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Using a combobox for searching multiple fields in "option group"

73 New Member

I'm still having a couple problems with searches.
I have a search form, frm_Search.
The form I am trying to filter, frm_Form1
An unbound combobox on frm_Search, Cbo_Permit
6 different fields bound to tbl_Table1 within frm_Form1, fld_Permit1, fld_Permit2...

The 6 bound fields are within a custom made "option group" so that users can select the related permit(s) via check boxes. I understand this is a poor design because of multiple fields in the table but it looks good on the form and each record can have multiple permits.

What I would like, is to use an unbound combobox within frm_Search, Cbo_Permit, using the names of the fields I shown above. The user then selects a permit within the combobox and presses a command button to open frm_Form1 filtered to that particular permit.

I need to know if this is possible as it will be one of the main searches users will make.

With other searches I've used the code:

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Private Sub SOMEBUTTON_Click()
  3. Dim MyVar
  5. MyVar = "[SOMEFIELD] = " & SOMECOMBOBOX.Value & "" 'This is the filter
  7. DoCmd.OpenForm "SOMEFORM", WhereCondition:=MyVar 'This opens the form with the filter above.
  9. End Sub
The problem is, this code only filters by one field and I need to filter by multiple fields.

Any help would be great,

Aug 21 '12
32 6207
73 New Member
Nay set all the default values to =False but still but working
Aug 21 '12 #11
3,653 Recognized Expert Moderator Specialist
Depends on if you want records that meet all criteria or those that meet at least one of the criteria.
Aug 21 '12 #12
73 New Member
The user should only selects one value when using that search method although I guess if the user really wants to filter it by more than one permit they have the option to with "AND"
Aug 21 '12 #13
73 New Member
OK I've set the defaults to "False" on Form1 too and now it is coming up with a different error message: Run-Time Error 3085. Undefined function 'WHERE' in expression
Aug 21 '12 #14
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Let's go back to what this form is trying to accomplish and the undrlying table structure.
Aug 21 '12 #15
73 New Member
frm_Form1 is bound to tbl_Table1

Fields within tbl_Table1 include PK_ID (Autonumber), Title(Text), Description(Mem o), fld_Pemrit1(Yes/No), fld_Permit2(Yes/No), fld_Permit3(Yes/No), fld_Permit4(Yes/No), fld_Permit5(Yes/No), fld_Permit6(Yes/No), etc...

On Form1 the fld_Permit# are displayed as checkboxes (true or false) with labels which a user can see and edit if needs be.
Aug 21 '12 #16
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
The following code when placed in the clickevent of the command button "cmd_build_filt er" will build the filter.
I placed six unbound contols

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2. Option Compare Database
  3. Option Explicit
  5. Private Sub cmd_build_filter_Click()
  6. '
  7. 'small code to build where statment on the fly
  8. '
  9. Dim z_str_where As String, z_str_addfield As String
  10. Dim z_ctl As Control, z_ctlg As Controls
  11. Dim z_bln_atleastone As Boolean
  12. '
  13. 'get the control group for the fomr
  14. Set z_ctlg = Me.Controls
  15. '
  16. 'prebuild the intro
  17. z_str_where = "WHERE ("
  18. '
  19. 'I don't assume that booleans will 
  20. 'always be defaulted to false!
  21. z_bln_atleastone = False
  22. '
  23. 'now loop thru every control on the form
  24. For Each z_ctl In z_ctlg
  25. '
  26. 'If the control is a check box type then lets take a look
  27.     If z_ctl.ControlType = 106 Then
  28.         '
  29.         'Add some other checks here to make sure that
  30.         'you have the correct controls...
  31.         '
  32.         'if the control is true then add it to the filter
  33.         'however, just incase it is null return a false
  34.         If Nz(z_ctl, False) Then
  35.             '
  36.             'set the flag to true for the rest of the build
  37.             z_bln_atleastone = True
  38.             '
  39.             'build my field string... like to take a look as I build these things...
  40.             'so using the control's name we're 
  41.             'going to add that name to the 
  42.             'filter... for example use the TAG property
  43.             'to store the field name.
  44.             z_str_addfield = "(" & z_ctl.Name & " = -1) " & "OR "
  45.             '
  46.             'append the string to the filter
  47.             z_str_where = z_str_where & z_str_addfield
  48.         End If
  49.     End If
  50. Next z_ctl
  51. '
  52. If z_bln_atleastone Then
  53.     '
  54.     'get rid of the final OR and space
  55.     'if you used the AND then you would change the -3 to -4
  56.     z_str_where = Left(z_str_where, Len(z_str_where) - 3)
  57.     '
  58.     'add closeing  parenthese 
  59.     z_str_where = z_str_where & ")"
  60.     '
  61.     'For now lets just print to the debug
  62.     'however, this would be the sting you should use.
  63.     debug.print z_str_where
  64. Else
  65.     MsgBox "You must select at least one check box to make this code work!", _
  66.         vbCritical, "Really?"
  67. End If
  68. End Sub
So if you had six unbound check box type controls on the form named: ckbx_permit1; ckbx_permit2; ckbx_permit3; etc...
and you check marked 1,2, and 4 then clicked the button you should get: WHERE ((ckbx_permit1 = -1) OR (ckbx_permit2 = -1) OR (ckbx_permit4 = -1) )

printed in the debug window...

Aug 21 '12 #17
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Well... if you'll never ever ever add another permit to the system you might be just fine; however, I would more than likely normalize this db a tad. It would make finding the related permits to a given record in tbl_table1 a lot easier. You'd query on the join table...

Aug 21 '12 #18
73 New Member
Sorry Z for not understanding you correctly but do you mean to add that code with the code mentioned before. As with just that code the button does nothing though I can see what it would do if it knew what controls (checkboxes) to use and how they relate to fields on the form to be opened.

The permits should be the same and if not I have an "Other" field which the user can click and enter text into an unbound textbox to what that "other" is.

Clicking buttons in a subform would mess up the coding I have on Form1 so normalizing the permit fields is only the last resort
Aug 23 '12 #19
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Let's get some clarification here, as I, for one, am royally confused about what you even want.

You have a table :
Table = [tbl_Table1]
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Field           Type      IndexInfo
  2. PK_ID           AutoNumber    PK
  3. Title           Text
  4. Description     Memo
  5. fld_Permit1     Yes/No
  6. fld_Permit2     Yes/No
  7. fld_Permit3     Yes/No
  8. fld_Permit4     Yes/No
  9. fld_Permit5     Yes/No
  10. fld_Permit6     Yes/No
You also have a search form [frm_Search] which has controls which match the fld_PermitX fields somehow. What exactly are you hoping to provide though, in the way of selecting records?
Aug 23 '12 #20

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