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Filtering a subform based on interactive dropdowns

8 New Member
I would appreciate assistance in pointing me in the right direction. I've found some post that are very somewhat close to my challenge but not quite.

I have 3 interactive dropdowns (I'd prefer to keep them as interactive dropdowns and not cascading dropdowns). I do not need help with the interactive dropdowns, but they do show up as unbound in design view. The dropdowns are limited to values in table1. Depending on the selection of the interactive drop downs, I would like my subform to display results based on the selection of the dropdowns. I tried the parent/child approach but that didn't work since the dropdowns are showing up as unbound. I've come to the conclusion I need to do more filtering at the AfterUpdate event for all of the dropdowns, but not sure how to apply that to a subform.

I've included an image because I feel like reading descriptions of tables can be difficult to conceptualize sometimes. Thank you!

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Jan 10 '21 #1
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I'm having a deal of trouble trying to understand where you're coming from.

Can you explain why it wouldn't be as simple as filtering the subform based on the selected values in your ComboBoxes? The _AfterUpdate() code would build up the filter string based on any & all values present but ignore items with no value set. Is that not what you're after? If not then I'm thoroughly confused.
Jan 10 '21 #2
8 New Member
I think you understand correctly!

My challenge is that I haven't been able to find examples that would hint at how to approach it with multiple criteria (the dropdowns) and how to apply the criteria to table2. Most of the examples I've seen online are just a little bit too different for me to feel confident that it is the right approach. Setting up the interactive dropdowns was ok once I found parallel code, but the two reference textbooks I'm using (Access Bible and Microsoft Access 2019 Programming by Example) isn't quite sufficient to apply the filtering to the subforms.

For the filtering, I'm assuming I'd build a string that would retrieve the corresponding source ID based on dropdown criteria, and then have the subform spit out the available test results from table2 based on the source ID identified? I think I'm just stumped on how to bring the subform into the filtering since many examples use the parent/child approach.

Thank you!
Jan 10 '21 #3
457 Recognized Expert Moderator Contributor
I'm still unclear what an interactive dropdown is other than a standard combo box. Am I missing something?

I think you just want examples showing how to apply multiple filters to your form/subform. If I'm correct then I have several examples on my website that may be helpful to you. Try a Google search for 'Multiple Group & Filter - Mendip Data Systems'
Jan 10 '21 #4
8 New Member
Sorry for the confusion. I may be using the wrong terminology here.

I've set up the drop downs so that if you select a State, the only available for the other dropdowns are ones that have records associated with that state. The dropdowns do not have be used in a specific order. If I understand correctly, cascading forces the user to select in a certain order and that wasn't something I quite wanted in my project. I wanted the user to be able to use the dropdowns in any order and still have the subsequent dropdowns influenced by the selection in other dropdowns. For example, based on the image provided above, there would be no way for a user to select State = PA and Type = Pond because no such entry exist in table1.

The non-cascading (interactive?) dropdowns may be irrelevant here. I only specified it since some examples I've seen use strictly the last dropdown in the cascade series to filter the subform which isn't quite what I wanted.

I'll do some google searching with the terms you suggested. Thank you!
Jan 10 '21 #5
457 Recognized Expert Moderator Contributor
Sorry but that sounds like you are using cascading combos as the second combo values depend on the value selected in the first combo. The webpage I suggested earlier was for separate combos being used to filter different fields in the same dataset.

I also have a cascading combos example with 5 related combos. Forum rules prevent me providing a link but you can find that with a search for 'cascading combo boxes Mendip data systems'
Jan 10 '21 #6
8 New Member
I certainly won't argue if you say it is cascading combo boxes, you definitely know more than me! :)

In my case, I'm looking for examples to review on how to filter the subform (table2) based on the combo box selection (table1). I thought your first example that you provided might help me out a little bit, but I'm not sure that the dropdowns and the detail results are separate tables? It looks like your dropdowns and resulting tables are both from the PupilData table.

I'll take a look at the second example you recommended. Thank you!
Jan 10 '21 #7
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The concept should be relatively straightforward if you consider it step-by-step.

First of all you want a process to run whenever any of your ComboBoxes are updated. You may also want the same process to run when you open the form originally. Thus we would consider a Procedure which is called from all those places.

The process would build a filter string based on all of the ComboBoxes, being flexible enough to ensure any empty ComboBox is excluded from the filter.

At the end of the Procedure the filter string needs to be applied and the Form (Of whatever type - SubForm; Pop-Up; Current Form; whatever.) Requeried.

To illustrate I've knocked up some boilerplate code. The names will likely differ from yours and the precise circumstances may need to be adjusted but it should give you the basic concept :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub DoFilter(frmVar As Form)
  2.     Dim strWhere As String
  4.     With Me
  5.         If Not IsNull(.cboNum) Then
  6.             strWhere = strWhere & " AND ([NumField]=%N)"
  7.             strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%N", .cboNum)
  8.         End If
  9.         If Not IsNull(.cboDate) Then
  10.             strWhere = strWhere & " AND ([DateField]=#%D#)"
  11.             strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%D", Format(.cboDate, "yyyy\-m\-d"))
  12.         End If
  13.         If Not IsNull(.cboString) Then
  14.             strWhere = strWhere & " AND ([StringField]='%S')"
  15.             strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%S", .cboString)
  16.         End If
  17.         If strWhere > "" Then strWhere = Mid(strWhere, 6)
  18.     End With
  19.     With frmVar
  20.         If .Filter <> strWhere Then
  21.             .Filter = strWhere
  22.             .FilterOn = (strWhere > "")
  23.         End If
  24.     End With
  25. End Sub
Jan 11 '21 #8
8 New Member
Hi NeoPa!

I totally follow your suggestion of building a procedure that runs at the afterupdate event of the combo boxes. This procedure would create the string of the “where” SQL conditions. Do you have any tips on how to apply this to the subform?

Under property sheet, my subform has a source object of table2. I do not see any filtering options on the property sheet except “Filter on Empty Master.” I am wondering if I need to create a new table2 and somehow integrate the resulting filter string into the and reference that dynamic table as the source object instead of table2?

Thank you for writing!

Jan 11 '21 #9
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'm not sure I understand where your confusion is coming from. The procedure I showed as an example has the Form passed to it and every Form has the .Filter & .FilterOn properties so the example code already does that for you.
Jan 11 '21 #10

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