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ms-access 2007 online? How can users log on to access 2007 from theinternet?

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10 years ago, the below was written (see very end, after my signature

What, if anything, has changed?

I have Access 2003 and soon Access 2007 on a Windows XP Professional
or Windows Vista Ultimate machine, with SQL Server Express running on
it, and I want somebody, with a password (which I will provide) to be
able to log onto a A03 or A07 dB from the internet. Now that I type
this I realize that unless I put the database onto a web server
somewhere, probably that will be impossible without some third-party
software (which I vaguely recall exists somewhere, just released this
year, allowing any user of WIndows to become a sort of personal
server), so let me rephrase:

1) same question as above--I doubt there's a clear answer, but can
somebody access Access given the above? What third party software?
Ah, let me Google this: a lot of TP s/w and even something from MSFT: So the question
remains: can Access 2003 or 2007 be configured to be remotely
accessible using such S/W like "Home Server"? (this merges into
question 2)

2) modifying the above: assume I put a copy of Access 03/07 dB onto a
web server, such as a business and/or personal web server that hosts
my company business page. I will provide a link and/or the user will
FTP to the Access database that is now online. Can Access 2003 or
2007 do this? Allow remote access? Is it built in? Assume the
person is running Windows, but it could be Windows 98, NT, or XP--does
it matter?



-- from 1997--
Is there a way for me to make my database accessible for people on
What software do I need and how can i put it online?
I already have a personal website.

Tobias Holm

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Larry Tubbs View profile
More options Mar 14 1997, 12:00 am
Hello Tobias,

Check out the Access Developer's Web site at You should be able to find a TON
whitepapers and articles relating to linking Access databases to web

Microsoft itself has several products that can help. The Internet
Information Server (free, included with NT 4.0) has something called
IDC or Internet Database Connector that allows you to write simple
to allow connectivity to any ODBC compliant database (Access ships
with an
ODBC driver).

Also, Microsoft has a free upgrade, downloadable from their web site,
IIS 3.0, which includes ASP or Active Server Pages. This is another
for server side scripting that would allow you integrate your page
with a
backend database using ODBC.

The accessdev site referenced above has a few free tools for Access 95
will allow you to generate IDC/HTX files for the IDC. And, Access 97
those tools built in, as well as the ability to generate ASP files
will link your databases to web pages. In addition, Access 95 (with
another free tool) and Access 97 (out of the box) can output reports,
forms, etc. to static HTML pages.

One last thing, Microsoft also has a product called DBWeb that they
purchaced some time ago. It also allows for connectivity to an
backend. I don't know if it is currently available, or what its
scheme is, but since the other 2 items I mentioned are so well
supported by
the current software, and their FREE, I'd tend to stick with them.

Of course, I've only mentioned the MICROSOFT products that allow you
connect database to a web site. There are a TON of 3rd party
that can assist you with this. DBWeb used to be one, but MS thought
technology interesting enough to purchace it. I figure they wanted
developers from that company to help with their other internet/
intergration efforts.

I hope this helps,

Larry Tubbs, MCPS, MCSD
Silverleaf Vacation Club

Tobias Holm <ad...@eurostep.sewrote in article

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Dev Ashish View profile
More options Mar 14 1997, 12:00 am
Tobias Holm wrote:

Is there a way for me to make my database accessible for people on
What software do I need and how can i put it online?
I already have a personal website.

Tobias Holm

Depending on whether you want your db to be online to the users or
you need different things.
** If db is not online, and you just want to post query and table
information, get the Internet Assistant for Access 95 from
web site.
** If db is going to be online on the web then you need either
Information Server along with Access 95 or Access 97. (along with the
knowledge to create and manage IDC and HTX files that handle the

Dev Ashish
Applied Technologies Organization
AT&T Labs
Dec 12 '07 #1
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