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I can't add new record on a form

6 New Member
I can't add new record on a form, the add new record in navigation toolbar is disable on the form, but on properties I enable (addition,edit and delete)but still it's not working.

Please assist
Aug 8 '13 #1
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Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
That means that the recordsource for the form can't be modified. From my experience (although limited) this normally happens when the recordsource is a query, but I believe it can also happen with a table. If the recordsource is a query, then read this link to see why it won't let you modify the data: When can i update data from a query If you need help knowing where your query fits in the list, just post the SQL code for the query (making sure to use code tags. Read Before posting VBA/SQL code) and we can help you know what the problem is.
Aug 8 '13 #2
1,278 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
If the record source is a table it's likely there is no key defined.
Aug 8 '13 #3
6 New Member

I have added an attachment to my problem so it will be easy to pin point what i have missed, i hope it will help
Attached Files
File Type: zip Hombre.zip (1.88 MB, 634 views)
Aug 15 '13 #4
1,278 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
First, in your relationships (not in this form or query, in pull down menu Tools/Relationships) you have two tables appearing with no relationships at all defined. That can't be helpful, but maybe it causes no harm.

Your recordset is update-able but I was unsuccessful adding a record in datasheet mode because I don't know the data well enough. I keep getting key conflicts, but the point is the recordset itself is okay.

I think what you want to do is to change this 1 form into a form-subform design. Make a form that edits structure records only, and make it a subform of a form that edits Establishment records only. Or, you could disable the navigation buttons and create your own "add" button to this form. Then you could manage exactly what is supposed to happen when you click "add."

Right now, if you add a record it's not really clear what you want to happen. Add a structure record only? Or an Establishment and a Structure record? Work that out with form/subforms or manual VBA in the code-behind.

Aug 15 '13 #5
6 New Member
I want user's to add information within the form not manually on each table in datasheet view, this form is based on query with that combine 3 tables Establishment,D esignation and Structure table.

Firstly Post_id,Post_id Level,postgrade devired from Establishment, designation to Designation table and Cluster_Name,Un it_Name, Department_Name , Branch_Name, Division_Name,S ection_Name and Subsection_Name into the Structure table. That's the only information that the user I want to add

I hope this will help.
Aug 15 '13 #6
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Please provide the actual SQL that is being used for the form's record source.
As you have it listed (and in VERY difficult way) it appears to be something in the joins.
(no, I have not d/l your attachment. d/l are typically prohibited on my work pc via IT-Security)

To get at the SQL,
Open the underlying query in design mode.
If it doesn't open in SQL view, then in a blank area where the tables are shown, right click, in the pop-up menu, select SQL View.
You will now be shown a window where the SQL query text is shown.
Please cut and paste this to a post, highlight the text, and then click on the [CODE/] format button to place the required [code] [/code] tags around your SQL.
Aug 15 '13 #7
1,278 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
I was not suggesting your users should use datasheet mode. Far from it. I merely used datasheet mode to prove that you are using an update-able recordset.

I'm going to post your query's SQL code in the next post. Would you please tell us:
1: Is the relationship between Designation and Establishment 1 to 1 or 1 to many?
2: Is the relationship between Establishment and Structure 1 to or 1 to many?

Aug 15 '13 #8
1,278 Recognized Expert Top Contributor
Here's the query for the form in question:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2.    , ESTABLISHMENT.Post_idLevel
  3.    , Designation.Designation
  4.    , ESTABLISHMENT.PostGrade
  5.    , STRUCTURE.Cluster_Name
  6.    , STRUCTURE.ServiceUnit_Name
  7.    , STRUCTURE.Department_Name
  8.    , STRUCTURE.Branch_Name
  9.    , STRUCTURE.Division_Name
  10.    , STRUCTURE.Section_Name
  11.    , STRUCTURE.SubSection_Name
  12.    , STRUCTURE.Cluster_ID
  13.    , STRUCTURE.ServiceUnit_ID
  14.    , STRUCTURE.Department_ID
  15.    , STRUCTURE.Branch_ID
  16.    , STRUCTURE.Division_ID
  17.    , STRUCTURE.Section_ID
  18.    , STRUCTURE.SubSection_ID
  19. FROM Designation 
  22.          ON (ESTABLISHMENT.Cluster_Code 
  23.             = STRUCTURE.Cluster_ID)
  24.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.Branch_Code 
  25.             = STRUCTURE.Branch_ID) 
  26.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.Section_Code 
  27.             = STRUCTURE.Section_ID) 
  28.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.SubSection_Code 
  29.             = STRUCTURE.SubSection_ID)
  30.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.Division_Code 
  31.             = STRUCTURE.Division_ID)
  32.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.Dept_code 
  33.             = STRUCTURE.Department_ID)
  34.           AND (ESTABLISHMENT.Unit_Code
  35.             = STRUCTURE.ServiceUnit_ID))
  36.     ON Designation.DesignationID 
  37.       = ESTABLISHMENT.DesignationID;
Aug 15 '13 #9
6 New Member
1: Is the relationship between Designation and Establishment 1 to 1 or 1 to many?
Ans:1 to many
2: Is the relationship between Establishment and Structure 1 to or 1 to many?
Ans1 to 1

I have been able to add new information but now I encounter a new error "index or primary key cannot contain a null value" while every field in a form have been entered.
Aug 16 '13 #10

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