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HELP w an Access DB minor problem

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I am "trying" to do a DB for a friend but it has been a LONG time since I went to school. I have it done for the most part tables, relationships, etc etc are all fine. What I have forgotten how to do is to present the user with something into which he can enter the choices that he wants to look for.
Following are the comments I wrote to allow whomever helps me to make some sense of the DB which I am enclosing for their perusal.
Well I tried to upload the DB but the file size limit would not let me. If anyone cares to help I will send them the db (only 250kb) so they can see what I am speaking about. Of course there also might be those who can determine from my musings what I need and answer the question right off - for them I fall down and bow heartily to their prowess.
Thanks to all who even read this. Let me know what you need to help me and I will provide it asap.
Thanks - Richard

The below refers to the tables, forms, queries and reports in the DB entitled Cliff's001.

The ToolInfoQueryFiltered query gives me all the info that I want, but I do not remember how to get ONLY that info into the report that my friend needs.

The ToolsPartsListUseForDataEntry FORM also gives me what I want (without the computation) – but once again – HOW do I give him a form /report/ whatever into which he can enter the choices that he wants to see? I apologize but it has been for ever ago since I did this in school and I just cannot remember the steps that allow me to do what I want to do.

What I want is to be able to give him a simple entry form into which he can input the tool drawing info with the dash number & the number of tools he wants to make. Then I need that to print him a report of JUST that tool – in the format that the REPORT “ThisIsTheReportThatPrintsAllRecords” does – only without the other 73 pages – hahahahaha. Eventually there will be more than 700 tools in the ToolInfo table and several thousand parts in the ToolParts table, and a like amount of entries in the QuantityNeeded table. Other tables will be added later, but this is just the simple database he needs now.

I appreciate anyone’s help with this.
Apr 26 '06 #1
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depends on how you are getting the information into the form and / or report.

With what information you gave, I would suggest looking into the form filter and report filter

I have one program that uses filters for forms and reports so I created this sub so I can use it with forms and reports:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Sub FilterForm(FormName As Form, FilterBy As String, iFilterField As Integer)
  2. Dim sFieldName As String
  3. On Error GoTo ErrHandler
  5. Select Case iFilterField
  6.     Case 1
  7.         sFieldName = "Submitted"
  8.     Case 2
  9.         sFieldName = "ProgramSupervisor"
  10.     Case 3
  11.         sFieldName = "ProgramManager"
  12. End Select
  14. If FilterBy = "All Request" Or FilterBy = "" Then
  15.     FormName.FilterOn = False
  16.     FormName.Requery
  17.     Exit Sub
  18. Else
  20.     FormName.Filter = sFieldName & " = '" & FilterBy & "'"
  21.     FormName.FilterOn = True
  22.     FormName.Requery
  23. End If
  25. Exit Sub
  26. ErrHandler:
  27.     MsgBox "Error filtering data, error # " & Err.Number & ", " & Err.Description, vbOKOnly, "Error"
  29. End Sub
Apr 26 '06 #2

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