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Microsoft Office Access database and VBA - Ask questions about microsoft access queries, reports, forms, macros, modules, security, automation, functions, records, mining, visual basic for applications and more.
thread by: NeoPa | last post Feb 7 '22 by: isladogs
Access Announcements From time to time we (Access MVPs) get information from the Access Team at Microsoft about what is happening with Microsoft Access. Much of this we are not allowed to share publicly. This sticky thread is for that which we are allowed to share, and for other information we come across related to Access which may not have...
thread by: isladogs | last post Apr 25 '23 by: NeoPa
When clients report issues or forum members ask questions, we often need to ask which version of Access/Windows/Office they are using. Unfortunately, MS doesn't provide all the info in an accessible form that can be exported to a text file or similar. I have created a utility that gets all the important info and displays it on a form:...
thread by: PEB | last post Jan 21 '07 by: MMcCarthy
POSTING GUIDELINES Please follow these guidelines when posting questions Post your question in a relevant forum Do NOT PM questions to individual experts - This is not fair on them and we instruct our experts to ignore any such PMs completely Be sure to give the version of Access that you are working with and the Platform and OS if...
thread by: NeoPa | last post May 8 '16 by: NeoPa
Remember that the people here helping you are not getting paid. They have no real incentive to help you beyond the desire to help others generally. So, if you make it difficult for them to help, there is a good chance they will just skip your thread and go on to the next one. So, how do you ask a good question? There are a few rules: ...
thread by: isladogs | last post 1 Week Ago by: isladogs
The next Access Europe User Group meeting will be on Wednesday 3 July 2024 starting at 18:00 UK time (6PM UTC+1) and finishing by 19:30 (7.30PM). In this session, we are pleased to welcome two presenters from Germany: Olaf Nöhring and André Minhorst. Olaf will demonstrate his improved version of the Enhanced Message Box which was originally...
thread by: MyWaterloo | last post May 10 '11 by: NeoPa
This thread has been closed as it has gotten just too big. If you have any questions about the application discussed in this thread please start a new thread in MS Access by clicking on the Start a Discussion button and link to the this thread in your question. Just wondering...Am I the only one in the access universe that would like an...
thread by: MNNovice | last post Oct 21 '08 by: MNNovice
I have developed a database for my CD collections. I am trying to develop serial number of each CD which will populate based on data entered in a form called frmCDDetails. This form is based on a table called tblCDDetails which combines data from various tables. Table 1 tblMusicCategory Field 1: MusicCategoryID - Auto Number (Primary)...
thread by: puT3 | last post Oct 10 '08 by: NeoPa
I want to create a search form for a library which contain 2 option group;1 is for searching according to keywords,exact match,first on field and phrase,another is type of searching which have different field table such as title,publication,subject,author,call number,ISBN, and any. and also a text field to enter searching.When the search button is...
thread by: muhes | last post Mar 12 '07 by: MMcCarthy
Hello, I am working on a project for my department to design a form to calculate budgets. I really don't know much about access or programming in general. At this point, I am trying to design a form where I can add fields to a table. (At least I think this is what I want to do). The form currently has a text box for each category of...
thread by: AccessIdiot | last post Apr 13 '07 by: NeoPa
Like your mother-in-law that visits too often, I am back. :-) I have two tables, two forms. The primary key of table 1 is a foreign key in table two. I have a button on form one that opens form two and it should take the ID autonumber field from the first form and populate the ID field on the second form (and get stored in the table too). ...
thread by: DJRhino | last post Apr 7 '15 by: DJRhino
I need help, I have never tried anything like this before. I have set up some tables, queries and forms. What I need help with is picking peoples names at a certain quanity for each category/shift per week. From LVL 1 I need 1 person per shift per day per week(5 from 1st, 2nd and 3rd. From lvl 2 I need 2 per week From LVL 3 need 1 per...
thread by: Mike MacSween | last post Nov 12 '05 by: Mike MacSween
S**t for brains strikes again! Why did I do that? When I met the clients and at some point they vaguely asked whether eventually would it be possible to have some people who could read the data and some who couldn't but that it wasn't important right now. And I said, 'sure, we can do that later'. So now I've developed an app without any...
thread by: Neil | last post Feb 8 '08 by: Gerry Hatrick
Whenever I've created junction tables in the past, I always made the PK of the junction table the combined pks from the two other tables. Ex: Table1 PK=A; Table2 PK=B; Junction table consists of two fields, A and B, which together comprise the PK for the junction table. However, I just came across some code in which the person created a...
thread by: TheAd | last post Nov 13 '05 by: James Fortune
At this moment I use MsAccess and i can build about every databound application i want. Who knows about a serious open source alternative? Because Windows will be a client platform for some time, i prefer a solution that (also) supports Windows. On the net I found a number of products that i looked at, but none of them gave me the impression...
thread by: LurfysMa | last post Jul 19 '06 by: Bri
Most of the reference books recommend autonum primary keys, but the Access help says that any unique keys will work. What are the tradeoffs? I have several tables that have unique fields. Can I use them as primary keys or should I define an autonum primary key? One table has information about the 50 states in the US. The table looks...
