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Tab Caption Goes Away

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I've got a multi-page subform with a tab control on one of the pages.
The code that moves you from page three to page four, which is where
the tab is, changes the tab captions according to some information
stored in a table. Only it's not working. Actually, it is working, and
then it's unworking.

The tab caption starts out "And...". Depending on what's in the table,
the caption may get changed to "Or...".

Here's the code that makes the changes, from two different functions:
Debug.Print "Pre ShowAndNameTags: " & .Pg2.Caption
If !msfConditions2.Rows <> 1 Then
.Pg3.Visible = True
.Pg2.Caption = SetAndOr(1)
End If
Debug.Print "Post ShowAndNameTags change: " & .Pg2.Caption

Debug.Print "Pre SetAndOr: " & .Pg2.Caption
If intpage = 0 Then
intpage = !tabQuery.Value
End If
strCaption = IIf(.Controls("fraAndOr" & intpage + 1) = 1, "Or...
", "And...")
!tabQuery.Pages(intpage).Caption = "Test Caption" ' strCaption
Debug.Print "Post SetAndOr: " & .Pg2.Caption


In both cases I've got proper with/end with structures. In both cases
I've inserted debug.print statements for testing (including the
function name). In the second function I've replaced the value that
should be shown with "Test Caption", just for testing purposes.

Here's what shows up in the immediate window:
Pre ShowAndNameTags: And...
Pre SetAndOr: And...
Post SetAndOr: Test Caption
Post ShowAndNameTags change:

This happens whether or not I leave the original strCaption as the
value for the caption, and it happens no matter wht strCaption
evaluates to.

Does anyone know why the caption would go blank? I've looked around on
CDMA and other places but not found even a hint of a similar problem
anyone had. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Jeremy Wallace

Nov 13 '05 #1
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P: n/a
Well, here's to hoping that it's just that no one saw this posting, as
it went up on Saturday morning and there have been no responses so far.
I thought I'd try once during the week to see if anyone knows anything
about this.


Nov 13 '05 #2

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