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Problem with filling in Bookmarks in Word

P: n/a
Hi all,

I'm experiencing some problems when filling in bookmarks in word.

With my first query (single row returned), no problem at all. Yet, with
my new query (which now return 2 rows), i get some error message. -->
"Too few parameters, expected 1).

I'm having a table which describes what bookmark fits to what field. I
query this table to generically fill out my word-document.

I pasted my code below, you can still see my first query (in comment).
It's the 'dbSql' query.

Probable i'll have to put in some intelligence to figure out it is a
more-than-1-row-returned query?


** CODE**
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Sub ReportToWord(filename, newfilename)
On Error GoTo ReportToWord_err

Dim objWord As Object
Set objWord = Nothing
Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.application")
objWord.Documents.Open filename
objWord.Visible = False

Dim db As Database
Dim docRecSet As Recordset
Dim docSql As String
Dim dbRecSet As Recordset
Dim dbSql As String

Dim Pr_id As Integer

Pr_id = [Forms]![_MsWord]![cmbProject]

Set db = CurrentDb

docSql = "select * from _PCPD"
Set docRecSet = db.OpenRecordset(docSql, dbOpenSnapshot)

dbSql = "select tblProject.nickname,tblProject.internalreleasedate
,tblProjectRun.ProjectRunType from tblProject,tblProjectRun where
tblProject.Project_id=tblProjectRun.project_key and
tblProject.Project_ID= " & Pr_id
'dbSql = "select tblProject.nickname,tblProject.internalreleasedate
from tblProject where tblProject.Project_ID= " & Pr_id
Set dbRecSet = db.OpenRecordset(dbSql, dbOpenSnapshot)

With docRecSet
Do Until .EOF
With objWord.activedocument.bookmarks
objWord.activedocument.bookmarks(docRecSet.Fields( 1)).select
objWord.selection.Text = dbRecSet.Fields(docRecSet.Fields(0))
End With
End With

objWord.activedocument.SaveAs newfilename
Set objWord = Nothing

Exit Sub

MsgBox (Err.Description)
Set objWord = Nothing
GoTo ReportToWord_exit
End Sub

Private Sub cmdCreatePCPD_Click()
Dim filename As String
Dim newfilename As String

filename = "L:\RPC\PRODUCT_DEVELOPMENT\Products\ProductDb\Pro d
newfilename = "L:\RPC\PRODUCT_DEVELOPMENT\Products\ProductDb\Pro d

Call ReportToWord(filename, newfilename)
End Sub

Nov 13 '05 #1
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P: n/a
umm... did you try moving through the recordset a record at a time and
sending the records that way? Of course, there *is* code in the
Developer's Handbook that shoves data from Access to Word using
Bookmarks. You might want to have a read. Be warned, though, you have
to have a pretty good grip on Access and VB before most of the book
will mean anything. Otherwise, it's a $50 paperweight. That said, if
you _do_ have basic knowledge, it's an awesome resource.

Nov 13 '05 #2

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