1
Me!MySubformControl.Form.SourceObject = "MySubform1"
Case 2
Me!MySubformControl.Form.SourceObject = "MySubform2"
Case 3
Me!MySubformControl.Form.SourceObject = "MySubform3"
End Select
Mar 27 '08 #1
1 3157
The main goal is to have a menu on the left and open different
subforms on the right. Doesn't have to be subforms, some are unbound
and some aren't.
Mar 27 '08 #2

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