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Search QueryDefs, Reports and Form controls for a string

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This article will explain how you can search your current application for a specified string.

Not often, but once in a while I need to change a field name, in order to for it to make more sense, often because I need to add an extra field, and with the new field, there might be ambiguity as to the meaning of each field.

Therefore I made a simple bit of code that will check (not auto-correct) your QueryDefs, the control source of controls in your your forms and reports.

Note that stored queries (such as a forms Recordsource, or a combobox Rowsource) are stored in the QueryDefs collection, and as such are included in this search.

I have created it as three separate functions, one for queries,one for forms, and one for reports, as well as a function combining the use of all three. The functions are shown below:

For Queries
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  1. Public Sub SearchQueryDefs(strSearchWord As String)
  2.    Dim qdf As DAO.QueryDef
  3.    Dim strSQL As String
  4.    For Each qdf In CurrentDb.QueryDefs
  5.       strSQL = qdf.SQL
  6.       If InStr(1, strSQL, strSearchWord, vbTextCompare) > 0 Then
  7.          Debug.Print "Query: " & qdf.Name
  8.       End If
  10.    Next
  11.    Set qdf = Nothing
  12. End Sub
Example output looks like:
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  1. Query: ~sq_ffrm_List_My_Reviews
  2. Query: ~sq_ffrm_ListReviewsByDate
  3. Query: qry_ExportReviewOverviewToExcel
  4. Query: qry_ReviewDoc
You may notice the ~sq which means this is a stored query, in this first case its the underlying recordsource for my frm_List_My_Rev iews.

On occasion while using this you might find that a query which has been deleted is returned. This is due to the way access stores/caches the queries. You can usually remove these by a Compact And Repair operation. If not this could be a sign of database corruption.

For Forms
For forms, I open each form in design view, and loop over the controls collection. I only check Textbox, combobox, listbox and checkbox, but if needed it could be expanded to check such items as bound pictures. Finally the form is closed again, ensuring that no changes are saved. BEFORE RUNNING you should close all forms.
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  1. Public Sub searchForms(strSearchWord As String)
  2.    Dim oAO As Object
  3.    Dim frm As Form
  4.    Dim ctrl As Object
  5.    For Each oAO In CurrentProject.AllForms
  6.       DoCmd.OpenForm oAO.Name, acDesign
  7.       Set frm = Forms(oAO.Name)
  8.       For Each ctrl In frm.Controls
  9.          Select Case ctrl.ControlType
  11.             Case acTextBox, acComboBox, acListBox, acCheckBox
  12.                If InStr(1, ctrl.ControlSource & "", strSearchWord) Then
  13.                   Debug.Print "Form: " & frm.Name & ": " & ctrl.Name
  14.                End If
  16.          End Select
  17.       Next
  18.       DoCmd.Close acForm, oAO.Name, acSaveNo
  19.    Next
  22.    Set oAO = Nothing
  23.    Set frm= Nothing
  24.    Set ctrl = Nothing
  25. End Sub
Example output looks like:
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  1. Form: frm_ReviewDetails: tb_DateSubmitted
  2. Form: frm_Obs: tb_DateSubmitted
For Reports
This implementation is quite similar to the how the forms are searched exept I loop over the AllReports collection.
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  1. Public Sub searchReports(strSearchWord As String)
  2.    Dim oAO As Object
  3.    Dim rpt As Report
  4.    Dim ctrl As Object
  5.    For Each oAO In CurrentProject.AllReports
  6.       DoCmd.OpenReport oAO.Name, acDesign
  7.       Set rpt = Reports(oAO.Name)
  8.       For Each ctrl In rpt.Controls
  9.          Select Case ctrl.ControlType
  11.             Case acTextBox, acComboBox, acCheckBox
  12.                If InStr(1, ctrl.ControlSource & "", strSearchWord) Then
  13.                   Debug.Print "Report:" & rpt.Name & ": " & ctrl.Name
  14.                End If
  16.          End Select
  17.       Next
  18.       DoCmd.Close acReport, oAO.Name, acSaveNo
  19.    Next
  22.    Set oAO = Nothing
  23.    Set rpt = Nothing
  24.    Set ctrl = Nothing
Example Output:
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  1. Report:rep_Main: tb_DateSubmitted
  2. Report:supRep_Obs: tb_DateSubmitted

While it is possible to loop over the modules and check them in a similar way, its easy enough to use standard Find built into the VB-Environment so I have not made code for this.

Combine the 3 into a single call
For ease of use, I choose to combine the 3 functions into a single call:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Public Sub SearchDBObjects(strSearchWord As String)
  2.     SearchQueryDefs strSearchWord
  3.     searchForms strSearchWord
  4.     searchReports strSearchWord
  5. End Sub

I hope this can be usefull to someone. If you found this article usefull please post here, link to it, share it. You are welcome to use any and all parts of the code shown.
Aug 28 '12
10 13308
3,653 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
Also, just thinking about this, Smiley.... You mentioned in the original post that it is easy enough to search modules for a string. however, if one has several modules, and many forms and reports with modules, it would entail searching each module individually. I tried playing with the code for the modules, but admittedly, I have no idea where to start....
Oct 16 '12 #11

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