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In Form View - can't get to next record. Why?

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Hi. I have a friend who has a form (ok that's a lie ... it's me that
has the form) that is opened up with AllowAdditions and AllowEdits =
TRUE and the selection criteria for the form results in 2 records in the
"recordset". The form displays one record at a time and has a
navigation control at the bottom. The number of records message says "1
of 2". Tracing the logic shows that in Form_Open, Form_Load, and
Form_Current the Cycle property of the form is 0 (which means All

So ... why can't I get to the next record by, either, using the TAB key
or the PAGE DOWN key? Basically, nothing seems to happen when either of
those keys are hit.

I use the same form to open up at a new record, and when at a new
record, the TAB key and the PAGE DOWN key on the keyboard, do work and
get me to the next new record.

Any ideas why?


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Nov 13 '05 #1
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I'm starting to get paranoid. Are my posts being ignored?


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Nov 13 '05 #2

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Dear Paranoid,

Perhaps you could give a little more information about your form. What
is the recordsource of your form? Is it a table? a query? Is the form
in Single form view or Continuous form view? On the form where you can
get to the next record using the tab key, it sounds like the form is
either in Continuous view or else there is code underlying the form and
the tab key is set to select the next record (or maybe there is some tab
key property that I am not familiar with for getting to the next record
- I have to throw that in because if I don't I will be humbled).
Anyway, if you could provide some more information about your form as
above, then we could take it from there.


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Nov 13 '05 #3

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Thanks for responding. It's a fine line between giving too much
information and not giving enough. Sorry about that. In any event, I
just went back to the application to test it out and get all the
information that you requested and ... GUESS WHAT ... I found the cause
of the problem (not that I totally understand).

I'll let you know, just in case you still want to know.

Form in question: frmTrialInfo
Default view: Single form in both the ADD mode and the EDIT mode ...
form opened from frmEventAdd with the following:

DoCmd.OpenForm "frmTrialInfo", _
acNormal, , strSQL, intFormOpenOption, , _
Me!eventID & "," & strMode

1. intFormOpenOption is "acFormAdd" and strSQL = "" when I want to open
form with New Record

2. intFormOpenOption is "acFormEdit" and strSQL = "[eventID] = " &
Me!eventID when I want to open with trial records that have eventID from

The RecordSource for frmTrialInfo is tblTrials (trial records that are
tied to event records by eventID)

OpenArgs for frmTrialInfo is eventID and strMode (delimited with a
comma). strMode can be "ADD" or "EDIT".

In frmTrialsInfo Form_Load routine, I was setting Me!eventID to the
input argument eventID, unconditionally. I changed it to only do that
if strMode = "ADD". Now the TAB and PageDown key work in "EDIT" mode.
I can get to all records in the subset.

Thanks for listening/reading.

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Nov 13 '05 #4

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Oh ... you are probably wondering why I didn't do this with subforms.
Actually, the record relationships require two subforms. And I got it
to work for "BROWSE" or display mode (updates not allowed). However,
spent weeks trying to get the parent and child forms to work by allowing
updates. I eventually gave up and went to a single form calling another
form for "the child" records. It's cumbersome (having to cascade up and
down the opening and closing of windows), I totally admit. Once, I get
this working flawlessly and get it out the door to the person who wants
it, I'll go back to work on the subforms design.


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Nov 13 '05 #5

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I noticed that more times than not - a problem can be resolved by asking
a question about the problem


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Nov 13 '05 #6

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