thread by: mbatestblrock | last post Oct 31 '07 by: mbatestblrock
I really need some direction writing a query here. I provided a screen cap so you may catch the drift. http://www.mykesdesigns.com/tblrock1/access/terminfo.jpg as you may see there are a ton of tables. there are 58 tables that are all nearly identical to the one shown... each table represents a txt file that is imported every night to...
thread by: xtra | last post Nov 13 '05 by: David W. Fenton
Hi Folk I have about 1000 procedures in my project. Many, many of them are along the lines of function myfuntion () as boolean on error goto er '- Dim Dbs as dao.database Dim Rst as dao.recordset
thread by: dreamznatcher | last post Jul 3 '07 by: jahoobob via AccessMonster.com
Hello, I'm considering a career switch to a more database-related job, but need help on a few questions and issues. I'm a Computer Engineering graduate and have always felt most comfortable creating database- driven applications, preferably for web portals. 1. What are the most viable career options for me out there? What profile do I...
thread by: Rickster66 | last post May 1 '08 by: NeoPa
I need to create a sql statement in MS Access from only the last 12 columns a table that has has dates (the last days of the month) as the names of the columns. In actuality, each column is part of table that is sent to my office monthly. I only use one particular column and discard the rest. The columns in the table then looks like this:...
thread by: Karen Hill | last post Nov 13 '05 by: Lemming
SELECT surgeries.*, animals.* FROM surgeries INNER JOIN animals ON .=. AND WHERE ((.=Date()) Or .=Date()); I'm trying to write a query that joins two table together, animals and surgeries where surgeries.id = animals.id and only where the surgery date was date_a or date_b. I'm doing this in Microsoft Access 2000 and am tearing out my...
thread by: mlcampeau | last post Sep 8 '07 by: Jim Doherty
I have a report (JobVacanciesOnly) that has a subreport (JobVacanciesOnlySR) that are based on two separate queries. MY - JobVacancyJobs SELECT Job.Code, Job.Title, Job.Grade, Grade.Minimum, Grade.Midpoint, Grade.Maximum, Job.EEOCategoryCode, EEOCategory.Desc, Job.EEOSubCategoryCode, EEOSubCategory.Desc FROM Grade RIGHT JOIN (EEOSubCategory...
thread by: didacticone | last post Apr 3 '18 by: NeoPa
Hi everyone, I have created a database for employees to sign it and out. The functionality has been working great but I am running into an issue of people forgetting if the signed in or not; therefore they will sign in or out twice. The way it is formatted is every employees name is show on a form with a sign in and sign out button under...
thread by: Jeffrey P via AccessMonster.com | last post Nov 13 '05 by: Br
Our IT guys are on a vendetta against MS Access (and Lotus Notes but they've won that fight). What I can't understand is, what's the problem? Why does IT hate MS Access so much. I have tried to find out who it is that actually wants to get rid of it, but I can't find anyone who will admit to trying to get rid of it. Nevertheless, I'm...
thread by: pamelafluente | last post Feb 7 '06 by: Randy Harris
With reference to the CDMA (computer.databases.ms-access) newsgroup "charter", as posted on http://www.mvps.org/access/netiquette.htm, Mike Noel has honored my just-created Forum of posting "a draft of what I think the charter/faq should look like". You can read the proposal here: http://datatime.forumup.it/ and crosspost your replies or...
thread by: ljungers | last post Dec 20 '06 by: MMcCarthy
Are the Action(s) in a Macro run in sequence? How would a OpenQuery pass it's results to a OpenForm that followed in the action list? For example I have a form #1 that contains a couple of text boxes for a query and a Button with OnClick set to run a Macro. The Macro Action is OpenQuery with the Query Name set to an existing query. That query...
thread by: MMcCarthy | last post Apr 12 '10 by: jkmyoung
Hi everyone I am using this as a test question to test the new Rate up/down feature for threads and posts. For anyone looking for a legitimate answer to this question please check out this insight. Now anyone can post a reply here either commenting on the answer or anything else (withing site rules) and others can use the new up/down...
thread by: Andrew R | last post Jul 12 '06 by: trollstomper
Hi I'm creating a series of forms, each with with around 15-20 text boxes. The text boxes will show data from tables, but are unbound to make them more flexible. I want the form to be used for both adding new data and modifying existing data. I have created a save button on the form. When the user clicks the save button, the code...
thread by: jayme | last post Apr 12 '07 by: jayme
I am not an advanced access user so I am in need of some suggestions here... I work for a facility maintenance company that does a variety of jobs for many commercial companies with a several different trade groups we have (electrical, hvac, plumbing, painting, masonry, etc...) Our Trade Group Managers submit estimates and budgets for the jobs...
thread by: truthlover | last post Sep 8 '17 by: NeoPa
I need some help. I need a button on an Access form that allows the user to browse for a file on our network, and insert it in a field (rather than having to type a path). I dont need any filters because the files can be any number of formats. I've come across a couple of so-called "simple" solutions, but for the life of me, I either cant...
thread by: newbie2010 | last post Sep 6 '10 by: NeoPa
I am currently working on a program in Access 2003. I have a form that consists of five text boxes and a search button. I want the user to be able to put search criteria into the text boxes and when they hit the search button the table is searched and they should get the results that matches the criteria they entered. Here's what I have so far:...

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