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Updating text boxes on a form based on a combo box cascade

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I know there are various answers to this problem available on the web but none of them seem to work for me. I am using Access 2003 to make a form to look up data from a table. I have so far created three combo boxes that cascade down from Name to Project to Date and when this has been chosen I have four textbox fields I want to display based on this selection. I tried linking the last combo box comboDate to update these fields after update by the following:

With Me
.Lead_Name.Value = .Date.Column(1)
.Action_Timescale.Value = .Date.Column(2)
.Bus_contact.Value = .Date.Column(3)
.Actions.Value = .Date.Column(4)
End With

but it doesn't work the boxes remain blank after selecting from the drop down box and I have checked that they are included in the combobox list.
Anyone have anyidea why it isn't working? I'm presuming it might be because it is just basing it on the date which in the database as a whole is repeated for different projects and not linking it to the above comboboxes.
How do I get around this?

Thanks, I really hope that makes sense to someone!


P.S. I did manage to get this to work when the last combo box was only linked to the one above i.e. project but not name but as there are multiple projects with the same name I can't use this. I have both type of formed saved (one with the comboboxes all linked but the text boxes not updating and one with the text boxes updating but the dates listed not filtered by the original name).
Oct 1 '07 #1
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You listed the name of the combo box was comboDate so shouldn't the code read

With Me
.Lead_Name.Value = .comboDate.Column(1)
.Action_Timescale.Value = .comboDate.Column(2)
.Bus_contact.Value = .comboDate.Column(3)
.Actions.Value = .comboDate.Column(4)
End With
Oct 1 '07 #2

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You are of course entirely right I worked this out a little while ago and its now working fine so thanks for that, how embarassing!However I still have a problem, one of my text boxes should be a memo but the long entries are cut off ending sometimes halfway through a word any idea why this might be?
Oct 1 '07 #3

P: 145
I reckon you need to set the Multiline property to Yes....
Oct 1 '07 #4

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As far as I'm aware it already is a multiline text box it has multiple lines before it halts abruptly and a scroll bar that you can scroll but the area is blank.
I'm not sure where the multiline option is though it doesn't seem to be in the properties.
Appologies for being a bit clueless,


Oct 3 '07 #5

P: 145
No apologies needed....I'm not a real 'expert' yet...just I saw your question and thought I could help...

Wot about the size of the field...set in the table design? What have you got that fields size set to?

Oct 3 '07 #6

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I don't think the size is the probelm its a large text box but cuts off after just a few lines leaving a large area of white space even before you scroll down.
Oct 4 '07 #7

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No, No, No...

The table that holds that textbox's data...there is an attribute called 'field size'; what is that set to?
Oct 4 '07 #8

P: 6
Sorry for the delay in replying I have been away.

The original table does not have a field size as it is a memo field and so does not have this attribute.

I have found out why the field is truncating though although I am not sure there is anyway to fix it. Basically the combo box cascade that preceeds the text box is essentially a query and in order to sychronise the text boxes with the combo boxes I have added the addition columns to the query which causes the memo field to truncate. I have tried telling the total to be first with all the other columns as group by but this seems to have absolutely no affect.

Am I fighting a losing battle or is there a way of linking my combo box with a text box on a form so that the memo is still displayed completely?

Thanks Again
Oct 15 '07 #9

P: 145
Sorry M...been away from the Forum myself for a while.

Have you solved your truncating issue?! How about using text (rich text setting) instead of memo?


Oct 24 '07 #10

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