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Microsoft Office Access database and VBA - Ask questions about microsoft access queries, reports, forms, macros, modules, security, automation, functions, records, mining, visual basic for applications and more.
thread by: PEB | last post Jan 21 '07 by: MMcCarthy
POSTING GUIDELINES Please follow these guidelines when posting questions Post your question in a relevant forum Do NOT PM questions to individual experts - This is not fair on them and we instruct our experts to ignore any such PMs completely Be sure to give the version of Access that you are working with and the Platform and OS if...
thread by: NeoPa | last post May 8 '16 by: NeoPa
Remember that the people here helping you are not getting paid. They have no real incentive to help you beyond the desire to help others generally. So, if you make it difficult for them to help, there is a good chance they will just skip your thread and go on to the next one. So, how do you ask a good question? There are a few rules: ...
thread by: NeoPa | last post Feb 7 '22 by: isladogs
Access Announcements From time to time we (Access MVPs) get information from the Access Team at Microsoft about what is happening with Microsoft Access. Much of this we are not allowed to share publicly. This sticky thread is for that which we are allowed to share, and for other information we come across related to Access which may not have...
thread by: isladogs | last post Apr 25 '23 by: NeoPa
When clients report issues or forum members ask questions, we often need to ask which version of Access/Windows/Office they are using. Unfortunately, MS doesn't provide all the info in an accessible form that can be exported to a text file or similar. I have created a utility that gets all the important info and displays it on a form:...
thread by: isladogs | last post 1 Week Ago by: isladogs
The next Access Europe User Group meeting will be on Wednesday 3 July 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing by 19:30 (7.30PM). In this session, we are pleased to welcome two presenters from Germany: Olaf Nöhring and André Minhorst. Olaf will demonstrate his improved version of the Enhanced Message Box which was originally...
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Mar 10 '12 by: Mihail
Normalisation is the term used to describe how you break a file down into tables to create a database. There are 3 or 4 major steps involved known as 1NF (First Normal Form), 2NF (Second Normal Form), 3NF (Third Normal Form) and BCNF (Boyce-Codd Normal Form). There are others but they are rarely if ever used. A database is said to be Normalised if...
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Dec 4 '21 by: NeoPa
Type MemSize RetVal of VarType() Declaration Char Conversion Boolean 2b vbBoolean(11) CBool() Byte 1b vbByte(17) CByte() Currency 8b vbCurrency(6) @ CCur() Date 8b vbDate(7) CDate() Decimal...
thread by: ali3n8 | last post Jan 10 '19 by: Rhonda F
Hello I would like to create a search form for my database that searches by: First Last Contact Number Street City State Zip
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Feb 13 '21 by: NeoPa
This article contains three different approaches to creating dynamic reports. Dynamic report from user defined SQL SELECT statement (Author: mmccarthy) Dynamic report designed to be used with Crosstab Queries (Author: Nico5038) Dynamic report creation via AutoReport command (Author: FishVal) Dynamic report from user defined SQL SELECT...
thread by: Simon | last post Mar 12 '06 by: Bob Quintal
Dear reader, Is it possible to change the text of a label in a form on the event "By open". In the event some VBA code will change the label text.
thread by: deko | last post Nov 12 '05 by: deko
After importing text date fields, the dates look like this: 12/31/2003 8:00:00 AM I'm having trouble working with these dates with Date(), Now(), etc, -- does not seem to match these dates. I've tried converting them in a query like this: SELECT CDate() AS dtmApptDate FROM tblAppointments
thread by: blue875 | last post Mar 30 '06 by: CDMAPoster
I've seen this asked several times, but never a straight answer. I have a query returning a set of sorted rows. Let's say I get back: Alice Bob Charlie I want to add a number ranking, so it becomes: 1 | Alice
thread by: kartikss | last post Oct 23 '21 by: NeoPa
HI!! If I have 2 forms ie form 1 , form 2 In Form 1 I have a command button to open form 2. how will i hide form 1 and show form 2, until i click on close button it open form 1 and form 2 should hide. in ms access how do i work on it on ms access?
thread by: deko | last post Nov 12 '05 by: Salad
Can I close a MsgBox with VBA Code? Something like: If IsOpen (MsgBox, "Title") Then Close(MsgBox, "Title") Run some code Else Run other code End If Can this be done in VBA? Do I need to work with an API function?
thread by: MyWaterloo | last post May 10 '11 by: NeoPa
This thread has been closed as it has gotten just too big. If you have any questions about the application discussed in this thread please start a new thread in MS Access by clicking on the Start a Discussion button and link to the this thread in your question. Just wondering...Am I the only one in the access universe that would like an...
