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Concatenate 2 fields into another field in same table

4 New Member
I am attempting to combine (concate) 2 fields into another field in the same table. Works great in a query and I understand how to do it on a form, but how do I store the return (value) back into my table?

The combination of these two values determine a unique string.... Event:[castype]&""&[casnumber]

This result I use for linking my Main Form to my Subform and will also be used for runnig reports.

Also because the above expression Event:[castype]&""&[casenumber] is placed in the Field line of the query, when I add the table where the information of the subform is to be stored it seems to lock the main form from further data being entered.

When I use the same query and I "remove" the concate expression from the field line and use only the casenumber as my linking reference the subform everything works great!

Unfortunately.. I have to figure out a way to be able to combine both the CaseType and CaseNumber fields. Only the combination of these two numbers can make it unique.
Dec 12 '12
19 19313
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Going off topic a little, but I am with zmdb on this one as far as Composite Keys go (don't like them). I make every attempt NOT to use them except in the case of a Joining Table of a MANY <==> MANY Relationship.
Dec 13 '12 #11
4 New Member
It will be a unique value but it is not a primary key nor is it required to be one. Rather than creating an update query I thought there may be an afterupdate action as stated by NeoPa I could do that would simply save the concatenated value in the underlying table.
Dec 13 '12 #12
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
If it's not being used only for display purposes, there's no need to store it at all. It's better to concatenate them when they need to be displayed in that manner but store them as separate fields.
Dec 13 '12 #13
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
From your Opening Post.
This result I use for linking my Main Form to my Subform and will also be used for runnig reports.
How sure are you that a calculated query field would not do what you require.

This thread is spreading into so many areas that it's getting messy to follow.

You want to have a field in the table as requested :
  1. You would want to create the field (obviously).
  2. You must also ensure that ongoing data entry maintains the data in a consistent fashion. This is covered in post #3.
  3. If you have existing data already, that needs to be converted to match the new format, then you will need to execute the action query represented by the SQL code that ADezii posted in post #2. One would expect this to be a one-off process.

Other points have been raised, regarding Normalisation of your data (See Database Normalisation and Table Structures), which are by no means irrelevant. I'm happy to take the question at face value and assume you have a need for the data to be stored in the format explained. You probably need to consider whether or not this is true. The comments you see here are all by very experienced developers who all have very good understanding of databases.
Dec 13 '12 #14
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I'll post this separately in case this part of the thread needs to be split off at some time (though that's not my feeling at this time) and because I came across it a while after my earlier response.
I make every attempt NOT to use them except in the case of a Joining Table of a MANY <==> MANY Relationship.
I don't even use them for that ADezii (although I'm not fundamentally opposed to their use). I always use an AutoNumber for the PK of Many to Many link tables. Two separate, non-unique, indices for linking to each of the tables, but the PK a separate, and unconnected, field. Indices always work more efficiently when the data is smaller.
Dec 13 '12 #15
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Sorry for going Off-Topic again, but:

Do you feel that two separate, Non-Unique, Indices along with an independant Primary Key is more efficient then a 2-Field Composite, Primary Key to accomplish the same Task, namely Link to each of the Tables in a MANY <==> MANY Relationship?
Dec 13 '12 #16
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Yes. A single composite PK would never work adequately for both tables anyway. Both of the linked tables would need an index sorted for their own data explicitly.

Must rush for now, may expand later.
Dec 13 '12 #17
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
So, how the JOIN table is defined depends to a certain extent on your requirement. Sometimes it's necessary to have the list of [TableB]'s values sorted within those for [TableA], and the same for [TableB] values within [TableA]. In this case a composite unique key would be called for for each. Other times, simply having access to a list of [TableA] values and [TableB] values is enough. In such a case non-unique keys for both fields are adequate.

One might think that in the first case one of the composite unique keys could double as a PK. This would work, of course, but the index information stored for every index is based on the PK, so, even assuming the linked fields are both AutoNumbers, all indices would be nearly double the size of using a separate, single, AutoNumber field. This has an impact on processing through the data using any index, and actually ends up taking more space (in most situations) than sticking with the two composite indices alone.

In the second case we have no unique indices anyway, so a separate PK is mandated (although one could also handle this situation by creating a composite PK for one of the required foreign indices. This would not be advised).
Dec 13 '12 #18
8,834 Recognized Expert Expert
Just out of curiosity, the Order Details Table of the Northwind Sample Database is the JOIN Table between the Products and Orders Table. It consists of a Composite, Primary Key consisting of [OrderID] and [ProductID]. Do you think that changing this Join Strategy to that of yours (Unique Indexes/Primary Key) would be justified? I'm not questioning your Logic, it is simply intellectual curiosity.
Dec 14 '12 #19
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I've never played with Northwind ADezii, but certainly I would expect it to work more efficiently if that is the case as a JOIN table. I wouldn't change it myself. It's a teaching database. It works best when both the teacher and the student work with the same tools available to them.

I certainly wouldn't expect MS teaching tools to be examples of best practices. I've seen far too many code snippets on their web pages to think that. The code may illustrate points, but a lot of it is rubbish code.
Dec 14 '12 #20

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