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Really need help with VBA

P: 1
I have a problem with my access database, I have a table that has the column names (see below), and what I want to do is to change the columns into rows in chronological order with the first 7 columns staying the same, this would create a really large document. What is the best way in Access VB to do this.
unittra meas direction partner rep airport 2006a00 2005a00 2004a00 2003a00 2002a00 2001a00 2000a00 1999a00 1998a00 1997a00 1996a00 1995a00 1994a00 1993a00 2007q03 2007q02 2007q01 2006q04 2006q03 2006q02 2006q01 2005q04 2005q03 2005q02 2005q01 2004q04 2004q03 2004q02 2004q01 2003q04 2003q03 2003q02 2003q01 2002q04 2002q03 2002q02 2002q01 2001q04 2001q03 2001q02 2001q01 2000q04 2000q03 2000q02 2000q01 1999q04 1999q03 1999q02 1999q01 1998q04 1998q03 1998q02 1998q01 1997q04 1997q03 1997q02 1997q01 2007m10 2007m09 2007m08 2007m07 2007m06 2007m05 2007m04 2007m03 2007m02 2007m01 2006m12 2006m11 2006m10 2006m09 2006m08 2006m07 2006m06 2006m05 2006m04 2006m03 2006m02 2006m01 2005m12 2005m11 2005m10 2005m09 2005m08 2005m07 2005m06 2005m05 2005m04 2005m03 2005m02 2005m01 2004m12 2004m11 2004m10 2004m09 2004m08 2004m07 2004m06 2004m05 2004m04 2004m03 2004m02 2004m01 2003m12 2003m11 2003m10 2003m09 2003m08 2003m07 2003m06 2003m05 2003m04 2003m03 2003m02 2003m01 2002m12 2002m11 2002m10 2002m09 2002m08 2002m07 2002m06 2002m05 2002m04 2002m03 2002m02 2002m01 2001m12 2001m11 2001m10 2001m09 2001m08 2001m07 2001m06 2001m05 2001m04 2001m03 2001m02 2001m01 2000m12 2000m11 2000m10 2000m09 2000m08 2000m07 2000m06 2000m05 2000m04 2000m03 2000m02 2000m01 1999m12 1999m11 1999m10 1999m09 1999m08 1999m07 1999m06 1999m05 1999m04 1999m03 1999m02 1999m01 1998m12 1998m11 1998m10 1998m09 1998m08 1998m07 1998m06 1998m05 1998m04 1998m03 1998m02 1998m01

i have no clue how to go about doing this so any help would be apprecuated
Mar 12 '08 #1
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Kindly post what you have tried to solve it .
Mar 12 '08 #2

P: 6
I am facing a problem now and am not that familiar with vba couls some hel pem?
i have a listbox named ProductList which contains all the products,and based on the selection i made i would like to have only the report of the product(s) i selected.the listbox is Multiselected
The report that i have to filter is" RequirementObjects_Report"
here is the code i wrote but whenever i click the command button to execute my codes the report gets printed
Am i making somewhere a mistake?Please help

Private Sub Command128_Click()

Dim var As Variant
Dim strF As String 'holds report filter

If Me.ProductList.ItemsSelected.Count > 0 Then
For Each var In Me.ProductList.ItemsSelected
strF = strF & Me.ProductList.Column(0, var)
'it is time to call the report

DoCmd.OpenReport "RequirementObjects_Report", , , strF
Else: MsgBox "Please choose one product in the listBox before you press the key"

End If

End Sub
Mar 12 '08 #3

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