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perl against ms access


I hope someone can solve my problem here.

I am currently working/programming a website using Debian Linux + Perl
+ PHP + PostgreSQL + Apache.

Some data in the postgreSQL server must be updated from a Microsft
Access database once a week.
The Micorosft Access database is running on a Windows NT 4 platform.

How can i connect to this database with PERL.
The PERL script will be running on the Debian server.

What is the appropriate module in perl that can access a ms access
database trought the network and retrieve the data?

/ mike
Nov 12 '05 #1
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Well, ms-access is only a development too.

You can't connect to c++, or VB either!

In fact, you can't use PERAL to connect to ms-word either. Remember,
ms-access is not a database server. The standard code libraries used with
ms-access is called JET, and it is a simple file share system. Since like
Excel, or Word, we are talking bout just a simple file. There is no database
engine running that you can "connect" to via some socket connection to word,
or Excel, or a JET file share.

The simple solution would be to have ms-access connect to the PostgreSql
engine, as Postgresql most certainly allows a remote odbc connection. And,
ms-access makes a fine client to such database engines.

However, if that peal is running on the windows box, then like most
development languages, you can use the JET engine (code library) on the same
pc as a com (automation) object. So, pearl in windows can automate Word,
Excel, and yes, even a JET/mdb file share.

So, no, you can't connect remotely to a windows pc to use the ms-access file
(no more then peal can connect to Excel, or Word either). If you were
running the desktop database engine that ships with ms-access, then yes,
Pearl could connect via ODBC. However, it is unlikely that the ms-access
application is running the desktop edition of sql server. I only mentioned
this, since for the last 3 versions for office, ms-access has had on the
same office cd a free version of sql server. This server version is 100%
compatible with sql server. This sql server most certainly does allow remote
connections via odbc.

I mention both JET (the default file share engine) and "sql server desktop"
edition since ms-access is really only a tool like VB, or c++ that lets you
develop a interface. That interface can work with sql server, or the JET
file share engine. So, I kind wanted to distinguish between the JET data
library that allows you to read a mdb file, and ms-access which is a
development too. And, they are now really two separate products.

The JET engine (file share) does allow a odbc connection, but really, you
have to be on the same computer for that to work.

It seems to me, that having ms-access connect to the sql database on the
server would be the easy to way move some data. You have VB code behind

I don't really see ms-access connecting to pearl on the server, but
certainly see ms-access connecting to PostgreSql. After all, ms-access is
simply a tool that connects to your database engine of choice.

Albert D. Kallal (MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Nov 12 '05 #2

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