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How to requery a listbox on a form from another form

145 New Member
Hi again fellows,

I've got an annoying issue I can't seem to fathom. I have a Main or 'Home' form that has a tab control which houses a listbox, which is based on a query, and shows stocklevels.

From my invoicing form, once I've done my stock update calculations (I'm working on a more elegant solution), I need to requery the listbox on the main form to ensure the stock values shown are up to date.

I've tried 'everything'! Open and close the main form from the invoice form, requery the listbox from the invoice form, requery the listbox once the main form has the focus etc. Clicking my reset button on the main form updates the listbox just fine - I've tried cmdReset_Click from the invoice form (worked in Access 97!), but gives an error in 2007.

Sorry its so mundane, yet long to write out! Can someone help?

Many thanks.

Jan 30 '13 #1
13 11137
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Show us the code that you're using to refresh the list box. Also, what is the text of the error message?
Jan 30 '13 #2
145 New Member
I don't get any error messages, Rabbit. The latest thing I tried was DoCmd.Requery(. ..listbox55) in the Close event of the invoice form.

I'm guessing now that I'm going to have to fully close the invoice form before requerying the listbox. Essentially, I've tried the Requery command at just about every event!

It's feels such a silly, annoying issue (unlike my struggles with Allen Brownes 'onHand' code!), and there aren't many ways really to use requery.

Thanks for your time - especially at this time.


Jan 31 '13 #3
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
It's perfectly possible to do by using :
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  1. Call {Reference to ListBox control}.Requery()
The only problem is determining the {Reference to ListBox control}. Referring to Items on a Sub-Form should help with that. If you struggle we can help, but only if you give us all the details you'll need for the reference.
Jan 31 '13 #4
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Post 1, paragraph 3 (not counting the greeting), last line. You say you get an error. Now you're saying you're not getting an error.

Also, this:
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  1. DoCmd.Requery(...listbox55)
is not valid code so it should have thrown an error.

Per NeoPa's post, the most likely cause is an invalid reference to a control, which is why I wanted to see your requery code.
Jan 31 '13 #5
2,322 Recognized Expert Moderator Top Contributor
Whats the name of the form, name of the listbox control, and is the listbox in a subform?
Jan 31 '13 #6
145 New Member
Thanks for your replies.

I only got an error when I tried to 'remotely' click a button on my main form - cmdReset_Click.

The listbox is in a two page tab control, but not a subform. The main form is frm_Main, the listbox list55.

So to be completely disambiguous about my listbox:
Form_frm_Main.L ist55.Requery is about as explicit as I can get I think. The lisbox is on page one of a tab control: I dont have to reference that do I?


Jan 31 '13 #7
2,322 Recognized Expert Moderator Top Contributor
Ooops! Does tab send the post?
No but Tab (Which switches focus to the Post Reply Button) followed by a Enter or spacebar will submit :)

I don't use tab controls much, but no I don't think you need to include the tab control in the syntax.

Try this:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Forms!frm_Main.List55.Requery
P.s. Save yourself future headache and give the listbox a proper name!
Jan 31 '13 #8
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I don't use tab controls much, but no I don't think you need to include the tab control in the syntax.
You are correct Smiley.
Jan 31 '13 #9
145 New Member
ha ha! Yes, and for anyone else listening, have a firm naming system. I have, but I slip sometimes when I'm fighting to get something done - and I pay for it every time!

Thanks guys,

Jan 31 '13 #10

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