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Change query column name based on text box value.

Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
I have tried to create a monthly trend graph using cross tab query.
My aim is to extract the last 12 months starting from date specified in a text box called StartDate in a form called Filter:

The 12 months are represented by numbers 1 to 12 as column names.
The real problem is converting the column names ( 1 to 12)back to month and year.
The easiest way to convert is:
•Column 1 is [Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate]
•Column 2 is DateAdd("m",1,[Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate] )
•Column 3 is DateAdd("m",2,[Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate] ) etc. to
•Column 12 is DateAdd("m",11,[ [Forms]! [Filter]![StartDate])

However, MS access will totally refuses to accept the above column name conversion.

Does anyone know how to convert the column names based on text box values? I almost wasted most of my time cracking my head and nothing forthcoming.

I guess, declaring some variables as text, assign text box values to it and declare it as query column name could be a way forward but just at the cross roads. ??

Appreciate some direction and assistance.
Jun 19 '12 #1
25 10725
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
You might start here:
There's also a link about setting up a dynamic monthly cross-tab query within that page.
Jun 19 '12 #2
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
Thanks ZMBD for the link..
Actually I have acheived that already.

I have done the below for dynamic cross tab query based on this site:

............... ............... ............... ............... .......
For instance:

•Form: frmA
•Text Box: txtEndDate
•Table: tblSales
•Field: SaleDate
You want to show 12 months of sales in columns of a crosstab report.
Set the query parameters by menuing: Query|Parameter s and enter:
Forms!frmA!txtE ndDate Date/Time

Use this expression for your Column Headings:
ColHead:"Mth" & DateDiff("m",[SaleDate],Forms!frmA!txt EndDate)
This will produce Mth0, Mth1, Mth2, Mth3,... where Mth0 is sales from the same month as the ending date on your form. Mth1 is the previous month etc.

Step 1: Set your queries Column Headings property to:
Column Headings: "Mth0", "Mth1", "Mth2", "Mth3",.., "Mth11"
Build your report based on these "relative" months.

If you need column labels in your report, use text boxes with control sources of:

Step#2=DateAdd("m",0, Forms!frmA!txtE ndDate)
=DateAdd("m",-1,Forms!frmA!tx tEndDate)
=DateAdd("m",-2,Forms!frmA!tx tEndDate)
=DateAdd("m",-3,Forms!frmA!tx tEndDate)

............... ............... ............... ............... ........

Now the probelm is in Step#2.
Because I will be populating graphs I want to ue the result of the formating in step#2 as the column name for the query.

If it was in the reports then Step#2 would be just fine because the formating will be done on the report but I want the formating result to be the column heading for the query.

For example if date specified on form is 02/12/2011 then when formating is applied in query I want query heading to change from Mth1 to Dec 11,Mth2 to Jan 12, Mth3 to Feb 12 etc.. so that my graph can pick stats from the query.

Thanks alot..
Jun 20 '12 #3
5,501 Recognized Expert Moderator Expert
Admittedly, crosstab queries are a weak point in my database knowledge. Usually the quick and dirty Wizards work for the stuff I do. I was however hopeful that either the link to AB’s site or the one within it would help.
I’ll be following this thread as I think I have much to learn here.
Jun 20 '12 #4
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
Pivot on the year and month instead of 1 to 12. Which I assume you're using a DateDiff to get. You only need to pivot on the 1 to 12 if you need to standardize the column names for a report or for use in another query. If you need it dynamic in the first place, then pivot it as such.
Jun 20 '12 #5
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
Thanks Rabbit.
Will try your suggestion and get back.
Jun 20 '12 #6
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
I have tried the pivoting method on year and month and does not seem to be dynamic.
I have added column heading for year as 2010,2011,2012, 2013 and but where do I pivot the months seperately in the same query as advised.
If you meant to pivot like 2011 Jan to 2012 Dec ist going to be quite messy.

I am just abit confused. please give me more hints.
Jun 21 '12 #7
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
You pivot them together as a single column. I don't know what you mean by messy as that's the result you want anyways.
Jun 21 '12 #8
Jerry Maiapu
259 Contributor
What I meant was if I have to pivot 3 years range (2010 to 2012) then its going to be 12 months x 3 years =36 different month/ year combination I have to pivot which I do not think would be quite tidy.
Jun 23 '12 #9
12,516 Recognized Expert Moderator MVP
I still don't understand what it is you want if not that.
Jun 23 '12 #10

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