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I am supposed to build a database, and till now, finally I think I get
the GUI part of Access. But not sure if it is enough to build a
database. For example, if I build two forms, the first form asks a user
to pick up a productID, and based on the productID he/she picked, I
hope Access automatically guides he/she to the second form, where
he/she can enter data to the database. Is there any GUI process to get
it down, or I have to write some macros ? Thank you.

Nov 30 '05 #1
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What database are you used to? Something like Oracle? Helps a little
to have a frame of reference, that's all.

What are you trying to do in the form? Do something like an invoice
where you can add line items? If you don't have a copy of
Northwind.mdb, you can download it from MS's website. it has a
functional database that does this kind of thing, complete with forms,
reports, macros and the whole nine yards. Some people here hate it and
think it's hideous, but it does work (at least to some degree).

Sounds like you want a main form (Invoice) with a subform (LineItems)
in it.

Nov 30 '05 #2

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I am using ACCESS to build a database. My database is a simply one,
which only includes two forms. The first form, the user will pick up a
customer, then on the second form, the user will update information for
the customer. My problem is should I write some maco to connect the two
forms, by saying this, I mean, should I add some maco to the form one,
so when the user picked up a customer, the database will automatically
go to the second form, or is ther any GUI I can follow to do the same

I will take a look of Northwind.mdb. Thank you.


Nov 30 '05 #3

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I've got a free sample Access customers and invoices database that you
can download from my site and possibly use as a starting point for your

Best regards,
J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

I am supposed to build a database, and till now, >finally I think I get
the GUI part of Access. But not sure if it is enough >to build a database.

Nov 30 '05 #4

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Perhaps, instead of having two forms, you could use just the form where
the user updates information and add a combo box in the form header
that finds the appropriate record. To do this, first go to the View
menu and turn on Form Header/Footer. Make sure the wizard button is
pushed in on the toolbox toolbar, and then select a combo box from the
toolbox. Create the combo box in the header of your form, and when the
wizard pops up, select the 'Find a record on my form based on the value
selected in my combo box' option. Then select the CustomerID and
CustomerName fields and add them to the Selected Fields box. You
should be able to accept the remaining default choices, then click
Finish. View the form in Form View, and select a customer from your
new combo box. It should jump you straight to the appropriate
customer's record.

Hope that helps,

Nov 30 '05 #5

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It won't help much. But thank you though.


Dec 2 '05 #6

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Thank you. Mindy

Dec 2 '05 #7

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If the combo box won't work, here's how you tie two forms together:

Open up the form where they choose the customer (Form1). In the
AfterUpdate Event of your Customer field, put this in the Event

Private Sub Customer_AfterUpdate()
If Nz(Me!Customer,"") <> "" then
DoCmd.OpenForm "Form2", , , "[Customer] = " _
& Chr(39) & Me![Customer] & Chr(39)
End If
End Sub

This opens Form2 after the user selects a customer in Form1, and
filters the records in Form2 to match the customer chosen on Form1.


Dec 2 '05 #8

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Thank you very much. I got this by using Macro actions. But it is
observious the code you provided will be more efficient in future
problems. Do you have book want to recommend for writing these codes?
Thanks again.


Dec 5 '05 #9

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The best book I've found for learning Visual Basic for Access is called
"Access 97 Programming Unleashed" published by Sams Publishing. The
ISBN is 0-672-31049-X. Although it is a bit dated, it should be more
than enough to get you started. I have yet to find a newer book that
has a similar balance of information and clearly written explanations.
Perhaps someone else has a more updated reference book they'd


Dec 6 '05 #10

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Thank you very much for the detail information. BTW, I almost get my
database done even there are a lot of things I still need to pick up.
I really appreciate the help I get from this group. Thanks again.


Dec 8 '05 #11

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