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Opening Balance

2 New Member
Hi guys,
How do I go about opening balance (Previous total balance) for my various accounts in my cash flow. I am open to all suggestions
Jan 11 '22 #1
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457 Recognized Expert Moderator Contributor
Hi Kwabena10
Welcome to the forum.
Please can you provide more details so we understand exactly what you want assistance with
Jan 11 '22 #2
32,566 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi Kwabena & welcome to Bytes.com.

We need you to understand that a question such as this with so little information - and even sense - is not going to work well either for you or the site. Remember that those reading your question know only what you write.

As that is almost nothing and makes less sense I hope you can understand why you're unlikely to get any expert help unless / until you provide enough information that someone can understand what you want help with.

This is the bare minimum required for questions here so please understand for all future questions.
Jan 12 '22 #3
2 New Member
Thank you for the response, what i want to say was, i have 3 account and under each account there are transaction under them. And i have total balance for each account. What i want is opening balance for each account. The issues is when i select a date range i want to see the total balance from the previous date . Example when i select a date from 1/1/2022 to 10/1/2022 there may be other transactions before the 1/1/2022 but what i have only shows me total balances from that selected range.......... ........
For further clarification you can send me you email for me to send you a sample of the project.

Also how can i group all my account transaction in accordance to quarters (1st quarter thus "January- March, 2nd quarter thus "April - June" , 3rd quarter thus "July - September" 4th quarter thus "October - December".
Jan 14 '22 #4
214 Recognized Expert New Member
Use a union query having two subqueries.

Official guide:
Use a union query to combine multiple queries into a single result
  • The first query sums transactions up to the first date selected
  • The second query selects the transactions within the date range selected

To group by quarters, use:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Group By DatePart("q", [TransactionDate])
Jan 15 '22 #5
32,566 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi Kwabena.

In response to your request for an email address - that is a "No" for so many reasons. However, I will start by explaining that what I say is for your education and not meant as chastisement. I understand you're simply finding your way in a new area.

First, and most important, it is quite inappropriate to request email address on a forum from someone you don't know. We, as moderators, would not even allow a reply from anyone without deleting it for their own online safety.

Second, providing a database is simply a way to ensure that you don't need to go to the trouble of writing your question clearly. That is your responsibility. It may seem harsh if that's hard for you - yet why should others have to spend their valuable time simply in order to save the questionner the effort of meeting their responsibility. It would waste time they could otherwise be using to answer questions.

Sometimes an expert will request an illustration. That is the only time it is ever appropriate to include one. It can be dine by Zipping it up and attaching it to a post. No need for email.

I hope I've explained all that clearly. I repeat - this is not to criticise you as clearly you weren't aware - though I would advise checking out a site's rules before starting to use it as a generally wise and considerate thing to do always.

I've also included this publicly so that other interested parties can read this and have some guidance about how to go about getting answers in a good way.

-Ade (Site Administrator).
Jan 15 '22 #6
32,566 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi Kwabena again.

As for you new question, we generally like to keep only one question to each thread for simplicity of all involved (You can create as many other question threads as you need & there is no set limit). Nevertheless, it seems Cactus has already answered that for you very straightforward ly so we can consider that done.

The main part of your question is still very unclear as you don't include any reliable description of how your data is held, nor even really exactly what it is you're looking for.
  1. Is it a single table with multiple records?
  2. Do you have multiple records spread across different tables?
  3. What exactly are you wanting done with the date range? That's still very unclear.

You will need to make the effort to explain your situation properly if we're to offer helpful advice. This is true of all questions. You have to remember this is not an interactive conversation and we don't know anything at all about your database unless you tell us.
Jan 15 '22 #7

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