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Main Report to Encapsulate All Other Reports

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Hello everyone.

I have three reports that I would like to put into one main report. I tried creating the main report and then putting three seperate subreports in the detail section of the parent report, but the page headers in the subreports do not print. After searching, I learned that the reason for this is because subreports do not have anything except group headers/footers and report headers/footers. I then set the record source of the parent report to a random query so that I would have fields that I could use for headers and footers. I created three different headers and then dragged a subrepot into each one. The subreports did not relate to the group header at all I was just trying to make a space for it besides the detail section and I assumed that since each subreport had a different page header and was a completely different repot all together then that was the way to accomplish this. Well.....evidently I was wrong.
The goal of all of this was so that when we print a statement for clients we can select a client from the report selection form I designed *it feeds the clientsID to each reports query* and that way it would seem like one continual report with a nice cover page and table of contents, instead of 3 seperate reports with three seperate sets of page numbers etc.

The question I pose is, how do I encapsulate three reports that have already been designed and are working properly *one of which is a crosstab query/report* into one nice, neat report?

Thank you,
Apr 17 '07 #1
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Sorry for the double post everyone.

I kept working at it and was able to get the reports printed in the unbound main report. I created three dummy headers (headers that don't relate to anything or any value) and put each subreport in them. I then cut and pasted the header information in the page header of each subreport and pasted it above the subreport box in its associated group header. I've gotten the information to print and all of that works great, but I am still running accross what it seems like many people do, which is the fact taht subreports don't really have pages. So, I need to print the page headers on each page that its associated subreport is on.

I've tried adding a group header in the actual subreport and cut and pasted the information there, then set that header's property to yes for repeat selection, but that just made the information and subreport repeat infinitely. I searched the scripts and found this post
but I'm not really sure what he's doing. It seems as though he has a similiar problem to mine. Any suggestions on how to get the different subreport headers to print would be great. Thank you!
Apr 18 '07 #2

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So, I was finally able to get the subreports to display correctly and for them to be formatted properly for the main report. I'm glad it worked out. I printed the report and it printed fine, which was great. Last night I closed access and today when I got into the office I opened access and opened the report I had been working on just to double check that everything worked properly. To my surprise it opened in portrait view, yet all the settings were changed to landscape! I didn't know what the problem was so I closed the report and reopened it. This time when I reopened it, it opened in landscape view and everything looked great. I just started shaking my head, after closing the report and reopening it several times it always worked properly. I proceded to close access and then reopen the database and reopen the report. Once again it opened in portrait view, but everytime there after it was in landscape view.

I have no idea what could be causing this. The first time the report opens, it opens in portrait, yet its page setup setting says landscape, everytime thereafter the initial opening though it opens in landscape. What on Earth could be causing this??
Apr 20 '07 #3

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