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Please help 'recordset not updateable' error

Please help this one is driving me mad! I have searched and read all
the topics on the error message I am receiving but none seem to apply
to me!

I have quite a complex query linking all parts of my database together
doing final calculations etc. This query when run (through the form)
comes up with 'this recordset is not updateable' error. I can run the
query on its own but it wont accept new records (and indeed doesnt have
a blank bottom line to accept new records).

In turn this query has another quite complex query feeding into it.
This one seems fine and I can add new records and have them calculated
on the subsiduary query no problem. Just the last final query. It all
used to work and I have compared it to old copies (and indeed cut and
apsted old copies into the new version of the database for the same
thing to happen!).

Any one have any ideas?

Many thanks in advance for your help

Nov 13 '05 #1
3 1654

Can you post the code you used?


Nov 13 '05 #2

Madhivanan wrote:
Can you post the code you used?


OK here goes. It seems to be this one creating the problem (insurance
totals seems to work and update OK). Many thanks

SELECT [Client Details].[Client ID], [Client Details].PolicyNo, [Client
Details].TitleID, Titles.TitleName, [Client Details].Conditions,
[Client Details].FirstName, [Client Details].LastName, [Client
Details].Address, [Client Details].City, [Client Details].Region,
[Client Details].PostalCode, [Client Details].Country, [Client
Details].StartDate, [Client Details].RenewalDate, [Insurance
Totals].S8AmountTotal, [Insurance Totals].HorseID, [Insurance
Totals].HorseName, [Insurance Totals].HorseAge, [Insurance
Totals].ColourID, [Horse Colours].ColourName, [Insurance Totals].[Horse
Sex], [Insurance Totals].VetsFees, [Insurance Totals].ClassOfUse,
[Insurance Totals].SumInsured, [Insurance Totals].S1, [Insurance
Totals].S2, [Insurance Totals].S3, [Insurance Totals].S4, [Insurance
Totals].S5, [Insurance Totals].S6a, [Insurance Totals].S6, [Insurance
Totals].NewForOld, [Insurance Totals].NewForOldTotal, [Insurance
Totals].S8, [Insurance Totals].S9, [Insurance Totals].S10, [Insurance
Totals].S11, [Insurance Totals].AltTher, [Insurance Totals].SubTotal,
[Insurance Totals].[FBrand%], [Insurance Totals].Total, [Insurance
Totals Query].[Sum Of Total], [Number of Horses Insured Query
Count].[Sum Of Count Of Insurance Query], [RateTable
Query].MoreThanOneHorseDiscount, IIf([Sum Of Count Of Insurance
Query]>1,[Sum Of Total]/100*[MoreThanOneHorseDiscount],0) AS Discount,
IIf([HorseOverRideAmount]<>0,[HorseOverRideAmount],[Sum Of
Total]-[Discount]) AS TotalAfterDiscount,
IIf([StartDate]>#6/30/1999#,5,4) AS InsurancePremiumTax,
[TotalAfterDiscount]/100*[InsurancePremiumTax] AS Tax,
[TotalAfterDiscount]+[Tax] AS TotalAfterTax, [Client Details].Payment,
[Client Details].PaymentNo, [Client Details].HorseOverRideAmount AS
Expr1, [Insurance Totals].VehicleMake, [Insurance
Totals].VehicleSumInsured, [Insurance Totals].S14
FROM [RateTable Query], (([Horse Colours] INNER JOIN [Insurance Totals]
ON [Horse Colours].ColourID = [Insurance Totals].ColourID) INNER JOIN
(([Client Details] INNER JOIN Titles ON [Client Details].TitleID =
Titles.TitleID) INNER JOIN [Number of Horses Insured Query Count] ON
[Client Details].[Client ID] = [Number of Horses Insured Query
Count].[Client ID]) ON [Insurance Totals].[Client ID] = [Client
Details].[Client ID]) INNER JOIN [Insurance Totals Query] ON [Client
Details].[Client ID] = [Insurance Totals Query].[Client ID];

Nov 13 '05 #3

dd*****@yahoo.co.uk wrote:
Madhivanan wrote:
Can you post the code you used?


OK here goes. It seems to be this one creating the problem (insurance
totals seems to work and update OK). Many thanks

[query deleted]

Are you by chance trying to update an aggregate field? If so, this
be a problem.


Nov 13 '05 #4

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