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Requery Subform

12 New Member
How to requery the subform based on date range after update in Main form. Example: The forecast quantity in main form was revised based on the new startdate and enddate. How do I requery the subform in order to revise the forecast quantity?

Thanks for any help.
Sep 23 '12
16 20903
12 New Member
Want to replace just the records selected in the subformm based on the revised quantity in the main form. Tank you and regards EOL
Oct 1 '12 #11
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
When you say Records, I'm assuming multiple records. How are you selecting the multiple records? Do you have checkboxes or are you just using the Ctrl or Shift buttons to select the ones that you want?
Oct 1 '12 #12
12 New Member
I filter the records based on date range using the above code.
Oct 2 '12 #13
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
You said, "Want to replace just the records selected in the subformm based on the revised quantity in the main form."

What method are you using to select the records in the subform? At this point, I don't need to know how the subform information is generated, but how are you selecting the individual records? A checkbox?
Oct 2 '12 #14
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Seth, ElizabethLOng;
I've been following this for a little while now and now I'm wonder if we have a mis-communication.

When you say "replace" most people, in my experience, will tend to understand you to mean, that the item (record) is discarded and a new item is put in it's place... think changing the tires. If I replace the front driver-side tire, the old tire is sent to the rubish/recycle bin and a new tire from inventory is put into service.

If what you want is a new selection of the records... then the analogy might be along the lines of tire rotation in that one or two of the tires you see in the driver's side might trade sides with the passenger. You haven't replaced the tires, you have a different view.

We do need to understand the real structure underneath the database and the forms.

- What version of MS Access are you using?

- From what I understand, there are two related tables that are being used for the forms; is this correct?

- From what I understand, there are two forms, one form is based on one of the afore mentioned tables and the the second is bassed on the the other table; is this correct?
Oct 2 '12 #15
12 New Member
Sorry it took me sometime to reply, still trying to work out my code. I am using MS Access 2007. My code can filter records in the subform based on the date range entered in the main form. The problem with my code after filtering the subform it only refreshed the first record, is there a way to refresh all the filtered records? I need to constantly change the quantity at a certain date range in the subform based on the revised quantity in the mainform. Thanks for your help.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub Image87_Click()
  2.     Dim strFilter As Variant
  3.     Dim strSDate As String
  4.     strSDate = Me.SDate
  5.     Dim strEDate As String
  6.     strEDate = Me.EDate
  8.     'check sdate
  9.     If Not IsDate(Me.[SDate]) Or Not IsDate(Me.[EDate]) Then
  10.         MsgBox "Valid dates must be entered"
  11.         Exit Sub
  12.     End If
  13.     If Me.[EDate] < Me.[SDate] Then
  14.         MsgBox "End date must be later than start date"
  15.         Exit Sub
  16.     End If
  18.     'if both sdate and edate are valid, run filter
  19.     strFilter = "[sfmDDate] BETWEEN " & Format(Me.SDate, "\#mm\/dd\/yyyy\#") & _
  20.                 " AND " & Format(Me.EDate, "\#mm\/dd\/yyyy\#")
  21.     Forms!FormName!SubformName.Form.Filter = strFilter
  22.     Forms!FormName!SubformName.Form.FilterOn = True
  23.     Forms!FormName!SubformName.Form!SubformControlName = Me!FormRevisedQTY.Value
  25. ExitSub:
  27. End Sub
Oct 7 '12 #16
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
try inserting: Forms!FormName! SubformName.For m.Requery after line 23 of the posted code.

You'll also find the following insight article (and the refered to cascade) to be of interest: http://bytes.com/topic/access/insigh...filtering-form
... http://bytes.com/topic/access/insigh...mbo-list-boxes
and the overall map is at the bottom of this page "Microsoft Access / VBA Insights Sitemap" scroll down there... TONS and TONS of information!
Oct 7 '12 #17

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