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Drop Table

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I KNOW this will sound silly asking and I promise I have read every possible post all over the internet, but for some reason I can not get my Drop Table command to work.

The Access '03 tables I want to delete/drop are automatically created when the import is initiated. Each table has "ImportErrors" verbaige in it's name, but the suffix of the name is a sequential running based on the number of files imported.

Exactly how would i automate the droping of these tables? Macro calling a module? Macro calling a SQL qry? Macro with a SQL stmt in it? Nothing I do seems to work. Please help me!!

Thank you in advance
Dec 19 '07 #1
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8 Replies

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Hi, there.

You've surprised me. ;)
The following SQL statement drops table without any problem.
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  1. DROP TABLE <TableName>;
Dec 19 '07 #2

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But, I have multiple tables, that all have different endings to their table names, so I can't get the Drop Table to work with any type of "wildcard" characters
Dec 19 '07 #3

Expert 2.5K+
P: 2,653
But, I have multiple tables, that all have different endings to their table names, so I can't get the Drop Table to work with any type of "wildcard" characters
The following procedure will do it.

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  1. Public Sub DropMultipleTables(strLike As String)
  3.     Dim tbl As DAO.TableDef
  5.     For Each tbl In CurrentDb.TableDefs
  6.         If tbl.Name Like strLike Then CurrentDb.TableDefs.Delete tbl.Name
  7.     Next
  9.     Set tbl = Nothing
  11. End Sub
Dec 19 '07 #4

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ok...i must be close, because I'm not getting any errors...but I'm not seeing where anything is happening either. The tables I'm attempting to drop are still showing..

I know I'm missing something simple, it's because I've been working on this for TOO long!!

I pasted your code into a new module and set to view watch, but nothing is getting triggered.....any thoughts? Other than the obvious...I'm stupid! :o)

Thank you for helping me, I so greatly appreciate it.
Dec 19 '07 #5

Expert 2.5K+
P: 2,653

Do you include wildcards in the sub argument?
Like the following:
DropMultipleTables "Table*"

Certainly I've tested the code. It works just fine deleting [Table1], [Table2], [Table3].
Dec 19 '07 #6

Expert 100+
P: 254
Try this for the error tables. Its a Function I use in a module to drop tables with the "_InportErrors" in its name. You can call the function from your import routines.

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  1. Public Function CleanErrors()
  3. Dim tname As TableDef
  4. Dim db As Database
  5. Dim tdef As TableDefs
  6. On Error Resume Next
  7. Set db = DBEngine(0)(0)
  8. Set tdef = db.TableDefs
  10. For Each tname In tdef
  11.     If tname.Name Like "*_ImportErrors*" Then
  12.     DoCmd.DeleteObject acTable, tname.Name
  13.     End If
  14. Next
  16. End Function
Dec 19 '07 #7

P: 4
Thank you both so much!

Your coding is "exactly" what I was trying to come up with and for the same purpose. It ran like a deer!!!

Thank you so very much.
P.S. Jax Jag huh? I believe we're in the same location
Dec 20 '07 #8

Expert 100+
P: 254

Have had same issue. I keep a lot of my previous Access projects in a folder I call Toolbox. Some date back over 10 years.

BTW - Jacksonville (Mandarin) and will be at the game on Sunday.
Dec 20 '07 #9

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