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Error opening a recordset

Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
My goal is to see if I can open a table that is linked to another Access database so that I can test to make sure that the connection does exist and doesn't need reconnected to a different BE or just another location. It was suggested to first check if the file existed where I thought it should be and then see if I can open the recordset. If both come back true, then I'm good. Otherwise if one comes back false, then I need to reconnect to the BE. I have the code to test if the file exists and I now just need to figure out how to see if I can open the recordset.

Well, my stab at opening the recordset and trapping the error didn't work too well. I tried copying what MSDN had here, but I'm getting a Run-time error 3219: Invalid Operation on line 8 for some reason. Here is what I have:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Function Connected(strDBName As String) As Boolean
  2. Dim db As DAO.Database
  3. Dim rsTable As DAO.Recordset
  5. 'On Error GoTo Err_SetValue
  7. Set db = CurrentDb
  8. Set rsTable = db.OpenRecordset(strDBName, dbOpenTable)
  10. Connected = True
  12. Err_SetValue:
  13.     Connected = False
  15. End Function
Line #5 is commented out so that I can see what the error is since otherwise it just skips to line #12. strDBName = tblTest which is the only table that I currently have in this test database (the name is correct).
Dec 12 '12
20 10014
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I guess that means you're limited to Help on the web. The old system on 2003 had a decent page where I got all the information from, that I've used in this thread. Certainly both formats are covered in the same page, but the parameters for each are explained and all available values discussed. I had a quick look on MSDN and what they have there now is truly chronic. Disgraceful really.
Dec 12 '12 #11
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Once help opens
Upper left corner search box
Enter terms
Use the dropdown (VERY VERY small button next to the search button... they're trying to hide this I think)
Select offline developers

You get much better help than the current online crud.
Discovered by accident and then ran accross the same information in one of the other access help sites.

This will sometimes default BACK to the online search... don't know why... it just does.

I also goto the bottom right corner in the help window and click on the globe wherein I change that to "show content only from this computer" If I need the web to find the answer then I tend to do a much better search using one of the other search engines than MSOffice has provided thru their cruddy cloud vision. ... OR .... I come here :)
Dec 13 '12 #12
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I either can't find the place that you are talking about or I don't have that option. I have two groups: online and on this computer. Under On this computer I have Access Help and Developer Reference. I chose Developer Reference and that did come up with some stuff. However it doesn't seem to be any different than what is online.

For TableDef.OpenRe cordset it says that it "Creates a new recordset object and appends it to the recordsets collection."

Database.OpenRe cordset says the exact same thing.
Dec 13 '12 #13
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Nice Z.
For TableDef.OpenRe cordset it says that it "Creates a new recordset object and appends it to the recordsets collection."

Database.OpenRe cordset says the exact same thing.
That's no big surprise. It's true for both. Does it give you the parameters and what they do? That's the acid question.
Dec 13 '12 #14
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I can't find a difference other than Database.OpenRe cordset has sample code and the other doesn't. Each have the following parameters:


Both describe the parameters exactly the same.
Dec 13 '12 #15
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
That's exactly what you need Seth, except the TableDef version including a Name parameter (which is simply incorrect). Do you have the link for that?
Dec 13 '12 #16
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
Well, let me put it this way. It says the syntax is
expression.OpenRecordset(Type, Options) but it then continues to describe the four parameters I listed. Here are the links:
TableDef.OpenRe cordset Method
Database.OpenRe cordset Method
Dec 13 '12 #17
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Thank you for the links.

Not impressive I'll grant you Seth, but it does include the information you need. The Syntax described at the top is accurate, even if, confusingly, it explains parameters that aren't available in that syntax. Low score for MS on their Help pages, especially after coming from a system where the quality was considerably higher, but enough to get you going using the methods. It's particularly upsetting as this will clearly effect newbies more than experienced developers, thus restricting the uptake of Access in new developers.
Dec 13 '12 #18
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
This should work in V2007 as well as 2010.
As you can see from the picture.... there's just a few lines of information:

When I did this (as shown) the first thing I got was a list of about 20 or so items, I clicked on the first one just to see what was there and that is what is shown in the screen shot.

The other option is in the bottom corner of the help window... a little globe.
Attached Images
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Dec 13 '12 #19
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
That is what I clicked on Z. However, in this case I didn't get any different results. I just posted the links for NeoPa since it was the same data and so that I didn't have to do screen shots and post them.
Dec 13 '12 #20

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