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POSTING_GUIDELINES: Please Read Carefully Before Posting to a Forum

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Please follow these guidelines when posting questions

  • Post your question in a relevant forum
  • Do NOT PM questions to individual experts - This is not fair on them and we instruct our experts to ignore any such PMs completely
  • Be sure to give the version of Access that you are working with and the Platform and OS if applicable.
  • Take the time to search the forum for key words relating to your problem. Your answer might already be provided.
  • Give a clear title to your question - Make the title of your forum post meaningful and unique. It should describe the problem in a few words so that experts can quickly scan through the forum for questions they know the answer to.
  • Give as much detail as possible - When you post a question or problem, express the situation clearly and concisely and include all relevant information (code used; data used; data expected; etc). Give a clear explanation (in english). If your english is not good please say so and the experts will do what they can to help.
  • Please don't say that a problem is urgent if it's not - There are many posts on the forum and it is difficult to help everyone. If your problem is time sensitive, please give specific timeframes. e.g. In 3 days, within 24 hours.
  • Language - When asking questions
    • use the word field when speaking of field names in a table or query
    • use the word column when speaking of listboxes or comboboxes
    • use the word record when speaking of values in a row in your table or query
    • use the word value when speaking of a data item in a field
    • use the word textbox or control when speaking of form fields unless they are listboxes or comboboxes
    • If you are unsure how to refer to something give a detailed description of where it is
  • Try to relate your question around the main components of Access. Is it a problem with Tables, Forms, Queries, Reports, Macros, Modules?
  • If you are receiving an error please post full details, including both number and description
  • Forms - If your question involves a form, please include whether the form is Datasheet, Continuous or Single View. It can make a world of difference for the correct and speedy resolution of your problem. Also include whether the form is bound or unbound.
  • Queries - If you have a question about a query, please post the SQL for the query. This can be found by going to the query design view and changing the view to SQL. However, If you have a query which shows 20 fields but the problem is in the WHERE clause, LOSE the extra lines.
  • Code - when your question is about vba code please post your code so the experts can review it. However, only include items which are relevant. If you have 100 lines of code, but the problem would still occur if you only had the top line, just post the top line.
For code, use the tag buttons at the top of the edit area:

Use [PHP] and [ /PHP] tags around your PHP code (Currently redundant).
Use [HTML] and [ /HTML] tags around your HTML code (Currently redundant).
Use [CODE ] and [ /CODE] tags around all other code.

You will learn a lot more by attempting the problem yourself and asking for help with the bits that are not working and you will be more likely to get help if you appear to have made an attempt at the problem yourself.

When you have gotten your answer, please post back with something like "Thanks, that answers my question" so the thread can be closed and people who are looking for unanswered questions can find them more easily. Thank you for posting in the Access forum and using the guidelines!

Very Important:

Please try to read your own post after you've posted it. If you can't make any sense of it, it's a fair bet that our experts will struggle and waste time just trying to understand what you're trying to say. Also, if you get bored when you're half-way through reading it because it rambles on endlessly, how will our experts fare?

While in the forum:

While you're here, why not scan a few of the other questions - you may be surprised at how often you'll know an answer, and that is what makes a forum like this. You're welcome to participate in any discussions and even if your suggestion doesn't work you'll still learn something when you discover why.

It's astonishing how often you'll learn something from a complete beginner, often just because our experts are inclined to look for complicated answers sometimes. Also most "experts" learned a lot of their knowledge from forums just like this one.

Quote from Killer42 one of our "Experts"

Personally, I think an "expert" is just someone who's not too proud to learn, regardless of how much they think they know.
Nov 5 '06 #1
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Please read the FAQ on general posting guidelines for this site.

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