thread by: omozali | last post Oct 23 '21 by: NeoPa
Can someone please tell me why INSERT INTO generates syntax error Private Sub Command7_Click() Dim strUSER As String strUSER = Nz(DLookup("", "table2", " ='" & username.Value & "'"), "nouser") If strUSER = "nouser" Then INSERT INTO table2; VALUES (username.Value,password.Value); MsgBox "User added" Else
thread by: rs | last post Dec 10 '05 by: Bob Quintal
I have a table with a timestamp field which contains the date and time. ie. 9/13/2004 9:10:00 AM. I would like to split this field into 2 fields, one with just the DATE portion ie 9/13/2004 and the other with just the TIME portion. ie 9:10:00 AM. I can make the table view display what I want by placing the same data in 3 fields and...
thread by: hannoudw | last post Jul 28 '16 by: Nkosi
Hi i searched here but i didn't find out how to add a button and when i click on this button to open a new blank record? I could really need some help. many thanks :)
thread by: ykhamitkar | last post Feb 4 '19 by: Hoopla3000
Hi there, Is there any way I can change mouse cursor in ms access form using code. If i get get some code which will change mouse cursor with some text that will be great. Thanks, Yogesh
thread by: NeoPa | last post Mar 19 '12 by: twinnyfo
Introduction The first thing to understand about Sub-Forms is that, to add a form onto another form takes a special Subform control. This Subform control acts as a container for the form that you want to act as a Sub-Form of the main one. That is to say, if you wanted frmB to act as a Sub-Form of frmA, then you would create a Subform control...
thread by: bloukopkoggelmander | last post Oct 23 '21 by: NeoPa
Hi All A simple query I suppose for most fo you. Here goes: I have a form for data antry. Once the user has completed and saved the first entry and want to create a new one, I would want them to click on a button that says " New Entry" or something, which then clears all populated form controls ready for a new antry. I have found some...
thread by: Max | last post Nov 12 '05 by: James
Hi, I have SqlServer 2000 as back end and Access 2000 as front-end. All tables from Sqlserver are linked to Access 2000. I am having write conflict problem with one of my form which is bound to a query which consist of let say tableA , TableB and TableC (all are linked tables from SqlServer. While the form is open I am modifying TableA...
thread by: overcomer | last post Nov 19 '08 by: overcomer
Hi.... Please advise on how to create dynamic left padding for string... thanks to you.. Also, if anyone could add any idea of cascading combo box as it's not possible to setup rowsource in vba. syntax for access 2003 can be ... thanks so much
thread by: C L Humphreys | last post Nov 12 '05 by: hal boyles
Hi, I'm trying to concatenate address fields and insert a LF&CR after each line. The SQL I use is based on select address1 & chr(10) & chr(13)& address2 & chr(10) & chr(13)& address3 & chr(10) & chr(13)& address4 & chr(10) & chr(13)&
thread by: robin27th | last post Aug 17 '10 by: NeoPa
Hi, I am very new to access. I am asking something basic. Private Sub Command12_Click() Dim strAbc As String strAbc = "a" MsgBox IsNull(strAbc) MsgBox IsEmpty(strAbc) End Sub
thread by: JKoyis | last post Nov 3 '11 by: mshmyob
I'm trying to put a link on a database form, but access keeps throwing a warning message when I click it: "A potential security concern has been identified, this location may be unsafe." The help mentions unchecking an option in the trust center, but the option isn't listed for me. The link points at a directory in a subfolder of the...
thread by: shah | last post Aug 29 '06 by: MMcCarthy
Can someone help me please. I have data from another system passed into an Access db that we use to run queries. One of the fields gets passed codes: G, S, Q. I wanted to know how to have them displayed as GGG, SSS, QQQ for userfriendliness. There is other complex stuff going on where i need to do this through the visual basic editor in access. It...
thread by: William Case | last post Nov 12 '05 by: David W. Fenton
Hi folks, Screen.PreviousControl.SetFocus works fine to select the control that had focus prior to the one that NOW has focus. Unfortunately, I've not discovered a VBA code way to get the name of the control, that currently has focus. It would be nice if the Screen object had a property called "CurrentControl" that could be stored in a...
thread by: sphinney | last post Aug 13 '12 by: zmbd
My company is in the process of upgrading everyone to Access 2007. Since my machine was upgraded I've been highly frustrated with an apparent random behaviour byAccess that I can't understand. It involves databases that I created in Access 2002 (i.e. *.mdb files). What happens is when I open a form that has the border style property set to...
thread by: galsaba | last post Nov 13 '05 by: Ken Snell
I created a form with the following fields: ID (AutoNumber) Date (Date / Time) Name (Text) I want to create a query that will take the first letter of the Name & Date & ID & last digit of the ID. Thanks,

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