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Resizing Forms

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Wow Melissa you sound busy lol.

Can you explain about how to cascade updates and deletes? That sounds like good practice regardless of how the forms/subforms are displayed!
In the main Database window click on tools - relationships from there add your tables create the relationship and set it to referential integrity then set cascade update and deletes.That should take care of any problems with corelating the records. If you want you can disable each control that is on the main form but that is about the only other thing you might consider. You will need some way to exit the subform and enable all the controls also so think about that before you attempt the following:

Dim ctl As Control
For Each ctl In frm.Controls
If not ctl.ControlType = 122 Then
ctl.Enabled = false
end if

For resizing subforms I use the following and it works pretty good...

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Form_Resize()
  2.   On Error GoTo ResizeError
  3. ResizeIt Me, Me!Hedging_subform, 300, 2800
  4. Exit_Sub:
  5. Exit Sub
  6. ResizeError:
  7.         MsgBox Err.Number & "   " & Err.Description
  8. End Sub
  10. Sub ResizeIt(myFrm As Form, mySubFrm As Control, X As Integer, Y As Integer)
  11. On Error GoTo ResizeError
  13.         'Turn off screen redraw
  14.         Application.Echo False
  15.         If mySubFrm.Top + mySubFrm.Height + 100 <= ((myFrm.InsideHeight - mySubFrm.Top) - Y) Then  'myFrm.InsideHeight Then
  16.             If Y > 0 Then
  17.                 mySubFrm.Height = ((myFrm.InsideHeight - mySubFrm.Top) - Y)
  18.             End If
  19.             myFrm.Section("DETail").Height = mySubFrm.Height
  20.             If X > 0 Then
  21.                 mySubFrm.Width = myFrm.InsideWidth - X
  22.             End If
  23.         Else
  24.             If Y > 0 Then
  25.                 If ((myFrm.InsideHeight - mySubFrm.Top) - Y) > 0 Then
  26.                     mySubFrm.Height = ((myFrm.InsideHeight - mySubFrm.Top) - Y)
  27.                 End If
  28.             End If
  29.             If X > 0 Then
  30.                 mySubFrm.Width = myFrm.InsideWidth - X
  31.             End If
  32.         End If
  34.         'Turn screen redraw back on
  35.         Application.Echo True
  37.     Exit Sub
  38. Exit_Sub:
  39. Exit Sub
  41. ResizeError:
  42.         ' NB: Turn screen redraw back on if an error occurs!
  43.         Application.Echo True
  44.         MsgBox Err.Number & "   " & Err.Description
  45. End Sub
Mar 20 '07 #1
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493 256MB
Thanks for the reply Denburt!

Actually I did figure out that I had the cascading already set when I created my table relationships diagram. :-)

I'm an Access noob and not very good with VB. Any chance you could explain your code a bit? Particularly the things I need to change for my own code? :-D

I imagine this line for example:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ResizeIt Me, Me!Hedging_subform, 300, 2800
I would change the name of the subform and the 300 and 2800. But change the values to what? What do they refer to exactly? The new dimensions I want? And what is an easy way of finding that out?

Mar 20 '07 #2
1,356 Expert 1GB
The numbers refer to the distance from the edge of your main form (side and bottom), I like to leave a little gap even if nothing is next to it. If you have a control beside or below the subform you may want more distance. I would like to add that anything beside or below it will need to be moved as well so the resizing of the subform doesn't overlap.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Me!MyButtonUnder.top = Me!MySubform.top+Me!MySubform.height+300
You can actually change the number, then resize the form and see the results immediately.
Mar 20 '07 #3
1,356 Expert 1GB
I should probably have added that the unit of measurement in VBA is Twips.

twip: Unit of measurement that is equal to 1/20 of a point, or 1/1,440 of an inch. There are 567 twips in a centimeter.
Mar 20 '07 #4
493 256MB
Do you mean that the numbers refer to the size I want the form to be without the subform visible? Sorry, I guess I'm still not getting it. I tried playing with the numbers, making them really small or really big but I'm not sure how it's resizing.
Mar 20 '07 #5
1,356 Expert 1GB
O.K. sry reread your original post the code I supplied earlier is for when it is visible and you resize the main form the subform resizes accordingly.

To set your subform to a specific size you would need to designate that manually. I have never set a subform to height to 0 that I can recall but you can try it.

After resizing the subform then you can set the size of the main form so you dont see a big blank space.
Me.height = 1440 '1 inch

Once you want to show the subform then you would make it visible again.

Mar 20 '07 #6
32,202 Expert Mod 16PB
I don't think you can resize a form to be any smaller than it would need to be to handle the existing controls on it (Any more than you can do this as a designer when you have the form open in Design View).
I'm fairly sure that would not be a practical solution for your requirements. It's always good to get ideas from various sources though. Sometimes an idea that may not work for one thing can reap dividends later in another situation.
I'll go back to the other thread to consider what can be done.
Mar 20 '07 #7
493 256MB
Yes I'm not sure this works for me. I've been playing with it a bit (sorry I got waylaid but interviewing job applicants) and while it does a great job resizing the subform it does nothing with the space the subform occupies on the form itself.

I guess what I would need is to shrink the form down to just what it would be without a subform when the subform is not visible and then enlarge the form to include the subform when the subform shows.

I'll look into the other code you provided - haven't gotten to it yet.
Mar 20 '07 #8
1,356 Expert 1GB
OK I did need to clean it up sry for that.
'you dont need to resize the subform or the detail section but it will remove or reduce the right scrollbar if it is enabled
Me!SubFormName.Height = 0
Me.Section(acDetail).Height = 1440 '1 inch

'This is the size you want your form just adjust the number to suite your needs
Me.InsideHeight = 200

Tried and tested, just adjust the name of the subform and adjust your numbers you should be OK
Mar 20 '07 #9
1,356 Expert 1GB
Oh and if you use this in conjunction with the resizing code I posted earlier you will want to check the status of the subform first or the previous post will not do anything.

In the resize section in the VBA you can add a line:

if me!Subform.visible = false then exit sub
Mar 20 '07 #10
493 256MB
Okay, I'm sorry, like I said I'm a total noob so I may need some help with actual code here . . . I'm not sure where to put the bits you just added?
Mar 20 '07 #11
1,356 Expert 1GB
The following code can be placed in the forms open event.
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. 'you dont need to resize the subform or the detail section but it will remove or reduce the right scrollbar if it is enabled
  2. Me!SubFormName.Height = 0
  3. Me.Section(acDetail).Height = 1440 '1 inch
  5. 'This is the size you want your form just adjust the number to suite your needs
  6. Me.InsideHeight = 200
If you are using the code I provided earlier then you will need to add the following to the beggining of the forms resize event. If not skip this.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. if me!Subform.visible = false then exit sub
Mar 20 '07 #12
1,356 Expert 1GB
Oh and don't be sorry I was a noob once too! :) Glad to try and help.
Mar 20 '07 #13
493 256MB
Thanks for your patience!

I'm going to put this method on hold for now and see if I can get the form/subform to enable/disable using button events. For anyone interested that discussion can be found here:

enable subform with button
Mar 20 '07 #14

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