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Multi user login screen - question about tracking logged in users

44 New Member

I currently have a working multi user login form which automatically directs users to the relevent forms e.g. general staff have access to a form called staff1 and staff2 whereas managers have access to a form called manager1. I have used the following code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Compare Database
  2. Private Sub Login_Click()
  3. UserName.SetFocus
  4. If UserName = "Staff1" And Password = "Staff1" Then
  5. MsgBox "Welcome"
  6. DoCmd.Close
  7. DoCmd.OpenForm "Staff1"
  8. ElseIf UserName = "Staff2" And Password = "Staff2" Then
  9. MsgBox "Welcome"
  10. DoCmd.Close
  11. DoCmd.OpenForm "Staff2"
  12. ElseIf UserName = "Manager1" And Password = "Manager1" Then
  13. MsgBox "Welcome, please exercise caution when changing query or table conditions", vbInformation, "CDSignatures"
  14. DoCmd.Close
  15. DoCmd.OpenForm "Manager1"
  16. Else
  17. MsgBox "Please re-enter Username and Password"
  18. End If
  19. End Sub
My question is how can I track users once they have logged in. I have a database which tracks data that has been editted from the main database and I would like to know how to show which user has done this.

Thanks in advance.
Oct 29 '12
55 9735
44 New Member
I did not mean to cause any offence going back to If...Then...Els eIf. I just wanted to try to fix the problem myself before asking for more help (and that was the only way I knew how). Sorry. For the record I have no preference.

In any case it still isn't working when I click the login button nothing happens...
Nov 9 '12 #21
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
It's not a question of offending per se. I was just confused by your changing what I'd already provided for you. If I see you taking a course that seems ill-advised then I, as an advisor in this situation, feel bound to bring that to your attention. In effect, your reason was a sound one anyway, but it may have made better sense to return to where we both were before posting it. That way we can continue to focus on the actual problem and not get side-tracked by other changes that can only be a distraction.

DLookup() doesn't return a String value, but rather a Variant which is generally of type String. When no matching record is found then the result is Null. Null is not a String value and, as such, cannot be compared to other string values. I can only assume that my suggested code (I'm not able to test it so I have to do it all in my head) is still not handling the Null value adequately. I should have used Nz() in line #11, and I will proceed to do so now. BTW Line #11 from your post #19 will crash if no record is found as String variables cannot be assigned the value Null.
Nov 9 '12 #22
2,322 Recognized Expert Moderator Top Contributor
Just for info:
If you prefix a table with usys it automatically becomes hidden and is considered a developer implemented system table.
Nov 9 '12 #23
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Well. I didn't know that Smiley. Very interesting indeed. I'm already thinking about where i've used normal tables that could be better handled by such tables. Thanks :-)
Nov 9 '12 #24
44 New Member
Hi, the amended code still isn't working. I don't know there is any more information that you need or if there is anything that I can do to test the current code other than trial and error (which I am currently doing).

For what it's worth I have just tried all of the usernames and passwords currently set up in tbl_User each one tests the different cases and one which is not in the table and each time nothing happens.
Nov 12 '12 #25
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
From the other posts, it sounds like there have been quite a few modifications since the last posting in thread at #19.
Please post your current code.

What I would do is place a STOP command after the line strCase = DLookup("[Regular] & [Admin]", "tbl_User", strSQL) (based on #19's code block)
Compile and save.
Start the process to log-in.
Make sure you use a valid username/password
when the parser hits the STOP you will enter break/debug mode...
In the immedate window:
Please post the resolved string. Most errors when returning values such as this involve a malformed string.

Continue to step thru your code using [F8] and note what branch in the conditionals is being taken... second most common error is a malformed logic statement.

when you step thru: strSQL = Replace("UPDATE [usyscurrentuser] SET [CurrentUser]='%N'", "%N", Me.UserName)
Once again please obtain the string as before In the immedate window: ?strSQL.

