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A97 - How to automatically export a table to ms excel data-file from within code?

A97 has menu options that support exporting table
data to ms excel data file format. Is this easily implemented
from within code? Any examples? I looked in A97 HELP
for the TransferSpreadsheet Action but there was no
example code (Example appeared at the top next to
'See Also' but it was grayed out).
Nov 13 '05 #1
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Oops... I see now that its the TransferSpreadsheet method I should
have been searching for. It has an excellent example in HELP section.
However, implementing it, I get an error complaining that no
installable ISAM is available. Anybody know what this means?
What is an ISAM?
Nov 13 '05 #2
Searching Microsoft site, I found this...

ACC: Troubleshoot "Couldn't Find Installable ISAM" Error
View products that this article applies to.
Article ID : 155666
Last Review : November 21, 2003
Revision : 1.0
This article was previously published under Q155666
Moderate: Requires basic macro, coding, and interoperability skills.
When you try to export data to Microsoft FoxPro, Paradox, dBASE, Lotus
1-2-3, Text, or Microsoft Excel files, you may receive the following
error message:
Couldn't find installable ISAM
You may also receive this error message when you try to import data
from any one of those file types.
This error message can occur if you have invalid information in the
registry, or if you have a missing or a corrupted dynamic-link library
(.dll) file.

So it looks like I have a bad dll (Msexcl35.dll Microsoft Excel)
I have invalid registry information. I'm hoping its the dll. I have
the file in c:\windows\system32. I would like to replace it with a
copy but I do not know where to download one. Anybody tell me
how to download JUST a copy of the file? I have the MS Office
(ODE) installation CD's - but they wanna do a complete installation
and I only want the one file. Can I get JUST that file off the CD's
w/o reinstalling all my stuff?
Nov 13 '05 #3
Still looking for the DLL. Am afraid to reinstall all of Office 97 ODE
over the top of my existing installation. Too much at risk.

Meanwhile, in windoze explorer, I dragged 'n dropped the msexcl35.dll
file onto Regsvr32.exe and released it. A msg returned saying that the
DLL was successfully registered. But my problem remains. If an MS
Office reinstallation is required, I'll have to opt out. Hope someone
can help me.
Nov 13 '05 #4
Worth mentioning is that I can accomplish the export choosing
menu options from the menu bar. With the database window
open, I select the table, click File, SaveAs/Export, select "To
An External File Or Database" in the dialog box, click OK, choose
"Microsoft Excel 3" for the Save As type and click "Export".

Everything works fine. The file is created, no error is returned
and I can read it. What ISAM is being used by the A97 menubar
command selections that is not being used by TransferSpreadsheet
method in VBA? Must be something different. It works and the
TransferSpreadsheet method fails.
Nov 13 '05 #5
Found a work-around...

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputTable, "FinishedData", acFormatXLS,
"C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\NCTowCos.xls", False

This works. OutputTo works and TransferSpreadsheet does not. Its as
simple as that. Did M'soft ever fix TransferSpreadsheet to make it
work in more advanced versions of Access?

I sure hope someone can tell me what the 2 facilities that work (menu
bar choices and OutputTo) are doing that TransferSpreadsheet is not.
Nov 13 '05 #6
I think this is probably something you did not install when you
installed Access. Get out your install disk and run through that. It
will probably be obvious.
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Nov 13 '05 #7
MLH <CR**@NorthState.net> wrote in
This works. OutputTo works and TransferSpreadsheet does not. Its
as simple as that. Did M'soft ever fix TransferSpreadsheet to make
it work in more advanced versions of Access?

I've never encountered an installation of Access where
TransferSpreadsheet did not work.

The problem is your Office installation.

If you're not going to repair it (you know there's a re-install
function in Office 97, right?), then you're never going to fix the

This is typical of the way you seem to approach problems -- you
blame them on Microsoft instead of considering that the fault may be
with you.

David W. Fenton http://www.bway.net/~dfenton
dfenton at bway dot net http://www.bway.net/~dfassoc
Nov 13 '05 #8

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