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Including Footers on Subreports in Access

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My users have a database that they store the rules and requirements for how they do business in. For example: the Fiscal Policy or Board of Trustees Policy. The way the database reports are set up the user can print out the Title Page for the Fiscal Policy Manual and in a separate report the Table of Contents for the Fiscal Policy Manual and in a third report the Policies for the Fiscal Policy Manual. These 3 reports combined make up the Fiscal Policy Manual.

I am being asked to combine these 3 reports into 1 report. I can do this with 4th report that holds the 3 sub-reports. The issue is that each report has a different header and footer (in particular page numbering) and when I combine the reports I can not get the header or footer of the sub-reports to show. If I add a Header to the main report I am getting the header for the 1st sub-report (which then shows duplicative headers), but I can not get the header or footers for the other 2 sub-reports. Is there a way to force the header and footer to show or hide for each sub-report? Or is there a way to set page numbers to start on page 3 instead of page 1?

If you know of a better way to accomplish this and are willing to share with me I would really appreciate the help. I am stumped on this.

Thank you for reading my problem and sharing any solutions you have come across with me.
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Page or report level headers/footers?
Jul 9 '13 #2
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We will need the version of Access you are using.

IN V2010, I have a main report that combines two subreports and their headers are shown, (attached), this report was originally made in V2003.

The report headers in the subreports should print.
If the Header information is in the "Page Header" then these are suppressed by the main report. You will have to have either a macro, vba, or a control the refers to the subreport such as in (Allen Browns tip for bringing the totals to the main report

For the page of page... in the main report, page footer, insert text box, set control source to ="Page " & [Page] & " of " & [Pages]

So here's in design view (Sorry, had to cut the right side off due to privacy issues... just the pageofpage thing.)

Here's a cut and paste of the report. Once again, I had to redact some things due to privacy issues. Notice the "Averages", these are in the individual report headers.

Note the pageofpage is usually something like "1 of 20" the control for this is in the page footer of the main report as are the dates (pulled from the form used for the filter) shown at the bottom of the report.
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Jul 9 '13 #3
68 New Member
ZMBD, thank you for the good information. I appreciated your sample and understood what you were doing. And I liked the linked information about pulling the sum from a Sub-report to a main report. I did not know how to do this previously and I will add this to my tool box. However, I was reading the troubleshooting and number 1 thing to check is "Make sure the total text box is in the Report Footer section, not the Page Footer section."

My problem is that I need the page headers and Footers. Report headers don't repeat and each sub-report has a different page header that is needed on multiple pages. I can't put the page header in the main report because the needs of the sub-reports are different.

The issue with the Page of Pages in the report footer is that I only want them on the 3rd Sub-Report. My boss says it is unprofessional to have page number on the title page of the manual. Picky, picky!

I think this is probably a lost cause but maybe there is a way to get page headers and footers to appear when using sub-reports. If you have any other ideas that I should look into please let me know. I am using Access 2007 but if there is better tools in Access 2010 for this I could talk my company into upgrading to Access 2010.

Thank you very much for any information you can provide even if it is just a confirmation that what I need can not be done in Access.
Jul 10 '13 #4
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
The equation can be modified such that:
=iif([page]<=1,"","Page " & [Page] & " of " & [Pages])

As for the page footer, why not use the same concept as AB's article and refer to the report control. We'll have to modify it a tad to account for the subreport names - I haven't done this before so it will take some time to work out.
The other option is to use VBA in the on-print event to transfer the subreport page footer information to the main report footer. Once again not something I've done before; thus, it may take some time to work out.
Jul 10 '13 #5
68 New Member
zmbd, the page formula is on the right track. I am getting no numbers on the first page which is what I want. Do you know of a way to set the page numbers to start at page 1 on page 4? Example: If I hide page numbers for the first 3 pages instead of having page 4 show 4 can it show 1?
Jul 10 '13 #6
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Let's try a workaround for the header/footer.
I still think we can use VBA; however, I'm looking for simple here:
Open the subreport in design view - we will do this for each subreport. To avoid confusing Access, do not open the main report and work with only one subreport at a time.
The context Ribbon "Report Design Tools" will now be available.
Select the "Design" ribbon tab in the context tool ribbon (should be by default on 1st open in design view).
Click on "Group and Sort" in the Grouping and totals group.
This will show the Group, Sort, and Total window at the bottom of the report design window.
Select "Add a Group" - Now this is going to present a list of the fields in the report... ignor the fiels and look at the the bottom of the list, there will be the option "expresion" this is what we want, enter =1 for the first subreport (=2 for the second, =3 for the third - you can use the same =1 for all three; however, I'm setting up for another solution should this not work). The Group Header will be inserted automatically, you will need to click on the "More>" in the Group, Sort, and Total window for the group and then change the footer setting.
You can now go into the properties for the group header/footer and set what you need as for repeating etc...
Move everything in the page header/footer to this group header footer and then shrink your header/footer areas to nothing.

As for the Page number, we'll try some math, if you're going to supress the 1st three pages, so you now have "Page 4 of 200" in the footer, when you want "Page 1 of 200", then subtract 3.

These have all worked on my little test DB here at home.
Jul 10 '13 #7
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Here's what I have for you:

Thus the stuff in the =1 group repeats at the top of each page just like a header/footer.

>Although not shown, the =2 group is in the "55" subreport in the same manner as the "42"
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Jul 10 '13 #8
68 New Member
zmbd you have been a huge help! The Expression Group solved the Header issue and the report is starting to come together. Because reports 2 and 3 already have 2 groupings the footer expression appears at the bottom of the groupings not the bottom of the page, so that doesn't work as well as the header.

What I have come up with for the Footer on the main report is Formulas based on the pages. Example: The footer for all pages except page 1 need a motto statement so the formula is
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. =iif([Page]<=1,"","motto")
This works because I know there is only 1 page for the title that we don't want the motto on.
The page of pages I solved by adding the page numbers to the Table of Contents (page 2 and ...) and subtracting by 1
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. =IIf([Page]<=1,"","Page " & [Page]-1 & " of " & [Pages]-1)
Ideally there would be no page numbers on the table of contents. The problem is that for different manuals the Table of Contents can be more than one page so what works for one manual will not work for another. As I was explaining this I thought maybe I could add a field that stored the number of pages for the table of contents then use that field as the minus number in the pages to get the results they want. The problem is the users would not understand what to enter and why. Any ideas on how to resolve this last issue? Can Access determine how many pages exist on a sub-report?
Jul 11 '13 #9
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Which version of Access are you using?
Jul 11 '13 #10

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