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Subform filter not working

54 New Member
I have a combo box with a list a values that when picked the form should filter to show the corresponding record from a table. Everything works fine when I open up the form by itself. However, I want this form to be a subform but when I put it in another form the filters quit working. Here is the code for the filter.

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  1. Private Sub finditem_AfterUpdate()
  2. Dim strFilter As String, strOldFilter As String
  3.     strOldFilter = Me.Filter
  4.     If Me!finditem > "" Then _
  5.         strFilter = strFilter & _
  6.                     " AND ([Chemical] Like '" & _
  7.                     Me!finditem & "*')"
  8.     If strFilter > "" Then strFilter = Mid(strFilter, 6)
  9.     If strFilter <> strOldFilter Then
  10.         Me.Filter = strFilter
  11.         Me.FilterOn = (strFilter > "")
  12.     End If
  13. End Sub
Aug 27 '12 #1
18 8043
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert

Replace the "Me" identifiers with the form's name (lines 3, 7, 10, etc...)

You'll find that forms that work fine by themselves with a Me reference will often break when used as a subform. I've found that replaceing the Me with the form's actual name often fixes this issue.

Aug 27 '12 #2
54 New Member
I changed the code to
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  1. Private Sub finditem_AfterUpdate()
  2. Dim strFilter As String, strOldFilter As String
  3.     strOldFilter = Me.Filter
  4.     If Forms!orderhistory!finditem > "" Then _
  5.         strFilter = strFilter & _
  6.                     " AND ([Chemical] Like '" & _
  7.                     Forms!orderhistory!finditem & "*')"
  8.     If strFilter > "" Then strFilter = Mid(strFilter, 6)
  9.     If strFilter <> strOldFilter Then
  10.         Forms!orderhistory.Filter = strFilter
  11.         Forms!orderhistory.FilterOn = (strFilter > "")
  12.     End If
  13. End Sub
This doesn't seem to work. It says that it cannot find the form. I have this subform in another form with the exact same code I gave first and it works. Just this one doesn't work.
Aug 27 '12 #3
ariful alam
185 New Member
you can embed a macro having "requery" action in the "onchange" event of the combo box. this will requery the records of the sub-form every time when you change the value of the combo box.
Aug 27 '12 #4
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Are you changing the form that is being filtered? Me only refers to the form that is associated with the module the code is running within. If you're referring to any other form then Me will simply be a wrong reference.

Otherwise, the Me reference should work fine.
Aug 27 '12 #5
54 New Member
It is the subform that is being filtered. It just happens to be viewed from within another form so me should work. Like I said if I open the subform by itself then the filter works, but if I open the main form to view the subform then the filter no longer works.

This is actually happening with both subforms on this main form.
Aug 27 '12 #6
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP

What are you referring to? It doesn't appear to be anything in this thread.

I hope you're not encouraging the use of macros in an Access project? That is a very clumsy approach, and it certainly doesn't fit this question. MS push it because it makes their lives easier. There is no discernable reason why any expert should ever encourage such an approach, which is known to cause Access projects so many unnecessary problems (It is, after all, a severeley restricted approach to logic expression and development).
Aug 27 '12 #7
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
It is the subform that is being filtered. It just happens to be viewed from within another form so me should work.
You fail to make it clear where the code is housed. That is the crux of the point I was making and I cannot proceed without an understanding of the situation, I'm afraid.
Aug 27 '12 #8
54 New Member
I have frmorder where users can go to place an order. On that same form is a subform "orderhisto ry" where they can scroll through past orders as they create new ones on the main form. On the subform they choose an item from a combo box. In the after update event on the combo box on the subform I have the following code.
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  1. Dim strFilter As String, strOldFilter As String
  2.     strOldFilter = Me.Filter
  3.     If Me!finditem > "" Then _
  4.         strFilter = strFilter & _
  5.                     " AND ([Chemical] Like '" & _
  6.                     Me!finditem & "*')"
  7.     If strFilter > "" Then strFilter = Mid(strFilter, 6)
  8.     If strFilter <> strOldFilter Then
  9.         Me.Filter = strFilter
  10.         Me.FilterOn = (strFilter > "")
  11.     End If
This code should filter the subform so that as they scroll through old records they only see the records for the item they selected.

If I open the subform by itself then the filter works. If I open the main form and then use the combo box and filter in the subform it no longer works. The combo box and code both lie within the subform. Everything that the code would effect lies within the subform. I apologize for me explaining skills. I hope this makes things more clear. Thanks.
Aug 27 '12 #9
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
That's now Crystal Becker.

I'm surprised only by the facts as you describe them. I would not expect this code to work any less effectively when run from a subform than it would when run from a main form. If it had references to the Forms collection then that wouldn't surprise me, but references to Me always refer to the associated form, and the form will have Filter and FilterOn properties both when run as a Main Form as well as a Sub-Form. I'm afraid I see nothing that explains the behaviour you describe. In your position I'd be interested in seeing exactly what's happening where. Not something I can easily help with from a distance though, I'm afraid.

PS. I don't imagine something as fundamental as this is version dependent. I use 2003 but I doubt later versions would change something as fundamental as this.
Aug 28 '12 #10

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