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recordset.bookm ark problem

Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I have the following subroutine that I'm using to bookmark the current record, do a requery of the form, and then go back to the record that I bookmarked. Here is my code:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub FormRefresh()
  2. Dim varBookmark As Variant
  4. With Me.sfrmCrimes.Form
  5.     varBookmark = .Recordset.Bookmark
  6.     .Requery
  7.     If IsEmpty(varBookmark) Then
  8.         MsgBox "Bookmark is empty"
  9.     Else
  10.         .Recordset.Bookmark = varBookmark
  11.     End If
  12. End With
  14. End Sub
When it runs, it stops on line #10 and says
Run-time error '3129':
Not a valid bookmark.

If I select "Debug", line #10 is highlighted. If I then drag it up to line #7 and then step through the code using F8, then the code runs fine. This defies all troubleshooting methods that I have ever heard of, so I have no idea how to test this. I initially put in the If/Then statement to test varBookmark as I wanted to see if it wasn't getting passed the bookmark for some reason. However, I never get the "Bookmark is empty" message. What am I doing wrong?

This is the first time that I have ever used the Recordset.Bookm ark property. Here is the link that I was trying to follow when I created this: MSDN Recordset.Bookm ark Property
Dec 29 '12
12 16075
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Here's something I've done - and very often
(Seth, this is an example of one of those things that Neopa pointed out that could be handled directly by the form within the Access structure; however, I have my reasons ;-) )

The form this code is in is setup much like the one in given in the example database Many-to-Many-to-Many relationship problem wherein the form is bound to a record set, direct record manipulation is prohibited, and I have a set of unbound controls in the footer for new record creation.

The reason behind this setup is that I have to have a confirmation that the information entered is correct as once the record is created, it cannot be changed as a lot number is created before being passed to this part of the code. The lot numbers can only be assigned once and have to have a strict tracking.... no mistakes, no omissions, or the paperwork nightmare never ends!

So, to the point which happens at line 12 and then 16 thru 19:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. '<<<Leading Code Omitted>>>
  2. 'Create new entry into the tbl_inventory and refresh the form
  3.     '
  4.     'Setup for the record set
  5.     Set zrs = zdb.OpenRecordset("tbl_inventory", dbOpenDynaset)
  6.     '
  7.     'Pull the information from the form and the new id
  8.     With zrs
  9.         .AddNew
  10. '<Sorry, removed this section of the code, just updates the fields.>
  11.         .Update
  12.         .Bookmark = .LastModified
  13.     End With
  14.     '
  15.     'requery the form and move to the last modified record
  16.     With Me
  17.         .Requery
  18.         .Bookmark = zrs.Bookmark
  19.     End With
  20.     '
  21.     'Close the current recordset,
  22.     zrs.Close
  23.     Set zrs = Nothing'
  24. '<<<Ending Code Omitted>>>
SO, I take a look at the bookmark from the VBA's copy of the book (line 11) and tell the form to turn to that page in its copy of the book (lines 15 thru 18).

The point being that if we think of these as three ring binders, then when several people are working, there are several three ring binders open and pages being added to these binders - all of these binders are of course just working copies of the underlying table (over simplified of course). As the user needs to be able to find the record just added to the underlying table once the form is refreshed, and 8 other people might have just added a record too, I thought it nice to just bookmark the VBA copy and then transfer that bookmark over to the Form's copy after being updated... something like calling a friend and telling them that you're on page 8 of the same book you're both reading.
Dec 31 '12 #11
Stewart Ross
2,545 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
I found an interesting problem with the use of a bookmark property in the way suggested by the earlier posts in this thread. Although this was not in the context of a subform, the general principle was the same: the form's current bookmark property was stored (as a result of an After Update event in my case), a requery is done, and the bookmark is restored to locate the same record as was previously in focus.

The problem occurred in the context of a department form in which the name of the department is editable, and is ordered in alphabetical order in the underlying query on which the form was based. If the edit undertaken changes the relative order of the record that was edited then restoring the former bookmark after the form requery restores focus to the wrong record. Reason for this is that the bookmark is referring to an absolute position in the recordset, but if the relative position of the wanted record has changed this invalidates the absolute position previously stored in the bookmark.

I resolved this by going back to the approach shown in the MS examples and also advocated by Smiley - after the requery setting a recordset to the form's recordsetclone, using FindFirst to find the record concerned, then setting the bookmark property of the form to the bookmark of record found in the cloned recordset.

In short, if an edit has taken place which changes the relative order of the recordset concerned then restoring the pre-edit bookmark after a requery may result in the bookmark locating a different record than was originally set. The recordsetclone/find the record and rebookmark approach does not suffer from this problem.

I have not tested what may happen in a multi-user environment but by inference if a user adds a new record which could change the existing sort order of the recordset used by the form then the same problem with restoring a pre-edit bookmark is likely to result.

Jan 8 '13 #12
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The recordsetclone/find the record and rebookmark approach does not suffer from this problem.
I don't doubt this point Stewart, but I would point out that the beauty of the whole Bookmark concept is that it obviates the need for doing another find through an index. Getting around the problem, in such a way that loses this benefit, seems disappointing at best.

That said, if all you say is true (and I'm not so stupid that I would need to be convinced of that again.), it may still be a necessary evil :-(
Jan 9 '13 #13

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