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VBA Populates multiple Text Boxes from Table based on Combo Box Selection on Form

117 New Member
I have one combo box (cboMASTER)
What I would love to do is select a name from this combo box and I would like about 20 text boxes to populate based on the value of column 0 in the combo box, that is the record ID

cboMASTER = 1,FullName

What the form will show is a family tree. And will show relatives based on who I select in a combo box cboMASTER
It will show mother, father, grand father etc etc

I have 1 table
In the table there is MainID, FatherID, MotherID, ChildID, SpouseID etc

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Example for Bart Simpson in tblMAIN
  2. MainID FatherID MotherID ChildID SpouseID  FullName 
  3. 1    2    3    0     0        Bart Simpson
  4. 2    3    4    1     3        Homer Simpson
  5. 3    5    6    1     2        Marg Simpson

So if I select lets say Bart Simpson who has an ID of 1, and motherid is 3 etc etc, the form will look like something like this and show FullName

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1.                      / Homers Dad (txtGfather)
  2.  / Homer Simpson (txtFather)
  3.  |                    \ Homers Mom (txtGmother)
  4. Bart Simpson (cboMASTER 1,FullName)
  5.  |                    / marg's dads dad (txtFather3)
  6.  |             / margs dad (txtGFather2)
  7.   \ Marg Simpson (txtMother)
  8.                 \ margs mom (txtGmother2)
How would I code this in Access VBA?
It will requery all text boxes on cboMAIN change update
Would I do a SQL Statement like Select * from where for each text box based on the value of the of the combo box?
Hard to word this sorry! thanks in advanced!
Jun 24 '20 #1
29 3318
3,653 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist

Technically speaking, the way to solve this is very "simple." However, it is not very easy.

All you need to do is trigger a series of requeries on your other textboxes. The first text box (for example the father of the person selected in the combo box), you would have the VBA search for the FatherID of the person selected and return the value of that ID. Do the same for the mother. Etc., etc., etc., etc. However, you quickly come to realize that as "simple" as the concept is, it is not very easy, because each text box will have to have its own query assigned to it, and some queries will be incredibly complex, because it will be querying queries upon queries upon queries to find, for example, the great-great-great-great-grand parents.

What you are trying to do in a db "may" be possible, but I haven't sat down and thought about it long enough to say it can't, or to recommend a "better way."

On the surface, I would say that many times, re-inventing a tremendously complex wheel (when numerous off-the-shelf wheels are readily available) defeats the purpose of building the wheel in the first place, unless you are planning to build a wheel that is so much better than anyone could have imagined a wheel to be.

All this said, the over-complexificatio n that your proposed design entails is probably beyond what anyone here might be willing to wade into--but I could be wrong. I would recommend purchasing a family tree program and save yourself hours of headaches....
Jun 24 '20 #2
117 New Member
Hi twinnyfo
Apreaciate taking the time to respond.
not a problem for me to write queries for each txtbox
Its keeping my access sql skills fresh, every IT job I have applied for this skill is a plus, and its a win win when i go back to work in IT after this covid19 passess (not too confident it will anytime soon but anyways)

would it look similour to this? (this is a rough example)

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Dim strtxtdad As String
  2. Dim strtxtmom As String
  3. Dim strtxtchild As String
  4. Dim strtxtspouse As String
  5. Dim strtxtGfather As String
  7. strtxtsFather = "SELECT * FROM tblMAIN WHERE " & _
  8.     "([MAINID] = cboMASTER)"
  9. strtxtmom = "SELECT * FROM tblMAIN WHERE " & _
  10.     "([FatherID] = txtwhatever1)"
  11. strtxtchild = "SELECT * FROM tblMAIN WHERE " & _
  12.     "([MotherID] = txtwhatever2)"
  14. Me.strtxtsFather = strtxtdad 
  15. Me.strtxtspouse = strtxtspouse 
  16. Me.strtxtmom = strtxtGfather 
  18. Me.txtFather.Requery
  19. Me.txtMother.Requery
etc etc
Jun 24 '20 #3
3,653 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
1. You've dim'ed all your variables wrong (I know you tried to fix it at least once). You need to dim Integers, so that you can find the other values you are looking for.

2. You need to remember to extract the actual value of your combo box, rather than make it text.

3. Remember that a SQL string is a string. So you will just end up with the actual string and not the results of the query in your text boxes. You need to use (dare I say it) Domain Aggregate queries.

4. Yes - to a certain degree that is the general approach. But, remember, for the grandfather, you need to find out first who the father is (or mother), and then, find out who the father is for that person.


Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Dim intDad As Integer
  2. Dim intMom As Integer
  3. Dim intDadsDad As integer
  5. intDad = _
  6.     DLookup("FatherID", _
  7.             "tblMain", _
  8.             "MainID = " & Me.cboMaster)
  9. Me.txtFather = _
  10.     DLookup("FullName", _
  11.             "tblMain", _
  12.             "MainID = " & intDad)
  14. 'And so for intMom/txtMother
  16. intDadsDad = 
  17.     DLookup("FatherID", _
  18.             "tblMain", _
  19.             "MainID = " & intDad)
  20. Me.txtFathersFather = _
  21.     DLookup("FullName", _
  22.             "tblMain", _
  23.             "MainID = " & intDadsDad)
  26. 'Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.
Hope this hepps!
Jun 24 '20 #4
1,275 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I'd suggest using a list box with 20 independent queries in a union for the rowsource. It beats messing with all those text boxes. Each query in the union would include where criteria to compare the particular ID needed against Forms!{formname }!cboMaster.

Jun 24 '20 #5
117 New Member
Hi Jimatqsi
that sounds awesome! can you give a sample? template? your the man!
Jun 24 '20 #6
117 New Member
Hi twinnyfo, can you give me an example this would look like using instead Select From Where? 😎
Jun 24 '20 #7
1,275 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Sure. I need a little time to get dinner and relax first. It's been a looong day.
Jun 24 '20 #8
117 New Member
Not a problem! relax.. are you done eating yet? so looking forward to it! refreashing the page.. lol
Jun 25 '20 #9
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I've been too busy to respond properly today after I saw this earlier, but consider the concept of designing an underlying query that contains the required codes and then creating all the ComboBoxes as Bound Controls.

Unless I misunderstand the situation, the ControlSource needn't change. Only the value selected within the list needs to change based on the underlying data.
Jun 25 '20 #10

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