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Deleting subfolders older than 30 days in the main Folder

14 New Member
Dear Experts, please I need help. A vba codes that can delete subfolders older than 30 days in the main Folder. I do not have much experience on vba. Please help me.

Thank you
Dec 26 '15 #1
12 1853
215 New Member
welcome to Bytes.com
you can't call for the directly code as solution.
we come here to ask how to do that -- not how you guy do that ==

to delete folders in vba you can use:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. kill "fullpathhere"
to rename or move folder/files you can use
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Name firstPathName SecondPathName
if the second name is different from first one, file/folder will rename to that name.

you can get information of subfolder, file inside folder with
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  1. Dir("Path")
to know whichone is "older than 30 days"
go search google the property Time modify of folder
then you can use
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  1. dim DeathDate as integer
  3. DeathDate = Day(Now()) - day(Time modify of folder) 
  4. if deathDate >=30 then
  5.   'code to kill/rename/move subfolder
  6. end if
and you have to loop all thing inside main folder.
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  1. for i = 1 to MaxItemInFolder
  2.   'Code to determine which subfolder can be delete having deathDate >=30
  3. Next
Dec 26 '15 #2
32,564 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Good answer, but I believe Kill() will fail if used on any folder that isn't empty.
Dec 27 '15 #3
215 New Member
I think rondebruin have better example here in this link
Delete files and folders
this code copy from that link that clear everything in main folder without condition >=30 days
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Sub Clear_All_Files_And_SubFolders_In_Folder()
  2. 'Delete all files and subfolders
  3. 'Be sure that no file is open in the folder
  4.     Dim FSO As Object
  5.     Dim MyPath As String
  7.     Set FSO = CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
  9.     MyPath = "C:\Users\Ron\Test"  '<< Change
  11.     If Right(MyPath, 1) = "\" Then
  12.         MyPath = Left(MyPath, Len(MyPath) - 1)
  13.     End If
  15.     If FSO.FolderExists(MyPath) = False Then
  16.         MsgBox MyPath & " doesn't exist"
  17.         Exit Sub
  18.     End If
  20.     On Error Resume Next
  21.     'Delete files
  22.     FSO.deletefile MyPath & "\*.*", True
  23.     'Delete subfolders
  24.     FSO.deletefolder MyPath & "\*.*", True
  25.     On Error GoTo 0
  27. End Sub
Hishow still need to modify this code with some additional code that I suggest in post #2
Dec 27 '15 #4
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
actually, if OP had searched here on Bytes the following answer by our own expert ADezii would have turned up:
Find and Delete Directory Folders>Post#4
This code can be easily modified to meet Hishow's requirements and to quote ADezii
What I like about the Code Logic is that there are no External References like File Scripting Runtime, it is all intrinsic.
Dec 27 '15 #5
14 New Member
Thank you all for helping me. I have tried this from hvsummer even before this request. And also the reference made by zmbd view weeks ago. I didn't get results. Though I would keep trying.
Dec 29 '15 #6
215 New Member
@Hishow: can you post your currently code ?
and btw, what error and why you can't get your dream results ?
please give us more detail, we can help you to solve that (most of case, we can solve all problem without limit except limit from hardware or software itself)
Dec 29 '15 #7
14 New Member
Got it. Thank you so much for all your contributions. And I must say another thank you to zmbd for taking me back to ADezii post 5. My subfolders look like these, Ade2015-12-20, Ade2015-12-21... So I changed line 6 of "Video12*" to "Ade*". And I used my own directory. And it worked perfectly.

May Almighty Allah continue to increase the wisdom and knowledge of all of you.
Dec 29 '15 #8
14 New Member
Like this:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Dim strBasePath As String
  2. Dim strFolder As String
  3. Dim strFolderToFind As String
  5. strBasePath = "C:\Users\Public\SEP\"
  6. strFolderToFind = "Ade*"
  8. strFolder = Dir(strBasePath, vbDirectory)
  10. Do While strFolder <> ""    ' Start the loop.
  11.   'Ignore the current directory and the encompassing directory.
  12.     If strFolder <> "." And strFolder <> ".." Then
  13.      'Use bitwise comparison to make sure strFolderToFind is a directory.
  14.        If (GetAttr(strBasePath & strFolder) And vbDirectory) = vbDirectory Then  'a Folder
  15.          If strFolder Like strFolderToFind Then         '1st Criteria met
  16.            If FileDateTime(strBasePath & strFolder) < Now() - 30 Then    '2nd criteria met
  17.              'Debug.Print strBasePath & strFolder
  18.              Kill strBasePath & strFolder & "\*"    'Must Delete Files first
  19.              RmDir strBasePath & strFolder
  20.            End If
  21.          End If
  22.        End If
  23.     End If
  24.     strFolder = Dir    ' Get next entry.
  25. Loop
Dec 29 '15 #9
14 New Member
It's actually post 4 of ADezii not post 5. Thank you all for your concern. And also thanks to hvsummer for your much concern.

I am happy.
Dec 29 '15 #10

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