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rolling hours and sum of counts in 60 minutes

24 New Member
Hi All
I have a data table in MS access (64bit) which is bus movements data. The attached Excel file is the sample data. I have tried to put it in excel file on what is expected result.
I want to create a crosstab query based on this data, and find rolling 60 minutes counts of bus movements. the rolling partition can be 5 minutes, and sum the count of movements when it reach 60 minutes. each 60 minutes can be the crosstab column heading.
I can create a crosstab with fixed hours such as 0000-0059, 0100-0159 etc, but can not figure out how to crosstab for rolling hours such as 0000-0100, 0005-0105,0010-0110,0015-0115 etc
Hope I explained well and expecting your expert support
Thank you in advance
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File Type: xlsx sample_rollingHours.xlsx (10.3 KB, 86 views)
Dec 23 '20 #1
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8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
This may actually be easier to do in Excel than it is in Access. Is this a possibility?
Dec 23 '20 #2
24 New Member
Hi ADezii
The data is in access DB and many other reporting is done from the db with this and other datasets.
That is why I requested for a crosstab query or can be a vba to populate another table based on this data. Hope i have explained well and you would be able to help me further
Dec 24 '20 #3
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Working on it, not an easy task.
Dec 24 '20 #4
24 New Member
Thank you so much for offering me your kind support. Merry Christmas to you and family
Dec 24 '20 #5
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I can't download your file but the high level overview is create a dummy table with the rolling ranges. Join this to your data. Do a crosstab on it.
Dec 24 '20 #6
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
I am really having a tough time with this one, but I'll be happy to give you what I have so far. Basically, I was able to somewhat reproduce the Expected Results Spreadsheet by extracting various Time Components, comparing them against the Time Slots, and writing them to a Table. This approach is kludgy to say the least, but when I have more time I will look into it further. I could not get it to work via a Crosstab, so it is strictly a Code based approach. I would also venture to say that Rabbit is much more qualified in this area than I am, and I would be more inclined go with his solution since it will probably be a much better one. In any event, have a look at the Demo I created, and hopefully it will be of some value.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Rolling Hours.zip (24.4 KB, 66 views)
Dec 24 '20 #7
24 New Member
Hi ADezii
Thank you for taking time to help me. I am so happy for the consideration you have shown during this holiday time.
I looked at the demo and for test purpose I changed the time in the last 2 record as 04:40 and 04:46 to see if the result table will populate a column include that hour, but when I click the form button, the last column remain same as 0150-0250.
In normal scenario, the table will hold records for any date with time from 00:00:00 until 23:59:59.
Hope you can guide me on how the code can be modified to take all the hours in a day.
Thank you for the support and kindness
Dec 26 '20 #8
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
The Columns are not dynamically created but manually created Fields in a Table (tblTimeSlots), and herein lies the problem. If I am reading you correctly, there are 12, 5-minute, rolling Time Slots for each hour which would equate to 288 Time Slots. Access will only allow 255 Fields in any given Table, so you would basically have to create two Result Tables, one from 12:00 A.M. to 12:P.M., and the other for the remainder of the day. I am assuming that you want to display the 288 Time Slots, but perhaps I am wrong. Kindly advise. When I am free, I`ll Upload Demonshowing how you two new Time Slots can be displayed. Here is that Revision for you that will show how Times such as 04:40 and 04:46 can now be displayed, since the Time Slot of 04:40-05:40 was created in tblTimeSlots, and new Records added to tblBusSchedules .
Attached Files
File Type: zip Rolling Hours_Revised.zip (24.6 KB, 49 views)
Dec 26 '20 #9
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Here is another option that you wish to consider. It is easier just to have you Download the File and have a look at it. It needs some work, but is doable.
Attached Files
File Type: zip Rolling Hours_2.zip (26.1 KB, 46 views)
Dec 26 '20 #10

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