Repeat this for a valid-user/wrong-pw
Repeat for invalid-user/wrong-pw
Repeat for invalid-user/valid-pw

Post all of the strings along with the updated code.
Nov 12 '12 #26
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
The most important information we need at this juncture is an explanation of what "nothing happens" means. No messages seen? No data updated? No form opened? Please be as clear as you can.
Please post the resolved string. Most errors when returning values such as this involve a malformed string.
That's my code you're talking about Z! Surely you don't suspect it of creating a malformed string :-D

More seriously, the instructions Z gives are very worthwhile following (Even the ones about malformed strings. Of course it's possible for bugs to get in there). Nevertheless, it is also important to have a clear idea of exactly what is meant by something not working, so that info too, would be helpful.
Nov 12 '12 #27
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
NeoPa: That's my code you're talking about Z! Surely you don't suspect it of creating a malformed string :-D
From you never, from the Gremlins that play with the datatables... always! Especially those elusive twin Gremlins of Null-n-Empty - nasty little beasties, yessssss my precious.... nasty little beasties they are!


oh.. how to get back on topic... sigh... OH Yes... I'm looking for something that is letting one of the Gremlins muck up the string or for the logic to fail which is why the request for the latest version of the code.
Nov 12 '12 #28
44 New Member
Hi my current code is:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Option Compare Database
  2. Option Explicit
  4. Private Sub Login_Click()
  5.     Dim strSQL As String, strForm As String, strMsg As String
  6.     Dim dbVar As DAO.Database
  8.     strSQL = "([UserInitials]='%I') AND ([Userpassword]='%P')"
  9.     strSQL = Replace(strSQL, "%I", Me.UserName)
  10.     strSQL = Replace(strSQL, "%P", Me.Password)
  11.     Select Case Nz(DLookup("[Regular] & [Admin]", "tbl_User", strSQL), "")
  12.     Case ""                 'No matching record found
  13.         Call MsgBox("Please re-enter UserName and Password")
  14.         Exit Sub
  15.     Case "00"               'Both FALSE
  16.         strMsg = "Welcome"
  17.         strForm = "Staff1"
  18.     Case "-10"              'Regular TRUE; Admin FALSE
  19.         strMsg = "Welcome"
  20.         strForm = "Staff2"
  21.     Case "0-1", "-1-1"      'Admin TRUE; Regular EITHER
  22.         strMsg = "Please use caution when changing the conditions of " & _
  23.                  "tables and queries."
  24.         strForm = "Manager1"
  25.     End If
  26.     Set dbVar = CurrentDb()
  27.     strSQL = Replace("UPDATE [uSysCurrentUser] SET [CurrentUser]='%N'", _
  28.                      "%N", Me.UserName)
  29.     Call dbVar.Execute(strSQL, dbFailOnError)
  30.     Call DoCmd.Close
  31.     If strMsg > "" Then
  32.     Call MsgBox(strMsg)
  33.     Call DoCmd.OpenForm(strForm)
  34. End Sub
My question is I have tried putting stop after the Nz(DLookup...) line and have also tried putting a codebreak point on this line. I have just tried a correct username and password and tried to login. However, the debugging mode did not activate at any point have I done something wrong?

To clarify when I say "nothing happens" what I mean is that when I click on the login button - no messages are displayed, no data is updated and no forms are opened.
Nov 13 '12 #29
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Good work.

You're unfortunate in that the Stop you put after line #11 won't work because it is a Select command. It's a little bit like putting it after an If command, only even more complicated. You followed the instructions well, but came unstuck through no fault of your own. The instructions were good for the previously posted code, but not for this.

Here's a new set :
  1. Put a Stop command before line #11.
  2. When code execution stops run the following commands from the Immediate pane of the VB Editor and post the results back in here :
  3. Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. ?strSQL
  4. Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. Set db=CurrentDb():?db.Name:Set tdf=db.TableDefs("tbl_User"):?tdf.Name:For Each fld In tdf.Fields:?"[" & fld.Name & "] ";:Next fld
  5. Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
    1. ?"'" & Nz(DLookup("[Regular] & [Admin]", "tbl_User", strSQL), "") & "'"

This should give us most of the information we require to see what might be going wrong.
Nov 13 '12 #30

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