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Why am I getting a data type mismatch in some of the query results?

Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I have the following piece of code for my query. For some reason some of the records showup with the FileCount field having an error. When I click in the field it says "Data type mismatch in criteria expression." I assume that it is talking about the criteria in the DCount() function. The three fields that are referenced in the criteria portion of the DCount() function are as follows:
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. ACHID           AutoNumber
  2. EffectiveDate   Date 
  3. ACHCompanyID    Number
The following is the code.

Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. SELECT   tblACHFiles.ACHID, 
  2.          DCount("*","[tblACHFiles]","[ACHID] <=" 
  3.          & [ACHID] 
  4.          & " AND Format([EffectiveDate],'yyyymm') =" 
  5.          & Format([EffectiveDate],'yyyymm') 
  6.          & " AND [ACHCompanyID] = " 
  7.          & [ACHCompanyID]) AS FileCount, 
  8.          Format([EffectiveDate],'yyyymm') AS YearMonth, 
  9.          tblACHFiles.EffectiveDate
  10. FROM     tblACHFiles
  11. WHERE    InvoiceID = 105
  12. ORDER BY Month(EffectiveDate), 
  13.          Day(EffectiveDate);
What I don't understand is that about half of the records work and the other half don't. I have checked to make sure that the data in the table is the correct data type. I don't know where to go from here.
Jul 11 '12
44 26714
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
@Seth, perhaps you could attach your database. Preferably in 2003 format so more people can look at it.
Jul 16 '12 #31
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I'll see what I can do. The database hold confidential customer information, so posting it would require me to replace all of the company TINs with fake numbers without breaking anything. I'll also see it will save easily in 2003 format. Some default settings for 2010 keep it certain things from converting to older version without a design change.
Jul 16 '12 #32
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I just took the plunge and deleted all of the records that were empty and it now works. I don't know what made me think of doing that, but I didn't think that the contents of one record would affect the others. Now I just need to figure out what needs done to keep empty records from being created.

Thanks to everyone that has jumped in here to help and especially to zmbd - I wish I could give you a best answer since you have spent so much time trying to help me.
Jul 16 '12 #33
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Taking the datbase I posted...
Duplicating the first 7 records into new records.
Deleteing the information other than that in the [ACHID] field.... I only get errors in those records. I also get the type mis-match pop and malfromed sql pop-up; however, that is when the [effectivedate] is nulled.
It doesn't cascade thru the query.
Jul 16 '12 #34
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
For some reason the errors would cascade through some of the records. As you can see from the screen shot in post #10, the EffectiveDate was populated even for the records whose FileCount had the error. A bit of a mystery I guess.
Jul 16 '12 #35
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Post 10 does not show the [ACHCompanyID]; I would guess that it was blank as I can duplicate the errors as shown when I delete the [ACHCompanyID] values for [ACHID]=491,525,561,58 9,620,659,690,7 21.

We nolonger get the error you describe so there we have it... I'm off to a late lunch.
Jul 16 '12 #36
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Seth, I normally use the following procedure when using any kind of complicated filtering (The WhereCriteria - or 3rd - parameter to DCount() is such an example) :
I create a string beforehand to pass to the function. This is very helpful when you have issues as :
  1. You can review the contents of the string before running the function while debugging.
  2. You can include the actual string value in a thread such as this and it will prove very helpful to those trying to assist you.

An example for your code might be :
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  1. Dim strWhere As String
  3. With Me
  4.     strWhere = "(([ACHID]<=%A) AND ([ACHCompanyID]=%C) AND " & _
  5.                "(Format([EffectiveDate],'yyyymm')='%E'))"
  6.     strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%A", .ACHID)
  7.     strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%C", .ACHCompanyID)
  8.     strWhere = Replace(strWhere, "%E", Format(.EffectiveDate, "yyyymm"))
  9. End With
Clearly, you have an extra, unnecessary pair of parentheses around the first two sets of criteria which will cause no issue, but you are also trying to compare a numeric string with a number, which will certainly cause an issue. Also, the SQL string refernce in the VBA will fail. I've resolved these obvious issues in your code in this example.

Let us know if this helps :-)

PS. It seems that a fair bit of water has flowed under the bridge since I last refereshed, so ignore this if it is no help.
Jul 17 '12 #37
Seth Schrock
2,965 Recognized Expert Specialist
I will definitely keep that in mind when I do any complicated stuff in VBA, but I'm using DCount in SQL on this project. I wouldn't say that I have solved my issue here, but I did find a way to make it work. I deleted all of the intermittent empty records that only had the PK field populated. This fixed all of the errors that I was getting on the records that were populated. I don't know why, but since it works, I'm happy.
Jul 17 '12 #38
32,584 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Seth Shrock:
I will definitely keep that in mind when I do any complicated stuff in VBA, but I'm using DCount in SQL on this project.
Indeed you are. That's exactly the point Seth. With this approach you can post the exact contents of the SQL-format string you are about to pass to the DCount() function, rather than simply showing the VBA code you THINK ought to result in something usable. In this case the original certainly wouldn't have ;-)

Now you've found something that works you needn't worry about it for this question, but I hope you understand how this can help you get answers much more quickly and easily in similar future situations (I can absolutely guarantee this thread would never have reached 38 posts had you posted this way initially). In many cases just taking this approach will be enough to show you the problem without even needing to post a question.
Jul 17 '12 #39
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
The following code uses the IIF to null-proof the SQL,
It has been proofed in the test db and will return a 0 instead of the error (should have done this to begin with however, there was no mention that null values were allowed in the data at the time (post 9):
Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers
  2.    tblACHFiles.ID, 
  3.    tblACHFiles.ACHID, 
  4.    tblACHFiles.ACHCompanyID, 
  5.    tblACHFiles.EffectiveDate, 
  6.    Format([EffectiveDate],'yyyymm') AS YearMonth, 
  7.    IIf(IsNull([ACHID]) Or 
  8.       IsNull([ACHCompanyID]) Or
  9.       IsNull([EffectiveDate]),
  10.          0, 
  11.             DCount("*","[tblACHFiles]","(([ACHID]<= " & [ACHID] & ") 
  12.                AND 
  13.               ([ACHCompanyID] =" & [ACHCompanyID] & "))
  14.                  AND
  15.                (( Format([effectivedate],'yyyymm')=" & Format([effectivedate],'yyyymm') & "))")) AS FileCount
  16. FROM tblACHFiles;
;-) NeoPa... ouch.... I did the best I could in 39 posts... that "Z" in the Avatar isn't the sound of a race engine more like a sleeping turtle, ( Z _ Z ) -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz };-) However, that string replace is pretty slick... why didn't I think of that before... so obvious now that I see it! I'll be stealing that for my bag of tricks! - Thnx NeoPa!!!!
Jul 17 '12 #40

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