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Change query column name based on text box value.

Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
I have tried to create a monthly trend graph using cross tab query.
My aim is to extract the last 12 months starting from date specified in a text box called StartDate in a form called Filter:

The 12 months are represented by numbers 1 to 12 as column names.
The real problem is converting the column names ( 1 to 12)back to month and year.
The easiest way to convert is:
•Column 1 is [Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate]
•Column 2 is DateAdd("m",1,[Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate] )
•Column 3 is DateAdd("m",2,[Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate] ) etc. to
•Column 12 is DateAdd("m",11,[ [Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate])

However, MS access will totally refuses to accept the above column name conversion.

Does anyone know how to convert the column names based on text box values? I almost wasted most of my time cracking my head and nothing forthcoming.

I guess, declaring some variables as text, assign text box values to it and declare it as query column name could be a way forward but just at the cross roads. ??

Appreciate some direction and assistance.
Jun 19 '12
25 10719
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Could you provide a stripped down example database - something with just the tables, queries, and a few rows of "made-up" example data? Usernames could be "John Doe", accounts could be "123-ABC" etc...

I suspect there's something in the underlying construction of the DB that may be making what you want very difficult to obtain.

Jun 24 '12 #11
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
As requested, I have attached dummy data-dates & Status only. All other info is stripped off for confidentiality purposes.
My main thing to achieve is for the graph’s x-axis category to be converted to date in the” mm-yyyy” format. Thus that conversion can only happen at the query level, I guess which am struggling to figure out.
Because I was having problem trying to convert to date format in the query, I have converted separately within the form (located on the right end side of each graph) which does not look nice though.

 You’ll notice that the graphs are progressive trend graphs.
 Date End is the current date (Now ()) while start date goes back 3,6 and 9 months.
 Some fields are hidden in the main form (Filter).

Hope someone will be my eye opener from here then.

Many thanks!!

Attached Files
File Type: zip Graphing_pivoting.zip (175.0 KB, 190 views)
Jun 24 '12 #12
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
Hope someone will assit..Iwas still waiting for someone's comments.
Jun 28 '12 #13
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
It looks like a few people have taken a look at this... you've asked for somehting that appears to be a bit tricky. I've been a tad busy myself trying to recover a badly damaged oracle database that has a ton of lab data
:) job security :)

Jun 28 '12 #14
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
Ok!..am working around it..if acheive, I will let this forum know of the solution.
Jul 1 '12 #15
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
I've read and re-read your query... I've taken a look at your example db and I'm not even sure what you're after here (however, if Rabbit doesn't follow, it's got to be something exceptional - so I'm not too embarrassed); however, this is what I think you are asking for:

So work with me here.... I kind-of have to have this written down:
Do I understand the following correctly:
Take chart for "Last 3 Months..." in your example db:
In your example, the legend for this chart shows: "Month 1 = April, 2012"; "Month 2 = May, 2012"; ..."
The chart x-axis currently shows: "Month 1", "Month 2", ...
The x-axis labels are pulled from the query [3monthsgraph] which is based on the the crosstab query [3 months] based.

Is what you would like to have happen is that the x-axis labels take on the values "April, 2012"; "May, 2012"... instead of "Month 1"....


have I missed the mark?

Jul 3 '12 #16
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
zmbd .
You are on the right track and you are right.

How do I achieve what you have just mentioned especially dynamic dates with stable months i.e. even if a date does not fall in a month I want the month to still show and the names "month 1", "month2" etc..converted to its corresponding month names like Jan 2010, Feb 2010 etc.. within the graph.

Assist me if you can sir.


Jul 5 '12 #17
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
I ran accross just such a thing awhile back... let me dig thru the histroy logs... problem is, I don't remember which PC I was logged in on at the time!

Remember... crosstabs are not a strong point for me:

In the meantime, while I'm hunting for that log entry, maybe something like this could be modified to work???????

The only other thing I can think of is using VBA to rebuild the query on demand.

Jul 5 '12 #18
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Here's a link to a site with an example that works for the report... I'm currently trying to understand how it works and the code behind the reports.
If you go back the home page for this site there's a ton of information available on the site for other questions.
Jul 5 '12 #19
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
That database must be in 2010 cause I can't open it.
Jul 5 '12 #20

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