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A2k: Module stops executing after OpenReport, SendObject

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I'm having a very strange problem that currently defies explanation. I
use the code below to send a status report to a client. The intent is
to send the user the report via fax using WinFax and/or email it using
Outlook. The problem is that after executing the DoCmd.OpenReport
command (fax) or DoCmd.SendObject command (email), the code simply
stops running. No error message, no indication that there is a logical
reason for this code to stop running. What is wrong, and how do I
change it?

Here is the code in which the commands are issued.

Public Sub Process()

Dim strQuery As String

' 1. Update the list of records that are not marked as Completed.
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryInsertIncompleteTickets"

' 2. Get list of those that were incomplete that are now
Dim rst As Recordset
Set rst = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("qrySelectCompletedTickets ")
Do Until rst.EOF

Dim intTicket As Integer
intTicket = rst("AutomaticTicketCtr")
SetParameter intTicket, 1

' Fax message.
Dim strFax As String
strFax = rst("BillToFax")
If rst("PODFaxSend") And Not IsNull(strFax) And strFax <> ""
MsgBox "Sending fax."
Dim objSend As Object
Set objSend = CreateObject("WinFax.SDKSend8.0")
With objSend
.SetNumber strFax
.SetTo rst("ClientName")
.SetPreviewFax 1
.SetPrintFromApp 1
.Send 1
Do While .IsReadyToPrint = 0
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptFaxPODtoCustomer", acViewNormal
MsgBox "Report opened."
' SleepAPI 200
' SleepAPI 200
MsgBox "Exiting with."
End With
' Mark ticket as fax sent.
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryUpdateTicketMarkPODFaxSent"
' Record a log of the activity.
strQuery = "INSERT INTO tblLog VALUES (#" & Now & "#, " &
intTicket & ", 'fax', '" & strFax & "')"
CurrentDb.Execute strQuery
MsgBox "Fax sent."
End If

' Email message.
Dim strEmail As String
Dim strMessage As String
strEmail = rst("EmailAddress")
If rst("PODEmailSend") And Not IsNull(strEmail) And strEmail
<> "" Then
MsgBox "Sending email."
DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport, "rptFaxPODtoCustomer",
acFormatHTML, strEmail, , , "subject", strMessage
' Mark ticket as fax sent.
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryUpdateTicketMarkPODEmailSent"
' Record a log of the activity.
strQuery = "INSERT INTO tblLog VALUES (#" & Now & "#, " &
intTicket & ", 'email', '" & strEmail & "')"
CurrentDb.Execute strQuery
MsgBox "Email sent."
End If

' 3. Delete the records that were marked.
MsgBox "Deleting sent records."
DoCmd.OpenQuery "qryDeleteSentTickets"
MsgBox "Deleting sent records: done."

End Sub

-- Jay Bienvenu
Nov 12 '05 #1
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