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Query is corrupt error message 11-14-2019

79 New Member
All of sudden, many vba functions in my Access application using query are not working with error message "Query is Corrupt".

Google results has one page from Microsoft dated 11/14/2019 referring the issue to a patch updates for MSI of several builds.

Does anyone know when MS will fix this issue? Will it be automatically repaired when fix is done by MS or is there some steps we need to do to fix the problem?
Nov 15 '19 #1
13 2662
221 New Member
I was getting a lot of corruption issues awhile back and the only thing I could find that fixed my issues was a registry fix. I had to put it on every PC that uses access. I haven't had corruption since.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  2. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanWorkstation\Parameters]
  3. "FileInfoCacheLifetime"=dword:00000000
  4. "FileNotFoundCacheLifetime"=dword:00000000
  5. "DirectoryCacheLifetime"=dword:00000000
Save it in a .txt file as whatever name .reg

Hopefully that will work out for you.

You will probably have to fix your query to and any other objects that are not working in the database.

Good Luck
Nov 15 '19 #2
214 Recognized Expert New Member
There is an official page on that issue:

Access error: "Query is corrupt"
Nov 15 '19 #3
Joe Y
79 New Member
The page from Microsoft I found from Google results is -

Nov 15 '19 #4
Joe Y
79 New Member
There is a workaround suggested by the support page. However, I have lots of VBA using query. Making each change is going to be a big challenge.
Nov 15 '19 #5
Joe Y
79 New Member

I've never dealt with registry. Can you guide me through where to save the .reg file? Most of the users are using Windows 10 pro, some are Windows 7 Pro.

Thanks in advance!
Nov 15 '19 #6
32,569 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Hi Joe.

Let's deal with this one point at a time :
  1. I suspect that DJRhino's suggestion will not pertain to this issue. That is not to say, by any stretch of the imagination, that DJ wasn't being helpful and sharing his past experiences with you. Simply that his solution looks like it may be for another problem altogether.
  2. I strongly recommend to you, and anyone that doesn't themselves have a good understanding of the Registry in Windows or how one can update it safely, that you don't go there. Every responsible web page ever written that includes instructions on such amendments always includes very strong warnings. If you aren't sure - don't go there.
  3. The page you found on Google is exactly the same one that CactusData posted for you some four hours previously.
  4. You may want to revisit that page. Everyone in the Access world seems to be suffering badly from this issue and everyone is talking about it. As you'd expect, those involved at MSFT, as well as many other prominent faces in the Access world that work in this area, are working very hard to get this resolved. The current version of the page gives various options - most of which depend on the version(s) of Access you're using.
  5. Joe Y:
    Making each change is going to be a big challenge.
    It certainly is. Get your head around that and get on with it, is my best advice. You won't be unique in having to and there will certainly be help and support for all those, like yourself, who've been caught out by this issue.

As a last contribution, and though these are actually commercial sites and so normally unacceptable on Bytes.com, they are helpful in a very serious situation and are both by MVPs working closely with MSFT - the producer of the software, so I will include them :
Critical: Office Update breaks Access ó Query is corrupt
Microsoft Access Query is Corrupt Error 3340
Nov 16 '19 #7
32,569 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP

I believe that .REG files must actually be stored as UNICODE, rather than simple ASCII text as you'd normally find when creating a new document in most text editors. Many handle UNICODE if the file is already encoded that way - and of course for the most part they would look the same, but don't be confused into thinking they're standard ASCII text files.

I'm not pushing the use of .REG files you understand, just explaining a potential confusion in the hope that it may help.

The easiest way to create a workable .REG file is to select a part of the Registry tree within RegEdit.Exe and Export it from the Right-Click menu. That file will, necessarily, be encoded the right way for importing into a Registry tree at some other time.

When you know enough to ignore this warning then you already know the dangers and that you hold full responsibility for all the results - intended & unintended.
Nov 16 '19 #8
Joe Y
79 New Member
Thanks for the advice. Iím working on the workaround suggested by Microsoft. Letís hope they issue the fix soon.
Nov 17 '19 #9
32,569 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'm sorry I couldn't give you better news :-(

I strongly expect that a fix will come out very soon (Sorry - I really can't be more specific.), but I also believe that it's unlikely to be soon enough for most users to get away without having to handle this locally in one way or another.

Releasing a fix to the whole world for a problem that's only just been discovered is always going to be a gargantuan task. Timescales will never match user requirements in those situations.

I wish you the best of luck - of course - as I do everyone who's been affected by these patch releases.
Nov 18 '19 #10

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